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Thread: 20 extraterrestrial contactees, UFO abductees & whistleblowers in E.T. conspiracy art

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    Default Re: 20 extraterrestrial contactees, UFO abductees & whistleblowers in E.T. conspiracy art

    Quote Posted by bonnyhut (here)
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    Quote Posted by bonnyhut (here)
    Quote Posted by Valerie Villars (here)
    Bonnyhut, that is very astute. It tells a lot about how we are viewed; as cattle and not the cattle farmers.
    Agreed, Valerie. However, I believe that there is irony in this statement. Is far as I know ... this reality works like some type of a mirror but NOT exactly in the same way as the "law of attraction" does, as is delineated by the New Age movement ... because deception has been deliberately woven into their version of it. Due to the fact that humans treat each other and animals so cruelty on a large scale and also frequently consume the traumatized frequencies of animals that have been mistreated into our bodies it gives certain malevolent or self serving extraterrestrials some sort of karmic or energetic permission to do the same to us.
    The universe is Holographic, right down to our experiences and perceptions. What does this then really mean? Humanity and its collective outlook is a powerful force in the shaping of this universe -- I'd say this is why we hold a certain interest to those who know this. Those who control the human mind collectively, control much more than just that ... just a little food for thought
    Totally & this concept possibly leans towards an aspect of a more authentic version of "the law of attraction." What we do in one area of time & space is reflected everywhere. It has also been said that due to the fact that humans have such a mix of extraterrestrial DNA within us we hold powerful universal codes which are supposedly mainly inactivated (the so called 80 % junk DNA.) The "powers that be" are desperately trying to keep us in a stupor because if we 'become activated." its game over. I believe everything is about code / frequency (a frequency is also a time line.) How do we over ride their codes ? I have reason to believe that every person has a unique, individual key. This key is their spiritual name / sound. Its a gateway. This is probably more info than what you have asked for ... but I actually made a you tube vid about accessing this key (inserted below). It is VITAL that we learn to override their codes. Perhaps we can collectively re-shape this manipulated holographic illusion into an illusion that is more helpful to this area of existence. If enough of us become activated we will automatically activate others due to this holographic nature of reality. I believe water also holds a big piece of the puzzle and for some strange reason, so do dolphins who code water. The Illuminati (or E.T.s) code our water and love to massacre dolphins. The structure of positive code is more stable & stronger than negative code & can easily over ride it. This is our gift, our advantage in this game.
    From my experience, what you are saying about dna is correct. It has to do with choices and we are hard-wired to access the choices which unlock it but it takes heart, instinct, curiousity, perseverence, the willingness to be the fool and go against what "they" say, moral integrity, significant physical effort and putting our attention toward things of a higher spiritual nature which includes science, art, music, literature, etc. You aren't going to get there by reading shi**y detective novels.
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