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Thread: Is humanity worth keeping/saving? - Honest conversation

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    Default Re: Is humanity worth keeping/saving? - Honest conversation

    Quote Posted by Bill Ryan (here)
    Something happened to the human race between (say) 50,000 years ago and now.

    WHAT WAS IT ??
    As the collective unconscious is re-enacting it through waves of migration/immigrations, I suspect there were waves of space conquerors/colonists and refugees and pirates spaceship wreckages ending up in/on this planet... with their different cultures, mores and customs as exhibited by Earth global, current situation.

    This kind of coalesces with Bill's:

    Quote What I suspect is that (as Jay Weidner and others have hypothesized) there was some kind of Archontic infection from an inhuman source thousands of years ago, that's now so deeply ingrained (and maybe even dormant in almost everyone) that we can sometimes barely see it for what it is.
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    Lightbulb Re: Is humanity worth keeping/saving? - Honest conversation

    Thie link and video are both dry and overtly mainstream, but in the video that delves into civilization s collapse , the "sea peoples" are credited with society's destruction in conjunction with a series of unfortunate events mostly driven by climactic conditions at the time. I suspect that the Etruscans are the "sea peoples" referenced by Dr. Cline. The same group who aided and abetted the Roman Empire. I also might suggest that they are still at work today to thwart mankind's evolution and enlightenment.and to ensure that the miserable status quo remains in perpetuity. The similarities between modern day chaos and ancient chaos can't be ignored. This is my answer to Bills question about. "What caused it" sorry writing this on aniPhone. Im all thumbs!

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    Default Re: Is humanity worth keeping/saving? - Honest conversation

    The question can be answered from different perspectives. I'll offer two.

    If I would answer this question as an observing human I would say: as a whole on this planet, we're doing a rigid job of tearing the place down. Sort of like skin cancer. When thinking of it, what we've accomplished so far with our ever increasing world population is saddening to me as a nature lover. Looking at the prognosed growth in world population (probably influenced by politics though) and also look at the ecological footprint of humanity currently, then all appears to be ominous. And though I expect that humanity will save itself one way or the other, I do fear for other species as history has shown us many species have already disappeared due to man's drive to expand, as a whole. Brings us to another question. What is more important on this planet mankind or other species? I once said that if there were a button to get rid of all mankind on this earth, I would've pushed it. Though that's quite some time ago. Nowadays, I'm not so worried about it anymore.

    Looking at it more as a soul, currently vacating this body, I come to a whole different perspective. I see the world as a place to suffer (among a great deal of other things) in order to grow in love. Precious lessons, experience and growth will be taken from this earthly reality by my soul after I leave my body at end of life on earth. To me basically and personally that is more important. And that is why I worry not. I figure suffering helps with spiritual growth, and earth is great for that. Furthermore I feel protected and helped by God, and am grateful for everything I get to experience and learn.

    Be blessed.

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    Default Re: Is humanity worth keeping/saving? - Honest conversation

    Last year, I attended the Paradigm Shift Summit in Australia. Steven Strong was one of the speakers. He’s an archaeological researcher who works closely with Original (Aboriginal) Elders and who has worked with Graham Hancock.

    His website is http://forgottenorigin.com

    This is a recording of his talk at the Summit:

    He starts talking at the 2:40 mark.

    At 1:11:00, he concludes his speech by telling the audience what the Original Elders have told him about what’s coming next.

    He said there is a change coming soon. Not in ten years; not in five years. It’s close. And that Elders all over the world are getting ready for it.

    Strong told the audience to stay true to what they believe and as for the people who don’t believe, don’t get angry with them—feel sorry for them because if they don’t get it right soon, there’s going to be a line in the sand.

    According to the Elders, shortly after this event takes place, there will be two simultaneous realities—two different levels. As Strong put it, “Make sure you’re on the top one.”

    If this proves to be true, it would mean that humanity isn’t going to be saved all at once. I take it to mean that some will move on while others stay behind.

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