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Thread: The Transgender push

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    Default Re: The Transgender push

    Quote Posted by Indigris (here)
    I mean, frankly, I'm a little bit disturbed by some of the comments here. Some seem outright trans/homo phobic.
    Indigris, this is why I joined Avalon. I’d been reading the postings for the past three years as a guest, but was very unsettled by the underlying tone of some of the comments on this thread. I felt compelled to speak up on behalf of transgender people who do not enjoy the same privileges that I do in society.

    To use an analogy...

    If you think back in time, left-handed people were once routinely accused of consorting with the devil.

    By the time my mother started school in the 1930’s, left-handed people like her weren’t being burnt at the stake, but she was forced to switch hands and had to learn to write with her right hand.

    Then, by the time I started school in the 1960’s, scientific knowledge had advanced to the point where I, as a left-handed child, was allowed to write with my left hand. By this time, discrimination was more subtle—the right-handed children were given sharp, pointed-tipped scissors to use whereas I had to use the “leftie” scissors with the rounded tips and dull blades that couldn’t cut through paper. Although I didn’t have the language to express it back then, I still remember what it felt like to be marginalized as a five year old—just because I was born left-handed.

    I watched the David Icke Dot Connector video. I think he is on the most solid ground when he talks about things in the environment that might be changing the human body without our knowledge or consent. If true, this is the kind of argument can easily be validated through scientific data.

    I think he is on shakier ground when he talks about there being a “propaganda explosion” that is “encouraging people to question their gender” because it implies that one’s perception of gender can be swayed by propaganda.

    No amount of propaganda would ever convince me that I am right-handed when I’m not so why would we buy into the argument that propaganda is somehow making people believe they are transgender?

    NOTE: This is not to say that there isn’t a propaganda explosion on this subject, but rather that it might serve some other purpose. I’m not sure what that might be, but I know that if I was an evil globalist, the last thing I would want is to have a diverse population who actually got along with one another, especially when they vastly outnumbered my small group. I’d be sowing seeds of division to prevent them from getting their acts together and challenging me.

    As for David Icke’s comment about the school that might allow boys to wear skirts, it just brought back fond memories for me. When I started high school, a small group of us marched down to the principal’s office and demanded the right to wear pants. Up to that point, the school had a rule insisting that girls could only wear skirts or dresses. We were prepared to fight for our rights, but the principal just listened to us and then replied, “Okay.”

    Within months, all students—male and female—were wearing the uniform look of long hair with a centre part; bell-bottom jeans with fraying hems; denim or army fatigue jackets. If you look through the yearbooks from that era, we all look alike.

    I learned a valuable lesson that day when we marched down to the principal’s office—that sometimes it pays to speak up for one’s rights—and I would now add—other people’s rights. We’re all in ths together.

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    Default Re: The Transgender push

    Guys, Gals,

    Lets be frank here, when anyone speaks of hormonal changes in the young generation, often due to pesticides, plastics etc (these are the same with birds and other mammals by the way) creatiing of course more transgenre, it cannot be otherwise, hormones often leading our behaviors, every time we speak of this, there is a uproar of "homo phobia".

    And this describe very well the problem, this uproar. Why would homosexuality or transgenre be soooooo posted everywhere when on one hand it has always existed, but on the other hand has never been so extended, so it seems.

    And my point here is that it may not even be so much more frequent but we are made to perceive it is.

    But, the uproar being, we cannot even discuss it without being labelled homo/transgenre phobic.

    Chani, if you came here just to convince a whole bunch of people that they are talking homophobic talk, or accuse them of homophobia, you may as well go back, because from what I have seen and what I know of members writing in this thread, they are the most open and ready to listen gang you will ever meet.

    But if you came here to explore with us if there could be any conspiration, using you guys/gals to destroy trust and pit groups against groups, well that would be great.

    Now, I have read that some hetero member here has linked transgenre or gay person to pedophilia - i HAD TO REREAD 3 TIMES TO TRY TO FIND HOW IT WAS DONE, THIS LINKING, AND COULD NOT. IT was a true misreading - again, to shut us up and not to find the political abuse done on hetero by using gay and transgenre. As soon as we raise the topic, the uproar starts.

    And frankly, as a woman, we have soooooooo much more to do to even be considered equal in this society, even if we are in fact a majority but treated as a minority, so blaming anybody for being a minority is the least of my goals.
    How to let the desire of your mind become the desire of your heart - Gurdjieff

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    Default Re: The Transgender push

    Quote Posted by Flash (here)

    And my point here is that it may not even be so much more frequent but we are made to perceive it is.
    My theory on that is that since that non-heteros are finally (beginning) to be allowed to be free and open, that many more are simply doing so. There is a safety now, in some places, that there has never been. I'm lucky enough to live in a semi-liberal city, and in the heart of it, where it's most progressive, it's not at all uncommon to see same sex couples openly on the street, holding hands, on dates, cuddling on a park bench...I think it's beautiful, that these people finally have the right to exercise their love openly.

    That being said, there's still a lot of places, in this same city, where it's a huge no-no.

    Interestingly enough, here's another thing a lot of you, being older, may not necessarily be aware of (I'm 21 and as such fully entrenched as a millennial, understanding the nuances of my generation rather well).

    I've noticed that, when I was in middle and high school, that there was a noticeable uptick of girls claiming to be bisexual. It seemed that every third girl swung both ways.

    It's clear to me now that it was just the latest adolescent effort to appear "cool", but I always found it to be very interesting, given how not even 20 years ago, no teenager would have dreamed of feigning bisexuality in order to gain popularity.

    Times change.

    For what it's worth, despite all the sh*t that's been happening, I think we are now more unified as a species than we have ever been in known history. It might seem difficult to believe, what with North Korea, Trump (I know a lot of people here like him, and that's their right, but I personally believe the man to be a despicable, narcissistic moron), the looming threats of TPB, and radical Islam, but really, when have we ever not been rocky?

    Hell, the US alone has been continually at war since its inception.

    So, all this to say, while we should remain vigilant, and never become complacent, really, if you look at the big picture, we're still progressing quite well, and I think, the real ruse by the elite here, is using the media to pump us full of negativity, in order to make us believe the opposite.

    Because what better way to divide people, than to make us fear our neighbors, and believe we live in the end times?

    If you think death is imminent, you're bound to be a bit apathetic.
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    Default Re: The Transgender push

    First let me state up front that I have been an out and proud lesbian for more than half of my life.

    I always knew I was different but not knowing what homosexuality was for many years and then believing it was bad based on comments family and friends made I didn't think it was possible that I was gay. My kids have grown up with not only LGBT parents but a world with LGBT entertainers and politicians. Being gay is no longer hidden in most western countries, so more people are able see others that reflect how they themselves feel.

    I think that is what is happening with transgenderism. It's coming out of the closet so to speak. Kids and adults that once felt shamed and were made to conform are being given the space and support to be themselves.

    That being said of course we need to be critical about the way the media, education and other social and political institutions use transgender people and their issues. We also need to not only be kind, compassionate and understanding parents but also be cautious. If one of my daughters told me she felt like a boy and wanted to transition I would immediately support and validate her-his feelings but I would not be booking a doctor appointment for hormones and surgery. I wouldn't let my girls get a tattoo before 18, why would I be so cavalier about giving them hormones or allowing them to have surgeries?

    I work at a high school as a Guidance Counselor. I get sent all the transgender kids, I guess because they think as a gay woman I know what to do with them. ha Anyway, I try to be a supportive and compassionate adult. I listen and only give advice when asked. I do worry that there are some kids that are labeling themselves as transgender who are simply gay or who happen to have qualities that our society feels is opposite to their gender at birth. Which is another good reason for families not to be rushing transitioning with hormones and or surgery.

    Lastly, I reflect on my own experience. I wonder if I grew up in a world here not only gay people were accepted but transgender people were accepted would I have labeled myself as transgender. I grew up hating that I was a girl because I felt so different from other girls and yet over the course of my life I have learned to love being a girl and a woman and the experiences that it brought into my life. Having daughters myself really made me see the value in femaleness. It was a healing journey for me.

    sorry... one more thing...I stand with Jordan Peterson. I am referring to anyone as Ze Zeir or any other made up pronoun. He, She and They should be all that's needed.

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