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Thread: Perspectives

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    Default Perspectives

    As some of you might know, I have shared some ideas about creation being an infinite miracle, a theory I formed after having experienced something extraordinary. In this post I am sharing some additional perspectives on things relating to it.

    In my experience I believe a race of beings can reach peace. When looking into the vastness of creation, imagine that there are incredible amounts of different types of peace already reached by races out there - various types and levels of peace. I challenge you to open yourselves to this idea. It would be incredibly beautiful when we humans would join that group of races with peace of the human kind.
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    Default Re: Perspectives

    @White Love

    I agree with your posting; but have you read David Icke's "The Perception Deception"?-

    if not, it explains a lot about which you have expounded upon-

    please continue to be well-


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    Default Re: Perspectives

    Unfortunately, accordng to research into the abduction phenomenon, we here on Earth are in a very difficult situation. The negative aliens have been programming the human population to be submissive to authority. The authorities are infiltrated by secret society members. The secret societies (which use ruthless methods to get what they want) have been set up by negative ETs who act as fake gods, and have a conflict based agenda. These same fake gods have in turn set up most of Earths religion, which are used to divide us and create conflict. Beyond that, these aliens have tech that can transcend matter/time and be used the brainwash us.

    In order for us to join the peaceful galactic community, if it exists, is for us to throw off the yoke of these controllers, and their psychopathic human pawns. Otherwise we will likely be obsorbed into one of the galactic collectives which assimilate subverted worlds. We apparently have the choice, though our window of choice may not be long.

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