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Thread: What is keeping alien species from contacting the general public in a larger way?

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    Default Re: What is keeping alien species from contacting the general public in a larger way?

    Quote Posted by syrwong (here)
    I can think of this theory.
    Most planets are run by “alien” beings of vastly higher technology than the inhabitants. Unless there is animosity between the alien beings, when there may be invasions and space wars, generally there is equilibrium and different groups mind their own business. The planets can be considered either as farms or schools. The earth is both, in my opinion. It is run by reptilians, in both ways STS and STO according to the farm/school views. Other alien groups are welcome to visit and observe, but intervention is prohibited. Non-intervention is a universally agreed principle because of the nature of species development and ultimately intervention is a disservice. But of course, all principles can be violated. Still higher beings may come and make efforts to enhance human awareness and give spiritual teachings.
    We are given ample opportunities in this era to awaken ourselves, and hence to set ourselves free. Can we make it?
    From what I understand and I may be wrong, the reptilians are in fact in control of the planet, though not the solar system as a whole. Any species that would want to physically come here could get away with wandering around in the Solar System, but woe betide if they ever came anywhere near Earth. The Orion group would not want anyone to disrupt their nice little farming operation here. I'm told that benevolent groups have bases all over the solar system, particularly in orbit of Saturn and also on Venus.

    Also, the non-intervention thing applies in terms of the Law of One of Free Will. We have been duped into inviting the Orions to rule over us on this planet and our elite submit to them willingly. As long as this remains a secret and not widely known to the general population, benevolent ETs can only help people on an individual level if they apply for help explicitly. They will generally come here in their light bodies, to circumvent the ban on visiting earth or the actual physical risk, hence, the stories about gods, goddesses, angels, fairies, etc...

    However, once humanity wakes up and realises the Truth about what Earth really is and who is ultimately running it, we can apply for help to all these benevolent ET groups that are telling us through various means that they will come and help us fight off the Orions. The bulk of the work will have to be done by us though and it starts with speaking the Truth, rather than trying to obfuscate or skirt the issue. The Truth is horrifying, but it must be known, so we can start fighting back.

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    Default Re: What is keeping alien species from contacting the general public in a larger way?

    True that humans have to stand up by their own effort. I don't have the benefit of being directly informed by aliens. I have doubts with the duping theory which made the Orion reptilians legit. This would have occurred in the infancy of humanity when humans would certainly accept them as gods. Cant say humans gave them the rule by free will. I think the genetic manipulation theory is more probable so that they have some right to claim that they own humanity. In any case, breaking free is inevitable. I think the reptilian masters understand it and allow it, but we must be able to first "handle the truth".
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