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Thread: Time traveller reveals our world in 2030

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    Default Re: Time traveller reveals our world in 2030

    I remember over 20 years ago that the Damanhur Community in Italy provided a course in time travel.

    I'm not up to date if this course is still provided: But here are the details at the time.



    The beginning of a training course and selection structured in a series of levels that can lead to becoming a Temponaut.

    A two day intensive to check if you have the appropriate physical disposition for time travel

    An opportunity to learn the basic knowledge necessary needed for survival in time and geographic conditions that are very different from those of today.

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    Default Re: Time traveller reveals our world in 2030

    I'm with Star Mariner on this one. These are "dangerous" times and time travel 101 would mandate keeping your mouth shut. From my own experience (whether I'm a time traveler or not; I wouldn't even know where to begin to tackle that one), those glorious, shadowy, clipboard son of a bi*ches do show up and its best to keep your mouth shut.
    "The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what we share with someone when we are uncool." From the movie "Almost Famous""l "Let yourself stand cool and composed before a million universes." Walt Whitman

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    Default Re: Time traveller reveals our world in 2030

    A very secure way to travel back in time is through past life recollection.

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    Default Re: Time traveller reveals our world in 2030

    Time travalers, I know a few of those : )

    Quote Posted by Mike (here)
    And when i arrived on May 1 2001 I would present this list of things to a wide range of people. When it all came true 30 days later, there would be no doubt. So simple. So easy.
    Not quite, Mike, time is liquid not dense. Throw such factors to the Earth petri dish and you guarantee it won't happen.

    Originally posted by Michelle- Marie :
    Quote I would not rule out experiences such as this, I just wouldn't buy into it totally without a better presentation. Maybe a centered person with a calm demeanor. Although, I'm sure some real experiences have an after-effect such as PTSD.

    One other aspect--I don't think there is only one timeline. Possibilities are infinite.
    Hi Michelle-Marie, In the Sci-Fi movie plurality (2023 below) the character appears very calm, but it is not always so, the unimaginative situations can not draw a conclusion but simply many points of views from us posters on this thread

    I agree on the timeline comment and wonder from which one he came from, an aspect of essence split from it's source, or would it be a hologram projections

    Originally posted by Syrwong -

    Quote A genuine time traveler, if there is one, would not be too concerned about proving himself. He or she would likely to be very confident and do not care if the majority of people would not believe him.
    Interesting point of view... However, how did the governments of this world and it's entities has treated you? Some food for thought

    The simplicity of assumptions does not leave much space (at the moment) for sitting with and as awareness where no reaction is needed but an observation. However, many of the time travelers are afraid to been infected by this world and so are quick to react

    Many perceptions and points of views... and each one of them determines the lane and the future

    Blessings to all, whatever 'time' you are from


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    Default Re: Time traveller reveals our world in 2030

    Quote Posted by ZenBaller (here)
    The concept of traveling back or forward in a hypothetical linear timeline on which a now-moment moves, is an outdated way of thinking. It's time for all of us to realize that there is only Now without motion but with infinite potential which functions beyond the dimension of time.
    Put another way, there is only "now" and the past and future are only quantum potentialities in continuous flux.

    When time travel becomes prevalent technology, I think we may all start to understand the nature of reality a little better. The past to which we travel will likely be much different, perhaps even physically different, from the past we remember.

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    Default Re: Time traveller reveals our world in 2030

    Yes. The key that will enable time travel is for all humans to become heart based entities. Because Heart functions beyond time. Its basis is in a higher dimension. As long as we use the mind, which is a linear inferior tool, this is not possible.

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