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Thread: TruthSeekah x ALLiTiZ 'We're Not Alone'

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    Default TruthSeekah x ALLiTiZ 'We're Not Alone'

    Today I'm excited to bring you a remix of my song 'We're Not Alone' featuring Truthseekah. I just recently discovered Truthseekah, who was interviewed by Kerry Cassidy. Not only does he make music covering alternative topics, he also has a podcast "The Truthseekah Podcast" (which Kerry was just on as a guest) I definitely recommend checking it out.

    Truthseekah starts the song off explaining his experience with the night sky. The chorus of this song lists alien races that could be stationed or visiting our planet

    In the 3rd verse I end the song giving the listers steps they can take to find disclosure on their own.

    I'm also happy to announce that I'll be on The TruthSeekah Podcast February 22nd to talk about music and different conspiracy research topics.

    Thank you for your time.


    For those who missed my last post here's the lyric video to the original song 'We're Not Alone'

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