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Thread: Nome Alaska orb shoots up

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    Default Nome Alaska orb shoots up

    Wish it was video but still very neat.

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    Default Re: Nome Alaska orb shoots up

    Cool find Mojo.

    Let me look at this from the stance of how one would have to augment the video with CGI to get this effect ...

    A bright orb in a local scene will add light to the scene, around the area where the bright object is or moves through and we can see that this object does appear to do that .. even to the extent of somewhat washing out the yellow lights on the buildings in the scene - so this orb appears to be casting a very bright light. In the areas of the scene that you see receive this extra light, indicates that this "orb" would be directly local in this scene - not off in the distance somewhere etc.

    There's only one problem and it looks like a big one ... if this orb was bright enough to cast all that light - even to the point of washing out light and shadows of existing lights in the scene, then why is the light from the object not casting any shadows itself at all whatsoever? There should be strong shadows being cast that move as the object moves, yet there is nothing at all ... why? With CGI, it would be infinitely more difficult to add in shadows cast by a light orb in a scene then it would be to merely overlay the look of extra light added to a scene by such an object.

    When my sister-in-law was obsessed with over-whitening her teeth, I retouch a few photos I had with her in it to make it appear as though her teeth were casting a bright light over the scene -- turned out brilliant, but I also didn't both trying to worry about the shadows -- way too much effort needed.

    While a cool video that I had to really study for a while to conclude, I have to conclude that this is faked, yet a reasonably well done fake, overall.

    EDIT: one more note -- the "orb video" is a cropped version of the original webcam field of view - indicating beyond a shadow of a doubt that it has been edited, and is not original video from the webcam, this could also be suspect.
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