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Thread: People that have been called out as hoaxers

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    Default People that have been called out as hoaxers

    Not being able to fill the void myself as a public spokesperson or host providing for follow-up interviews about the validity to other people's testimony. Over the years we have done a good job with discernment on the forum but always wished we could offer people that wanted a chance to defend themselves against being labeled a hoaxer. Does anyone else see the value in following up cases? The balloon summoners, Corey Goode, Wilcock, Greer, Secureteam10, Thirdphaseofmoon and so many others to choose from.

    If there was a personality on the forum to do this we as members could also help by creating a list of questions on the forum for those that we have opposing positions about their testimony to answer. Some on the forum are more in tune with picking up on deception but sometimes it's just a hunch and we need more data. But appreciate those voices that have helped to decide authenticity but without a follow-up we might not be fair in the assessment.

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    Default Re: People that have been called out as hoaxers

    Highly unlikely that any one would attend their own inquisition (if they know its coming); Goode certainly never accepted any invitations of mine or others who were making videos on him at the time.

    I do think the offer should be (very publicly) made however... even if they will decline the interview.
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    Default Re: People that have been called out as hoaxers

    there should be a filter for the name goode or wilcock in new threads to delete them right away *just kidding*

    i dont understand the hype that is beeing created by these two names, there are so many threads on this forum already, somehow they have to attract the masses otherwhise this wouldnt be such a big issue here on the forum.

    why should there be a list like that? the question itself has to be a joke?

    when it comes to some of the called youtube channels, its quite simple the more viewers u get the more money u make and if money making becomes more important than the topic itself, something is going wrong, just my opinion.

    i dont even think that most of this stuff is planted disinfo, i think big egos and wallets are the main reason.
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