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Thread: Blindfold Reading

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    Default Blindfold Reading

    Hello guys
    I have been interested in blindfold reading for quite a while but couldn't find any courses or methods of doing it.

    There is a course in Malaysia but it is for children. They used to have adult course but it's ended.

    It is best to learn blindfold reading during the age of 5-15 because during that time the left brain had not fully developed yet. The courses said the midbrain activation is not the third eye activation. It is a way to train the brain to detect things. For example, skin vision (Can read by touching), hearing dominant (Can read color or number of a card by hearing) and smell dominant (Can read color or number of a card by smelling). I also heard they use meditation for children to achieve that.

    I have been checking through the forum and the closest thing I get is Remote Viewing. Many thanks to Bill Ryan and I am studying it now.

    Anyone knows how to do blindfold reading please feel free to share, I will be greatly appreciated, many thanks guys~ peace~~
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