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Thread: The Eleven Twenty-Five (11:25) Phenomenon and Major Natural Disaster Dates

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    Default Re: The Eleven Twenty-Five (11:25) Phenomenon and Major Natural Disaster Dates

    Quote Posted by FireRat (here)
    It is also interesting that 'act of God' relates to this 18. As to my thoughts on what may be behind the strange coincidences involving 11 and 25...I think there's a hidden pattern of happenings in nature that strikes often when these numbers come up in Numerology. The numbers themselves might not be causing the events, but they do appear during disastrous times in numerology involving our Gregorian calendar's dates....but then again, maybe there could be some deeper meaning to why 11 and 25.
    Well, it can be the mind of God, which is supposed to work "mysterious ways." But there are instances where God can let you "hack into his mind" rather quickly. Here is an example based on the discovery of numbers 11 and 25, which appear prominent as time data of natural disasters, which are sometimes referred to as acts of God.

    Since the most significant number between 11 and 25 is number 18 - the average of 11 and 25 - you try to meaningfully decode it. As I already showed you, 18=3x2x3 where 3, 2, and 3 are number of leters in ACT OF GOD. God is well aware of this and will act upon this in a significant way...

    ACT x OF x GOD = 18 (3x2x3)
    ACT + OF + GOD = 8 (3+2+3)
    ACT OF GOD = 3 (number of words)

    The result is 18, 8, and 3. Since these numbers have the same origin (ACTOFGOD), you give them a squeeze to obtain 1883.

    In the next step, you go back to the year of 1883 and look for a top natural disaster that occurred that year. If you find a real biggie - something really extraordinary - then you have successfully hacked into the mind of God. Now remember that God is almighty so he can build an incredibly powerful graviton laser the effect of which we saw back in 1883: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1883_eruption_of_Krakatoa

    "The 1883 eruption was one of the deadliest and most destructive volcanic events in recorded history."

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    Default Re: The Eleven Twenty-Five (11:25) Phenomenon and Major Natural Disaster Dates

    Very interesting thoughts Pluton! It is plausible that 1883 is linked to your idea of the numerology of 'act of God'. The number 18 also has one more numerological property that is hard to ignore... 18 = (6+6+6). Could there also be a link to 666? makes me wonder is this could also be a clue or another piece of the puzzle. Interestingly, the square root of 666 is 25.81, there's the 25. Even stranger, in geometry, an equilateral triangle of 11 levels contains 66 units...if we add 25 more levels, we end up with 666 units. A triangle of 36 levels has 666 units. Upon trying to meaningfully decode 11:25, some really interesting finds sure do come up. Another hugely devastating year in the world was 1755, when in November of that year a Monster M 9.0 estimated earthquake and subsequent tsunami destroyed Lisbon, Portugal taking 60,000+ lives...1755 = 1+7+5+5 = 18...and summing the middle numbers of thw year... 1755 becomes 1(7+5)5 = 1(12)5 = 1125. The same is exactly true for 1935, another big disaster year.

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