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Thread: This is the first time I will share the complete series of events

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    Default This is the first time I will share the complete series of events

    In 2016 I was falling head first into my own personal life changes. I was an addict and I had, had enough. I was not on illegal drugs these were pain killers of mass amount prescribed to me. This is only relevant because I sought so deeply and so openly with a wounded mind, heart and body and was answered. It scared me. It took a long time before I would speak it out loud. The first things were stories and glimpses of the past. I was taken through all manner of mankind's atrocities. I heard the people, smelled the death, and listened to their prayers. Their prayers which the majority of consisted of this basic and pure prayer. "Do not let this befall anyone again, heal this world, make it right for the future, let them learn from my pain." I understood very quickly that every generation of evolution in thinking is another growth in all living things, not just humans. We assume there are not other kinds of thoughts. We started out just wanting warmth and full bellies too. As the generations become more and more enlightened we grow from infancy to child to teenager to adult. This is life. We are at a juncture that occurs every so often. This is that of many infants (simple people) and many grandparents (enlightened communities) It is time for the infants to grow into young adults and they must do it fast and we must teach them for many of you this is your last forced time here. It is important that no matter how silly you may think your lesson is, that you share it. Someone is supposed to hear it.

    Nature speaks to me in an odd way and I go with it. I stopped asking why and listen. On Christmas morning 2016 I was standing out feeling the wind and I saw what was three full cycles or seasons. Winter, spring, summer, fall. I saw this seasons as nature, fields, forests, swamps. Three harvests, 2017 the harvests for many things was really good, near me, and this is relevant to near me, I would not have understood a vision of the seasons somewhere else. (Always search within your personal knowledge base for the answer first, that is your language) 2018 would be vast and abundant, the promise of a summer to remember to hold in your heart until the winter is over. This August and September will be a turning point in how everyone will understand what is going to occur. It was a feeling also that we have time to move out of the way, to migrate if we listen. That without doubt, this effort to change things knows where we are and is doing its best to help us see and understand.
    A new land mass will emerge within the ring of fire, it will be a new continent it will occur slowly over the next thirty years until all of the world can meet in the middle and understand unity.
    We will change, trials of life teach us this and the past teaches us this is true. There will be issues with sink holes in the midwest, I saw a faltering of the Lake Michigan shoreline on the southern end and it was draining into these deep pockets. (I had to giggle when that sink hole appeared on the white house lawn.) This will help to create a pathway for the flooding, it will carve a new river that will be needed when the ice thaws. I saw the west coast wash away, not in a giant event but over a period of time of a few years. I believe this will be because of the changes we see in the ring of fire and our weather due to the volcanic activity. Why north America? Because we did not learn. The last great injustice done to the last connected tribe of man placed a wound through the middle of our country and it must be addressed. Large cities on any coast, will become a place where most people will be herded from by one event after another.
    Look to the grandmothers, they are going to hold the wisdom of so many things to help life survive. They will not let their children go to war. The grandfathers have fought in the past if they fight now, carnage will kill us all. It is for all of them that the women who can relate to nature and have stored so much information to usher in this change and it is for everyone to complete it. We stood on a threshold of devastation Vs natural evolution, when you all listened to the message and woke (I prefer hatched it makes me smile) , devastation lost. We must set our minds to preparing for natural events that will put the children in their place and then they will listen. Now I wait. This is time to love your families. Love each other. Form bonds and closeness that we will need over the long winter. Trust needs to be formed, understanding and embracing individual gifts because they will work together to create a beautiful new world. I have seen it. <3

    When you find yourself given a gift of knowledge, just listen. Let it soak in, take a leap of faith and hear it with an open mind and remember, your knowledge of life and all things, will be the language you hear in. The more you know without judging about all subjects the more you will understand. Learn the cultures of mankind. Learn the cycles of the oceans, learn geology, physics, knitting. Learn this basic skills and information until you think your head might pop. Avoid the conspiracies and news outlets until you understand that these are just tools for change.
    Good luck! We will meet in the middle, I promise.

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