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Thread: Researcher’s Scientology Library

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    Default Researcher’s Scientology Library

    This is actually a rambling offer, for those with ears to listen. I’m looking for a better reasoned disposition of a complete library set. It was actually received quite unexpectedly, delivered inside a number of shipping cartons. Boxes left on my doorstep, some years ago and mostly remain, still all sealed up, to this day, in original packing. As My original, tiny book collection from 1967 was curiously taken from me, in this unusual story. I was intensively into Scientology for only two brief periods, but picked up some very deep clues about the nature of our human slaving farm, at certain junctures.

    I received this full library, as some kind of compensation, due to mistreatment by a lower org, during 1978. A Sea Org person had later telephoned me around 2010, in an attempt to “get me back on line”. As they have sayings. (Org = Organization As In Corporate Business). I had been a FSM (field staff member) who had landed them a “good product”. However, as a back-to-the-lander, a moneyless lad, during the 1970s, i was too free. I was learning to tend some “irons in the fire”, to see what adventures life might bring. I had dropped out of a NYC Scientology world, by 1969. That was mostly working for an elite businessman who was very advanced, in matters of all knowingness. Yet i lost interest in the city life and had found a commune to join in Maine. I settled rather permanently in the same area, where now i still live. By the mid 70’s i had suddenly struck gold in the mind-scape of Scientology. Huge commissions suddenly got me insider-passes for the newly structured courses and processing. Before that i merely hung around the back doorway and back offices. My late-1970 reconnection, all ended abruptly by 1978, when i ‘blew’, (suddenly dropped out permanently). I think their main apprehensions was that i would puff a little weed. I was not really slavish enough, to sign billion year contracts. Ha, ha, ah.

    Basically, i had reached a position with a view, which revealed the uselessness of that particular adventure. For that matter the larger world realities were becoming focussed and i didn’t need boring, commission-styled adventures. I was inventing my own products in the field of builders. Despite that adventure too, would take it’s own falls, much later. Despite that each decade would find me less attached to worldly professions. Also, by my 30’s, i was exploring other isms and ologies through printed books, (but long before the internet). As part of my blow-out with Scientology, i agreed to give up my set of very expensive, L. Ron Hubbard, reel to reel, taped lectures. These were my best prize, from my earned commissions. Including the better known lecture sets, along with many rare lectures as well. I had listened to these many times in the mid 1970’s, over my loud audio set up, while i worked on my piecemeal but permanent home. (Tedious manual labor consisting of digging, concrete, carpentry, plumbing, glazing, tool making, etc…) So, to clear off all outstanding debts, i had agreed to give all these collections up, to repay “my sponsor”. It included my tiny, original collection of books. No matter, i had moved onwards.

    It was somewhere around 2010, when the Sea Org person was contacting me, to clear up my “blow out”. By that time i was far beyond such interests. They were a little perplexed and even admitted the lower Org’s fault, (“out tech”), a serious matter in their ‘Ethics’ parlance. They offered free access to retread with their vaunted services. I do acknowledge that some of the processes can work usefully, but firmly doubted that the even the astral worlds are surpassed. They seemed far less worthy, through that two week intensive… My heart pitied such positions, as theirs, about their beliefs, as now, by 2017+, i really see that all humans are slave-farmed.

    Perhaps some higher animals gain a few human comforts. I do credit my jump started ride, in the farm pen, at age 18. I was less than a fired up bronco, at that time, with no interests in an office life. At least it helped me with the school of street smarts. Getting away from land mines in Viet-Nam, which was a huge pit fall at that time, entraining all US males, 18-36 years of age. I didn’t like schooling, except for the girls. Either you got institutionalized in soldiering, or NGO slaving, or into breeding the next generation of baby slaves… Or you could emigrate with uncertainties, possibly, or just be a rich guy living abroad, never setting foot on US soil, during this age period. Or one could invent street smart ploys, in the order of that popular book, Catch 22… It was not so good for the heart-mind, but i survived the storm, while it raged.

    Present Time: My sudden idea of ridding my attic, of this Scientology Library, has to do with ‘postulates’. I first learned of this as sort of a cosmic-power-trick, back in 1967, as something like mind-over-matter, literally. Many years later i saw similarities in the esoteric arts, as ‘manifestation’. Or best of all, much more recently as a true-self, with developing faculties, of spoon-bending ‘imagination’. All while still seated in this prison yard, (of human farming). To maintain this freer status, the true self can blow off the attachments and considerations, which otherwise clutter the dream arena. I’m currently loving a big blast in this dream arena. I’m letting my imagination further out of the closet. Sort of a dream-time-liberation, to invent extra terms for the personalized moment. It is advisable to expand liberation, by ridding the little earth self, of any pesky considerations or attachments. I feel this library is a little cumbersome, yet possibly useful for another researcher, (but not me, been there done that, ciao for now).

    I looked at second hand prices of individual Scientology books, which appear moderately priced. These are not the early org printings. i do have a set of old, faded course sheets, loose bound, up to grade 4. So, what would be a dramatic disposition? Ah, why not just take it all to the local recycling center? The recycling mills and manufacturers can use the bulk paper and plastic discs. Finally i opted to seek a researcher first. So i wrote this post. In case a researcher here wants to take this pile off my hands. The removal must take as little of my time as possible.

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    Default Re: Researcher’s Scientology Library

    What an interesting life story you have told us! At my age I have come to the conclusion, as well, that "no connections" is the best way to go! If one chooses not to serve in any of the "farms".....

    Hope you get your attic cleaned out!

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    Default Re: Researcher’s Scientology Library

    I'd suggest eBay? There are certainly some people who'd value and appreciate the collection, and of course much more so if they're dated pre-1982 (which is round about when much of the material was subtly altered).

    Almost everything now is freely available online, as good quality PDFs, too, and so this is almost of more interest to a collector or anyone who simply values books on their shelves.

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