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Thread: Kerry Cassidy round table discussion on censorship

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    Default Kerry Cassidy round table discussion on censorship

    Hi all-

    I think all guests provide some very valuable information even though much of it goes against the grain of what even the alternative media (it's not sacro-sankt, not by a long shot) has expounded upon and told us-

    obviously the most controversial figure on this panel is Dr. James Fetzer (who has become the most censored); and we all know that once the lid of censorship goes on the pot someone is trying to cover up the truth; I think we all at least need to take notice of his expoundings and keep an open mind- we can all learn something new even if the info doesn't initially feel comfortable-

    this video is plagued by many disturbing, disconcerting audio blurbs (Kerry seems to have bad audio karma) but if one can get past this I think very valuable info has been stated-


    please continue to be well all-


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    Default Re: Kerry Cassidy round table discussion on censorship

    Good discussion and information

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