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We know we already HAVE fleets in "space"; we know there are people who have been to Mars. What an odd situation we have here on Earth!!

Apparently we have side by side civilizations here. As C.A. Fitts puts it....we have one civilization funding TWO civilizations. According to W. Bosley this all started back in the 1890's, so maybe we have more than one breakaway civilization. JPF talks about the huge hidden slush fund from WWII.

Some might claim we already ARE at war in space. I found it interesting that George Kavassilas, on one of his "outings", took part in the dismantling of a ship that had the power to destroy a planet. They had been "told" not to build it! Would be interesting to know exactly WHO told them not to build it!!
Foxie Loxie kicking the knowledge.

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