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Thread: The Dark Harvest our Higher Self's Energy to Fuel their Synthetic Energies

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    Default The Dark Harvest our Higher Self's Energy to Fuel their Synthetic Energies

    My latest blog.


    Totto and I have been working together for a little over a year now. We both live in separate countries. Totto living in Swedan and I in the UK. We decided to physically meet in this 3D realm, so I set off to the winter wonderland and meet the man who had really brought the weirdo life into my life!

    I arrived in Sweden and it appeared that I have landed into a scene from the movie Frozen. Blankets of white fluffy snow all around and just so much space that I wondered where everyone was. Beautiful place to be!

    Totto and his family made me feel so welcome and with the endless stream of cigarettes and coffee to my disposal I was in a home so relaxed that it felt like home.

    A couple of days in, I asked Totto why I didn’t have a guide. He looked in and saw I did have a guide and a field of beings willing to help me, but I had shut them out in my late 20’s. As he digged deeper he saw 3 Freemasons attached to me and asked if I had any connections to this group. Unfortunately I did! As a small child, my friends Dad was and still is a Freemason and I also had memories of being abused by this man. However I was unsure if these memories were real as they were so horrific. The first memory was being at his house locked in a coffin with a dead body. I was around 5 years old. The other memory I have was being taken to a satanic ritual and reading Latin to open a portal. Slightly crazy memories even for a weirdo like me to truly believe. However when Totto looked in he saw that these memories were in fact real and that I had been involved with this group as a young child. Thankfully though this was stopped. Totto saw that an operation was carried out very much like a Black Ops style operation to protect me from this group. The Freemasons didn’t know who had stopped this interaction with me and were frightened it was their own kind. It seemed that I had connections in high places even at 5 years old.

    Due to this operation being stopped, the Freemansons and ETs connected to them couldn’t use me in the 3D realm so they have continuously attacked my family ever since. We lost everything as a family: income, statue and sanity at points. My family have been targeted ever since and still to this day are still targeted. Those charity loving Freemasons are not what they claim to be.

    Totto also discovered implants below my heart and the top and bottom of my spine which seemed to be organic. We decided to look at this more in-depth the following day and discover what they were doing to my system and why the Freemasons were still keeping tabs on me to this very day.

    The following day arrived and I was not in a great place. I felt shaky most of the day and on edge. It appeared that the implants knew their time was up and were playing up. I was relieved when the evening came, so Totto could do his stuff and investigate and remove these unwanted parasites from within me. I was a little nervous but was completely ready for this plus it would help put more of the jigsaw together and help me understand myself far more.

    Totto’s Finding In His Own Words

    So I relaxed and went off, travelling back in time and discovered that at around the age of 4 years old she was taken on-board a ship. I saw her and it appeared to be a chamber with window frames. As the ship entered and travelled through the sun, she had strange reactions. It looked like she got out of phase and a part of her was lagging behind herself. The ETs on the ship knew instantaneously what or who she was. This is the precursor to the rest of the story.
    As I dived in, I started to investigate the implants, I found that these were harvesting her energy in a peculiar way, but one that makes sense! The lower back implant harvested her lightbody’s/higherself energy from her spinal cord. The spinal fluid (in a metaphysical way) transported her lightbody’s energy to the implant below her heart and spun this energy like in a centrifuge. This separated the fluid and something I define as dark plasma was produced. This plasma is what appears to fuel the “dark sides” synthetic energies, as the synthetics are “dead energies” in themselves. They need live energy to fuel their dead energy to attack us! Everything from the old grid to black magic utilises the same synthetic energy base.
    This harvest is quite common, but if done extensively, it is very harmful even fatal. Rebecca is somehow connected to our sun in a way that counteracts this energy harvest. This has allowed them to use her more for this energy separation and funnelling. This is why I so often have found implants at the base of the neck and in the lower spine. Between 80-90% of these has been reptilian technology based from my experience.
    Some have claimed that the dark side funnel and live on our fear energy. I’ve never found this to be accurate and from what came out of the journey with Rebecca, this dark plasma harvest is much more likely what they are after. The fear created in us through religions and war are just their way of keeping control over us.
    We all know that the sun is vital for our physical and emotional health and we are planning to dive deeper into this subject to gain a better understanding of this on how and why this is.
    Totto Bjorna

    I would like to thank Rachel Naomi Lees who Totto and I helped last year for the Sun painting which you can see on this blog. Rachel’s partner painted this painting and she asked if she could send it to me because it reminded her of me. She sent this through today! Rachel wasn’t aware that I’m strongly connected to the sun. Thank you Rachel.

    I also have two tattoos. One being a Sun being over shadowed by the moon which is situated on my wrist. I had this tattooed on when I was 16 years old. This shows deep deep down we all know who we are. Its only fear that keeps us from finding out.

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    Default Re: The Dark Harvest our Higher Self's Energy to Fuel their Synthetic Energies

    Hi Chillax, i have been harvested by the et's for likely most of my life. They attack thru the astral so the only physically observable phenomenon are the scars left behind. I awoke once in a dreamlike astral state to see a bluish gray et bending over my left leg, it was intensely painful.

    Funny, i was recruited to be a mason over twenty years ago and quit in the past year. I never witnessed any satanic rituals, perhaps since i never rose above a level 3 master mason, but some of the terminology and symbology used in some of their rituals were a bit bizarre and fear based.

    I have read PA member Truman Cash's research on abductions and the criminal et presence on earth, and what your Totto describes fits right into that framework.

    I find a way to circumvent the negative influence of these entities is to concentrate on love in the heart. This tends to subvert their negative intent. Unfortunately, when asleep this method isnt available and a lot of energy is stolen from me at those times. If only there were better defenses.

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