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Thread: TARGET ad... offensive ?

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    Default Re: TARGET ad... offensive ?

    It is only subliminal if your not aware of it. It is only offensive if you are looking for offensive things. I can not give our current society that kind of credit of manipulative thinking. Anything past sales is just incidental. We just are not that smart as a complete and collective group. The duh, is greater than the Ah.

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    Default Re: TARGET ad... offensive ?

    Most ads are offensive. Advertising is offensive. Period. They've been messing with our libidos (and our minds) from Madison Ave for a hundred years or more. We all know that. Society of the Spectacle. Etc.
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    Default Re: TARGET ad... offensive ?

    Um...you guys, the "female symbol" floatie is a mermaid. Look closely. It's a mermaid tail. When you sit it in, at the right angle, you're meant to look like a lounging mermaid as you float.

    The unicorn thing has been a trend among millennials the past couple years as well. Unicorn everything. They've been en vogue since late 2015 or early 2016. The trend should be dying off sometime soon.

    Nothing to see here, imo. Just an overly trendy ad targeted at Urban 20-somethings. Unicorns, mermaids, and gold are a favorite among young women nowadays. Don't ask me why.

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    Default Re: TARGET ad... offensive ?

    Quote Posted by TargeT (here)
    Quote Posted by ramus (here)
    either I'm getting prudish
    Maybe just a bit overly sensitive with all the weirdness gong on? Plus sexuality shouldn't be offensive right, this looks like 3 adults; I am ok with this even if it had more sexual over tones.
    Just this morning I saw an square ad like that one, for house building, and out of the corner of my eye it looked like.... something obscene. I see porn when it isn't even there.....

    This on the other hand, I just cannot understand how anyone could take offense - and I am trying really hard. I'm a big prude too, but I still don't get it.

    Thanks for pointing out the reference to Deadpool!

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    Default Re: TARGET ad... offensive ?

    I'm sorry to all those who see this as some sort of sexual programming ... Unicorn hair erection?

    I know people with dirty minds who see sexual things wherever there is none. I know people with bad pareidolia who see all kinds of things in in other things. The commonality to these things is that the mind is reflecting something in what it is seeing. Remember, observation goes two directions.

    I think this is just a pool ad and we are reading into it waaaay too much.

    I can go to a beach and see teens in string bikinis and some pervert in speedos with an obvious erection. What does it mean? To me it means that people who are younger have nice bodies, know it, and are willing to show them off. (I admit I get a little jealous over people who really take care of their bodies and look really good). The guy in the speedo makes me laugh a little though ... he shouldn't be wearing one - not with his body, nor with his propensity to get erections at the beach, lol.

    We are a species so full of shame and guilt, we project it everywhere, condemn it, judge it, pretend we are not afflicted, and secretly enjoy that which is natural; this secrecy adds to the guilt of this vicious cycle, and this eventually leads to a sickness of sorts.

    In the same vein that Mike was indicating, trying to decide whether we should feel "offended" or "guilty" about something, we should really reflect where that guilt / offense is coming from and whether it is really a part of us naturally or whether or not that has been programmed.

    I am starting to feel guilty for observing and appreciating attractive people who look "sexy" - I guess it's related to age. Why? I have a great appreciation for the human form and I like the look of sexy, attractive people. Have I been programmed by some "leftist" culture? Or am I a just a human being?

    Ok I'm way out on a tangent now.

    The fish tail tube isn't a female symbol, and the guy, yes is riding a unicorn (unicorns are popular at this time). Most of us did NOT visualize the unicorn hair as some sort of erect penis (I did not even remotely see this until it was pointed out that someone else had) .. some did ...

    Let's assume that the unicorn hair did effect someone subliminally ... what happens? They didn't outright see the unicorn hair penis (subliminal effect), but for some reason they go out and buy a unicorn outfit thinking it makes them look sexy at work ... his boss, who to the horror of the employee in a unicorn outfit, did not see the ad, and thus sent the errant employee home and told him to never wear that ridiculous costume to work again ...

    Or, maybe target sells record amounts of unicorn inflatables, but can't sell any pools, and can't figure out why ...

    I guess what I am after is .. what would be the motivation for a subliminal message on an ad like this? Could it just be that unicorns are highly marketable right now?
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    Two steps ahead, and you are deemed a crackpot.

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    Default Re: TARGET ad... offensive ?

    I'm not offended by the ad, but coming from an advertising working background, they [advertisers] can and do "slip it in" (no pun intended) if they can get away with it.

    Sometimes it really is accidental (advertising "pareidolia" - a case of selective perception, ie seeing what you want to see), and other times it's deliberate, (not to be confused with subliminal) - it's subconscious. (And Disney is famous for it). This was crossposted from another thread - note the two top left & top center images: (click to enlarge)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Disney Comp.jpg
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    Accidental or deliberate?

    This example (below) is famous; long before Photoshop (and taught in Advertising 101)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	4As-Subliminal-ad.jpg
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    What do we see in this one (more ice cubes)?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Icecubes.jpg
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