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Thread: Seeing through all the mind control

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    Default Re: Seeing through all the mind control

    Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism
    VPRO Documentary
    Dec 20, 2019

    "Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff wrote a monumental book about the new economic order that is alarming. "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism," reveals how the biggest tech companies deal with our data. How do we regain control of our data? What is surveillance capitalism?

    In this documentary, Zuboff takes the lid off Google and Facebook and reveals a merciless form of capitalism in which no natural resources, but the citizen itself, serves as a raw material. How can citizens regain control of their data?

    It is 2000, and the dot.com crisis has caused deep wounds. How will startup Google survive the bursting of the internet bubble? Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin don't know anymore how to turn the tide. By chance, Google discovers that the "residual data" that people leave behind in their searches on the internet is very precious and tradable.

    This residual data can be used to predict the behavior of the internet user. Internet advertisements can, therefore, be used in a very targeted and effective way. A completely new business model is born: "surveillance capitalism." "

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    Default Re: Seeing through all the mind control

    EXCELLENT documentary and highly recommended viewing

    [re Shoshana Zuboff documentary posted by onawah]

    It's a little under an hour long and a *copy of it will be in the Avalon Library within about an hour.
    EDIt to add

    Here now: http://avalonlibrary.net/Shoshana_Zu...ocumentary.mp4
    A gentle nudge too, to an interesting comment from a youtube subscriber, here

    kitty spathia 1 month ago

    "It’s funny how surveillance capitalism led me to this video...
    A YouTube recommendation from an algorithm."

    I've also a copy of the book wending its way to me, as I write.
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