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Thread: Remote Viewing Camelot Interview - Small world

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    Default Remote Viewing Camelot Interview - Small world

    Small world... I feel like I am sometimes keying into some of Kerry's interviews on some level... first she interviewed Ken Cousins, who ties in ancient Empires and world history to modern day systems of governance (which I still believe reveals an ultimate trust interpretation...) and whom I referenced a few days ago in an Avalon post, a few days before she did her interview... o.O~) and now she is interviewing Brett Stuart, whom I met in Western Ontario during some holidays... (wonderful, brilliant chap btw...) and it just happened one of his partners that works with him (M.) is my friend's bro... and he claimed anyone can do it!... mind you, I've noticed he is very right brained, left handed, musically talented and artistic as well... I suspect this definitely helps the process or training (like all skills it comes easier to some than others...) so thought I would drop a reference here... cause I sure got a kick out of seeing this interview... and in a sense I can vouch for Brett's character... I was bugging them both to give me free access to stuff... (no luck so far... but I haven't tried very hard either...) the implications of bringing this to mainstream is both huge and full of massive potential!... (a long and exciting road...)

    I would add, one of the biggest takeaways, talking to them was that this is approached as a scientifically valid discipline, it can be attained through enough specialized training... we all have some potential (at least in theory!...lol)... given enough motivation, focus and training... again it is a scientific approach to what is usually claimed to be outside conventional scientific evaluation (i.e. paranormal, psychic phenomena, etc... i.e. by the ivory towered Mainstream Educational Institutions... and I would personally add that I always felt something was suspect or politically motivated that someone at the top is suppressing certain ideas... and here are people like Brett blasting all these 'obstacles' aside in one fell swoop... I find this whole idea very compelling... very powerful and profound
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