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Thread: Dr. Hal Puthoff Address to the SSE/IRVA Conference, Las Vegas, 8 June 2018

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    Default Dr. Hal Puthoff Address to the SSE/IRVA Conference, Las Vegas, 8 June 2018

    link: http://paradigmresearchgroup.org/wor...-15-june-2018/

    The full article is very worth reading as it has lots of great references.
    I am posting excerpts from the full article linked above...

    There has been another development in the unfolding initiative of the To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science. Dr. Hal Puthoff rarely speaks publicly about his work on a range of exotic projects. June 8, 2018 in Las Vegas marked an exception to this policy.
    It began in June of 2007. The Defense Intelligence Agency was concerned about the fact that obvious observation had shown that Advanced Aerospace Vehicles Ė crafts, or drones of unknown origin, were flying all over the United States, over waters, in fact globally as was the case. So a Congressional budget was approved to address the issue behind the scenes. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid from Nevada was the one who was the initiator of the program, joined by Senator Inouye and Senator Stevens. These are the people who generally approve programs that were in the black, under high security, behind the scenes, and so they set up this program.

    Senator Reid has not walked this back since all the news came out. Heís been very forthright and has given a number of interviews. This particular statement sort of captures it all, ďWe donít know the answers, but we have plenty of evidence to support the questions. This is about science and national security. If America doesnít take the lead in answering these questions, others will.Ē

    There is a two-fold nature to the threat. First of all, youíve got these Advanced Aerospace Vehicles flying around that we donít know where they come from, whoís driving them, what the intent is Ė possibly off-world even. But the future threat, was actually as far as the Department of Defense went and the intelligence community, one of the greater concerns. What happens if potential adversaries achieve significant breakthroughs by getting hold of advanced technology either based on their study of the phenomena, or from sensor data, or from crash retrieved materials? That could provide a problem for the United States in the sense of threat. Thereís reason to be concerned about that. This is a document in the program we dug up out of the Soviet Union (ďThread-3Ē). Itís a very thick document. It shows that the Soviet Union had a massive program also trying to get to the root of all of this. In this document a number of research institutes and military institutes are listed. Of course, they had the same concerns we did. Is there a threat from the phenomena or might the Americans make headway before us and that be a threat?
    Okay, what did I address as a subcontractor? One of the critical issues thereís so much high-level security and compartmentalization in this subject area, and thereís a lot of it, itís difficult for contractors to obtain expert opinions on advanced technologies because they would expose why they are interested. So, I acted as a surrogate. I was contracted to commission mostly unclassified whitepapers from experts around the globe about where their particular subject areas would be in (the year) 2050 as like a general survey of aerospace futures. I decided this would be the best way to get the best knowledge we had across many technologies without actually exposing why we wanted to know.

    So, I let out 38 contracts over a two-year period. Iíll show you what the studies were on. You can read them there: positron aerospace propulsion, IEC fusion as a compact energy source, warp drive, dark energy, extra dimensions, metallic glasses for aerospace use. Really cutting edge kinds of things.

    Here are some more of the papers that I commissioned: negative mass propulsion, antigravity for aerospace applications, programmable matter, invisibility cloaking Ė these are just the kind of things that we needed to have maximum technical input from the best people around the globe. And so, thatís what we did, thatís what I did.

    Now we could wait, we told these people they could publish their reports in physics journals and engineering journals, but of course the contractors didnít want to wait for that, so the Defense Intelligence Agency bundled up these 38 papers and put them out as Defense Intelligence Reference Documents posted on a JWICS server that anyone in the government or contractors could get access to. By and large they have not been released to the public yet; a couple of them leaked out.

    So let me give you an example of, how this stuff helps people who are chasing these really difficult problems. Iím choosing one here: metamaterials for aerospace use. Iíd love to talk about really fancy materials, but theyíre classified. However, thereís a lot of materials that have been picked up or provided even in the public domain. Iím going to give an example because it shows exactly what the structure is for how to deal with this. This is an open source sample. It was sent anonymously to talk show host Art Bell. The fellow claimed to be in the military. He said that this sample was picked up in a crash retrieval, and so he sent it by email. So what does that mean? Chain of custody non-existent. Provenance questionable. Could be a hoax. Could be some slag off of some foundry floor or whatever. However, it was an unusual sample, so we decided to take a look at it.

    It was a multilayered bismuth and magnesium sample. Bismuth layers less than a human hair. Magnesium samples about ten-times the size of a human hair. Supposedly picked up in the crash retrieval of an Advanced Aerospace Vehicle. It looks like itís been in a crash. The white lines are the bismuth; the darker areas are the magnesium separations. So the question was what about this material, so naturally we looked in all the national labs, we talked to metallurgists, we combed the entire structure of published papers. Nowhere could we find any evidence that anybody ever made one of these.

    Secondly, some attempts were made to try to reproduce this material, but they couldnít get the bismuth and magnesium layers to bond.

    Thirdly, when we talked to people in the materials field who should know, they said we donít know why anybody would want to make anything like this. Itís not obvious that it has any function.

    Well, years later, decades later actually, finally our own science moves along. We move into an area called metamaterials, and it turns out exactly this combination of materials at exactly those dimensions turn out to be an excellent microscopic waveguide for very high frequency electromagnetic radiation terahertz frequencies. So, the wavelength is 60 microns, which is a pretty small size. But it turns out because of the metamaterial aspect of this material, those bismuth layers that act as waveguides can be one twentieth the size of the wavelength, and usually when you make a waveguide itís gotta be about the size of the wavelength. So, in fact this turned out to be a material that would propagate sub-wavelength waveguide effects. Why somebody wants to do that we still donít know the answer to that.

    But anyway, itís amazing weíve gone through this and this is the kind of structure we go through a lot. You get a material sample with unusual characteristics to be evaluated, the method of manufacture is difficult to assess or reproduce, the purpose of the function is not readily apparent Ė as with our sample here, and then as our own technical knowledge moves forward we finally see a possible purpose or function comes to light. That sequence is repeated over and over in this particular area.

    Iíll pick a second one here for the engineers or physicists in the crowd. Probably be more interesting Ė spacetime metric engineering. This happens to be the paper that I myself provided. One of the questions is: can the reported anomalous observables of these Advanced Aerospace Vehicles be accounted for on the basis of known physics? You hear people describing craft taking right angle turns at high speeds, other things with the hovering and rapid acceleration and so on, as if the craft didnít have any inertial mass. Well, it turns out although Einsteinís general relativity is usually used in astrophysical applications and gravity studies and so on, you can look at it from an engineering standpoint. So, if you take an engineering approach to general relativity, what I just showed can be understood. If you could change the spacetime metric the way general relativity Ė Iím talking about textbook, not some fanciful physics Ė you could even get faster-than-light travel. Alcubierre warp drive as in Star Trek. Again, you might think thatís a fanciful kind of thing, but that paper was published in one of the top general relativity journals, Miguel Alcubierre, ďThe Warp Drive: Hyper-Fast Travel within General Relativity,Ē Classical and Quantum Gravity (11:L73-L77,1994). So, if you engineer spacetime metric, you can begin to line up observables with physics that we know and love even if we canít reproduce it.

    What about the velocity of light constraint? People are always saying that. How could you have a wormhole that lets you go from one side of the universe to the other? Arenít you beating the speed of light? What does the physicist and engineer mean by the speed of light? He means this little equation here where the speed of light is given by 1 over the square root of the permittivity times the permeability of the vacuum. So the point is if you reengineer those vacuum parameters, then you can make the effective speed of light higher in the engineered region. Those are the solutions in general relativity that are called wormholes, and again, itís not science fiction. This is just right-off-the-shelf, standard text book general relativity applications.

    So, what that means is a reduced time interstellar travel is not as skeptics would say, ďYou canít get from there to here.Ē Advanced ET civilizations now, or ourselves in the future are not fundamentally constrained by physical principals. The exotic physics for such can be addressed in engineering terms Ė some metric engineering as it were. Does this have any help? Again, by the way, this paper was also published as one of the Defense Intelligence Agencyís reference documents. And since we are permitted to publish in the open literature, I published that paper in a British interplanetary science journal, an engineering journal, so if youíre interested in looking at the details, you can learn as much as you want to know about metric engineering. (Advanced Space Propulsion Based on Vacuum (Spacetime Metirc) Engineering, H. Puthoff (2010), Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, 63, 82-89.)

    That helped us understand some of the aspects, I mean you may have heard the phrase, ďdense stars you get red-shift.Ē It turns out in this engineered technology you get so called ďblue shift.Ē That is, frequencies are up-shifted to higher frequencies. So, for example in this room most of the radiation coming off our bodies, off the walls and so on is in fact in the infrared. But we see things in the visible range. What happens when you get into a volume of space where the vacuum has been engineered in the way Iíve been discussing? It turns out you get a blue shift. So, in fact the infrared that you donít ordinarily see can get blue shifted up into the visible so itís not surprising that all these craft should be so luminous. Now the downside from all of this is the fact that visible light, which doesnít have any particularly harmful effects, gets blue shifted up into the ultraviolet, so if you get too close to a landed craft, you might get a sunburn, or off into the soft X-ray regions so thereís a chance of radiation poisoning. If you run across one of these sitting on the ground and itís powered up, I recommend you donít rush up.

    Well, that helped us to understand. We as part of this program looked at some cases that were really good from Brazil. In 1977, 78, it was like Close Encounters of the Third Kind. A thousand pages of documents all done by the Brazilian Air Force investigative team, 500 photographs, 15 hours of motion film, a lot of medical injuries. This is a list of the different kinds of medical injuries that occurred when people encountered these craft at close range, and it has some overlap with cases that weíve investigated during the program, of injuries occurring.

    God, I hope this is the beginning of legitimizing research into tons of new fields, and hopefully will not lead to some global wars to dominate the tech.

    Cheers all.

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    Default Re: Dr. Hal Puthoff Address to the SSE/IRVA Conference, Las Vegas, 8 June 2018

    Thanks for this link to this article/talk at Vegas, which as far as I have observed is the most valuable content that has yet come out of the To the Stars Academy operation.

    On a side note, if you ever watched Ancient Aliens, this made me laugh:

    Quote PRG has reviewed all the interviews of and statements by TTA/AAS team members, and this is the message PRG is hearing:

    Weíre Not Saying itís Extraterrestrial
    But Itís Extraterrestrial
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