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Thread: Wise Logical Scientific Rites

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    Cool Wise Logical Scientific Rites

    Hay yall!!! I have attached a paper I co-created - a collection of Wise Logical Scientific Rites and understandings. A lot of people would actually like it if anything in the attached file can be proven - so I am looking for Professional Scientists - most likely Bio-medicine and Genetics.

    This paper starts off with a psychological primer - and then - a line of 9 mostly biological actions that are caused when - for example - the thickness and axial rotation of Resonant/Radioactive Oxidates leave any unit of any thing completely - causes the nearest living thing to relieve themselves where they eat and drink. This can even effect cells for example.

    Another example is - when the width and added charge of Acid Positrons completely leave any unit - the nearest living thing starts to be able to see the inside of other things - almost anything.

    Partial biological states like these - caused simply by the complete absence of certain part-biological elements - causes almost every disorder and disease we know - and can be cured in a number of ways.

    I am looking to prove this - and to add it as a common theme to your whole group......... as a gem of a gift to pass on - simply - knowledge of Wise Logical Scientific Rites.

    Out of all of the modern profound insights and rites - these will be the funnest to test - and to discover.

    Thank you - and Joy and Health to Your Thoughts!
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    Default Re: Wise Logical Scientific Rites

    I tried to read the file, but with all the arbitrarily capitalized words and terms, and all the seemingly nonsensical and strangely ungrammatical language, it seemed like gobbledygook.
    Was this meant as an exercise in poetry?
    Perhaps some kind of psycho-linguistic programming?

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    Default Re: Wise Logical Scientific Rites

    I just very briefly skimmed ... it's a bit weird. Can you share anything about the source of the info?
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    Default Re: Wise Logical Scientific Rites

    Interesting ideas and lines of thought but difficult to read. Could have been more simply explained I think

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    Default Re: Wise Logical Scientific Rites

    I have problems to understand your text (pdf and post) - and it is not due to lack of intelligence or wisdom from either side

    Please explain in simpler text what you want to convey.

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