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Thread: Alternative treatments for Lupus?

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    Default Alternative treatments for Lupus?

    Hi Avalonians, I recently found out that my friend has Lupus. It just makes me so sad that great people always have to come down with some disease or something that limits them from there full potential... she’s a really great girl and I want to help her out and that is the reason for me making this thread. Now I want to know any alternative methods to treat or even CURE Lupus. I know there are so many methods out there when it comes to curing disease! For instance when it comes to cancer, I know that baking soda helps a lot and that some people even cure their cancer comepletly! But yet the establishment says there is no cure! So any help is greatly appreciated and I will be doing my part and continue to look.

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    Default Re: Alternative treatments for Lupus?

    I would say, go to youtube and type : lupus hemp oil or lupus cannabis oil and you will find a lot of testimonies.

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