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Thread: Noel Edmonds at Lloyds Annual General Meeting May 24th 2018

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    Default Noel Edmonds at Lloyds Annual General Meeting May 24th 2018

    In the UK, Noel Edmonds is a well-known DJ and presenter of light entertainment television programmes. He is also a business owner.

    In this clip, Edmonds confronts Lloyd's Bank chairman Lord Blackwell with some tough questions concerning the malfeasance and outright criminality that went on that caused the collapse of many small-to-medium enterprises in the UK. Edmonds himself is suing the bank for fraud at a branch that he claims led to the collapse of his entertainment company.

    The litigation Edmonds is pursuing follows his decision to pull out of mediation talks to settle his claim, Edmonds saying “it was evident” that he and his case would not be compensated “swiftly, fairly and appropriately”, having received only “derisory offer”.

    Listening to the perfunctory answers given by the person on the stage I have little doubt that banks may well get into trouble again, if the regrettable behaviour of its staff continue to go unregulated.

    In previous Avalon article, Bill Ryan said that people "need to get in touch with the reason why they’re here on this planet. Why did they incarnate to this lifetime? ... They know that they’re here on a mission, for a purpose, and they can’t quite remember what it was. ... They feel that there’s something they have to do."

    I think that in time, this campaign will become Noel Edmonds' defining moment for being on this planet, far more so than Crinkly Bottom and Mr Blobby!
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    Default Re: Noel Edmonds at Lloyds Annual General Meeting May 24th 2018

    Those with the most money normally win - I wish him all the best but effectively he's fighting corruption within banking and the establishment who'll protect their interests at any cost

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