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Thread: Is humanity worth keeping/saving? - Honest conversation

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    Default Re: Is humanity worth keeping/saving? - Honest conversation

    Quote Posted by triquetra (here)
    Quote Posted by petra (here)
    That's really good triquetra. Is that applause I hear? Get ready to roll the end credits
    Yes, if this type of information is all going to come suddenly crashing through a massive informational dam set up around this planet and others like it, then perhaps it's time to roll the end credits.
    When you said "That we would even ask ourselves if we are worth saving is proof enough...", I just wanted to stand up and clap. "The answer that you want, is in the question that you state" so to speak - that's a song lyric by Coheed and Cambria too

    Quote Posted by triquetra (here)
    Your replies seem to consistently indicate you have an accurate feeling of what's going on and what's about to happen.
    I'll take that as a compliment, thanks I don't know about how accurate though.

    There was a point which I felt as if I understood a LOT more than I do now. Since I can still remember what that feeling was like, I can't help but feel a bit "dumbed down" in comparison. My understanding all seems to be revolving around the "As Above, So Below" mentality, and right at the tip is the idea that "God DOES need us" (I was always told that God does NOT need us)

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    Default Re: Is humanity worth keeping/saving? - Honest conversation

    Humans are sacred. There is the belief that we are made from carbon and that it is dense from fear and lack of love. I feel that people ET's etc are fighting over us. The loving ones don't understand why we would want to kamizazee each other in fear and war.

    There are dark lights who are Mr.Burns rubbing his hands and they do include Demons etc. The Angels and Love tell me that we have mouths that talk and other entities don't as they use telepathy.

    Humans are sacred too because they have a heart which is provided to love others and to feel. I'm unsure if aliens have hearts etc and they are not allowed to feel. I heard that the more higher frequency you reach and the way that we are reprogrammed to operate is to be fearless and that aliens are either telling us to stay dammed in the hell that is non existent. Love in spirit is all that apparently exists. The fear is programmed into the mind and the doubts etc. So humanity is suppose to be saved but by Love? or your own beliefs. I was also told that anything is possible and that you had to open your mind and get rid of the fear.

    What has this to do with saving humanity? Well if we are worth saving then we better start loving and being open minded and creating a world worth being saved in. Also, that if we look within and listen to the heart and stop following the head you will find that every heart is worthy of love and the soul is the hearts protection.

    This world wants to destroy what they have but this world is so much more worthy of better.
    Which leads us to content with the issue of GOD. God is love and he/she contain us all in their energy. He has told me that they are too big to experience life and so they send sparkles of love aka us to sample the love that they give and tell us to pro create and return to tell him what what we have done.

    There is no judgement with Love there is no wrong or right as nature's way will show us the truth. God is nothing more or less then Love. He /she just is So they are unconditional and so they don't judge. They provide us with love to free us from the bondage of ego's. Society teaches us to live in the head.

    God needs us because we can show others how to love and forgive then move forward. Letting go of the lesser things that we have created. WE are ment to be on earth to heal her, love others, be merciful and create things that are worthy of love. It's all love guys.
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    Default Re: Is humanity worth keeping/saving? - Honest conversation

    hello Angels1981,

    Your post, and the topic I raised in the thread "A Brief History of Project Avalon"

    made me realize that it was one thing to ask about the site's tagline "where science and spirituality meet", another to stress the importance of it, but still another to follow through on the act of making them meet.

    I believe it is time to begin.

    Here is a thought concept related to recent Remote Viewing data about to be shared:
    God is always more distant, and yet, more close than you realize they are.

    In other words, imagine that this universe exists in another one, But then, that universe also exists inside of another one. And so does that one. And so on and so forth.

    And if you go up, up, up through the universes (through the 5th dimension), let's say, infinite steps, *that* is where you find God.

    What do you think about it?

    The reason I say this, is because without attempting to accurately model aspects of spirituality using concepts from science as best we can (i.e. the physics of dimensions), we risk oversimplifying and getting stuck in these cycles that oscillate back and forth between positive and negative polarities of binary constructs that don't actually exist.

    In other words, if we replace the term "God" with "Prime Creator", we are infusing the spirituality with science - in this case, entertaining the idea that God exists within all Prime numbers, including the one representing the first universe to ever exist.

    Now if you take this concept and hold it, work with it, you can see that even as the numbers continue up to infinitely, the prime numbers appear and yet we cannot find the pattern.

    That all being said, there is nevertheless a pattern that can be found, a pattern that is incredibly important, but one that is not obvious until other alignments begin to occur.

    I'll put it differently. It could be very well that I am talking about a totally different kind of 5th dimension altogether, than the one you might think of as a logical successor to the 4th dimension. This is not too different from the notion we try to entertain but struggle with, that we perceive time as the 4th dimension and yet we can somehow also imagine 4th dimensional objects like a tesseract.

    Or perhaps the various ways of defining higher dimensions which we still struggle to understand have connections that will remain quite difficult for us to grasp. Again, it is only when we find the alignments, see the patterns that we can begin to piece together the puzzle.

    All said, there are definite ways in which we are helped from the outside, but it still helps to know our circumstances as best we can. It is not as simple as forcefully latching onto some notion of positivity and love that necessarily opposes itself to some binary opposite.

    Quite the contrary, we had better see the trap of binary thinking that has been woven for us on this planet, and to elevate ourselves beyond the reach of such traps. To understand these energies as being without opposite.

    The most important aspect of finally sharing the RV data, I believe, is going to be providing a framework for understanding precisely why this universe came to be. That was the target of the Remote Viewing. And indeed, the answer points to us saving ourselves, but in a clever and surprising way, not by staying caught up in old tropes - we will peel ourselves away from the illusion that has been constructed all around us.

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    Default Re: Is humanity worth keeping/saving? - Honest conversation

    At this point i don't think we're worth saving. We can save ourselves, but we choose not to.

    Even if we did get a "Reset" with some external help, give it another two thousand years and we'll be back in the exact same situation as sociopaths / psycopaths make their way into places of power and start chipping away at things as we're witnessing right now - tho the end results are being seen now.

    If we are capable of fixing ourselves and our planet but don't want too purely due to greed and a lust for power, and the rest of us are complacent and allow this to happen - again we don't deserve to continue existing.

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    Default Re: Is humanity worth keeping/saving? - Honest conversation

    "We can save ourselves, but we choose not to."

    Sounds like you're placing all of humanity into that "we". I prefer to divide that bucket into two parts:

    - The people who choose not to. These folks I would consider to be the ones mastering the art of domination. Their interest is in elevating themselves at the cost of others and at the cost of the planet.

    - The people who would like to, but can't. It's not that the folks in this bucket are choosing not to. They are just up against masters of the game, and the opposition is currently stacked against them. I wouldn't fault anyone in this group for having trouble trying to assist humanity's plight.

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    Default Re: Is humanity worth keeping/saving? - Honest conversation

    I’ve listened to this message from Credo Mutwa ( from 2014) yesterday and found it of incredible importance.
    It’s a message about the role of human race in this Galaxy and beyond and also message from some of our genuine non-human ancestors.
    It resonates with my knowledge about humans very well.

    It’s not easy one to accept for many “people” perhaps but becomes even more important in future.

    No matter what the cacophony of voices on alternative media echos, this planet is currently occupied by humans . Humans with high aspirations who did not conquer their ignorance, hatred, aversion, envy and anger they’ve exercised repeatedly on every other form of Life encountered and themselves ,
    constantly reminding each other of their uniqueness and self importance and inherited right to “rule the Universe”.

    As Credo says, it will be only after and if humans tamed their hatred , anger and arrogance they’ll be welcomed back to resume their role in the Circle of Light.

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