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Thread: The Walter Bosley thread

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    Default Re: The Walter Bosley thread

    Jay Weidner and Yvonne Palermo are joined by Walter Bosley to discuss the idea that there has been a research and development projects concerning the creation of advanced technology going back -at least- to the time of Napoleon.
    Walter has discovered several groups that worked in secret to develop technologies that were rediscovered from ancient text in India, archeological digs and beyond.
    It would appear that these groups were the beginning of a 'Breakaway' civilization that actually exist today in secret.

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    Default Re: The Walter Bosley thread

    Hi Walter,

    I've worked out why some posts on your live stream chats don't appear. It's because YouTube sometimes classifies a message in all caps as spam and so it won't appear.
    The solution to this is to use the @ symbol to highlight which user you are referring to.
    What this means is that for people to ask you questions is to start one's post with "@The" this brings up your channel name: The Walter Bosley Channel. You select this and then write the question or comment and then it'll appear in chat as usual albeit with the highlight as shown here:

    Hope that helps for future streams.
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