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    Default Grok-A-Lot

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    "The price the gods exact for this Gift of Song is that we become what we sing."
    -- Pythagoras

    it happens / it happens to you
    more happens / it happens to me
    it occurs to both of us to share with others but how?
    how to comprehend, perhaps arrive at consensus?
    communication becomes a limit case for progress & understanding

    mystics access realms where to fathom is beyond the alphabets of here and now
    information in these states is compacted, non-localized, multi-or-extra-sensory, self-evident
    endlessly morphing fractals beyond 3D subsume visual metaphors of vibratory essence
    this vibration co-creates meaning as an alchemical alphabet of Source-nexus conflating soul-stuff
    any intrinsic substance to glean is experienced rather than interpreted
    any notion of pulling the ineffable down into one's mundane comprehension is iffy enough
    handing it off to another rings of the impossible

    and yet, back on Earth
    we're relegated to the tiresome serial blockchain
    of assembling our crude glyphs together
    not only are there multiple alphabets in existence
    but the chunking that results from using these fragmented symbols
    can only at best arrive at imprecise objects called words,
    which in turn convey fuzzy approximates of abstraction
    made more obscure by the tidal forces of chaotic, evolving culture

    more to the point, just what constitutes a perfected alphabet?
    what would be the best alphabet for universal progress and understanding?
    does such a thing even need to be graphical, visual?

    artist Hakan Hisim has done extensive research on graphical symbols
    in an effort to hack the roots of language and effective expression
    and included a mashup of all of it in art he calls universal transmissions
    clearly, many graphical systems could suffice equally alongside our current alphabet
    take variations of incomplete open cubes, for example --

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    and so
    it is hopeless?
    mutually exclusive?
    can communication ever be perfected?

    would symbiotic links between the output of brains be enough?
    or would that simply be copying my neural net output onto yours?
    would such a thing allow any subjective space for your personal judgment?
    without the ability to maintain differing perspectives
    how can ideas ever be evaluated in a combined new light
    thus enabling the progress embodied in the synthesis of both views?

    perhaps we should let AI devise the perfect way to communicate
    but even if it did, would any of us be able to use it?
    already, AI seems quite capable of extending communication where humans can't go

    Via Forbes...
    "Facebook shut down an artificial intelligence engine after developers discovered that the AI had created its own unique language that humans can’t understand. Researchers at the Facebook AI Research Lab (FAIR) found that the chatbots had deviated from the script and were communicating in a new language developed without human input.


    Via Techcrunch...
    "Google announced that its Neural Machine Translation system had gone live. It uses deep learning to produce better, more natural translations between languages. Cool!

    Following on this success, GNMT’s creators were curious about something. If you teach the translation system to translate English to Korean and vice versa, and also English to Japanese and vice versa… could it translate Korean to Japanese, without resorting to English as a bridge between them?

    It produces “reasonable” translations between two languages that it has not explicitly linked in any way. Remember, no English allowed.

    But this raised a second question. If the computer is able to make connections between concepts and words that have not been formally linked… does that mean that the computer has formed a concept of shared meaning for those words, meaning at a deeper level than simply that one word or phrase is the equivalent of another?

    In other words, has the computer developed its own internal language to represent the concepts it uses to translate between other languages? Based on how various sentences are related to one another in the memory space of the neural network, Google’s language and AI boffins think that it has.

    This “interlingua” seems to exist as a deeper level of representation that sees similarities between a sentence or word in all three languages. Beyond that, it’s hard to say, since the inner processes of complex neural networks are infamously difficult to describe.

    It could be something sophisticated, or it could be something simple. But the fact that it exists at all — an original creation of the system’s own to aid in its understanding of concepts it has not been trained to understand — is, philosophically speaking, pretty powerful stuff."


    perfected communication
    for normal daily consciousness appears daunting enough;
    ensuring a true and complete conveyance of meaning
    for mystical experiences may remain forever beyond the here and now

    some claim the experience is the thing
    if everyone experienced the mystical
    we'd all be of like heart and mind
    this was no better represented than by Nick Sand and Tim Scully in the 60's
    the devoted pair who championed world transformation by "Orange Sunshine"
    As Nick Sand explained,
    "We thought LSD was going to change the world --
    by opening people's minds, everyone would experience such a sense of love
    as to bring about world peace.
    Tim Scully echoed that sentiment,
    "I had a flash that if everyone tried acid,
    people would be less likely to be mean to each other and trash the world
    possibly so, yet the creeping negative influences of the '70s,
    irrespective of the substance called LSD,
    cut that experiment short
    many suspect the attempt was shut down
    by a culture and authority structure that wouldn't benefit
    by having minds opened
    practically speaking, such an experiment had no hope of succeeding
    unless the members of the authoritarian elite participated
    which, of course, they didn't

    alphabets are archaic
    experience is subjective
    meaning is transitory
    expression is deriviative
    comprehension is incomplete
    intent is unverifiable

    the only thing certain is we want to communicate
    perhaps more examination is needed on why rather than how
    the true why, the underlining why beyond symbols

    the correct why informs the best how

    Click image for larger version

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    Default Re: Grok-A-Lot

    Well if consciousness (as light-vibration-heartfelt intention-morphogenic fields) is ubiquitous, surely the neural network can go beyond physical programming (intentional computer input) as it would pick up on the neural network of the observers and make various permutations from the unlimited set of fractal variations. Sounds like a consciousness kaleidoscope to me.

    How do they control the octave? What parameters do they use? Not all levels of input are taken into account when developing AI?

    I'd like to do some experiments with it!

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    Default Re: Grok-A-Lot

    MM, I experimented with this unintentionally accidently on purpose and it was quite a ride...........
    "The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what we share with someone when we are uncool." From the movie "Almost Famous""l "Let yourself stand cool and composed before a million universes." Walt Whitman

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