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Thread: Assassination of UFO investigator Craig R Lang possibly associated with GAIA TV and its leadership

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    Default Assassination of UFO investigator Craig R Lang possibly associated with GAIA TV and its leadership

    Greetings I wish to share this article and video, originated from Alfred Webre sources.

    Notice to connection to JJ trucker, Paola Harris, Jirka Rysavy .
    Please use discern and discretion while reading this.

    Vimeo TV:


    Fiancée: Exopolitics/UFO investigator Craig R. Lang was targeted & murdered at the February 2018 International UFO Congress using exotic weapons to stop his disclosure investigations

    Listen to TrueTube-NewsInsideOut Interview: https://vimeo.com/279368703


    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – In a recorded 11:17-minute July 10, 2018 telephone statement with Alfred Lambremont Webre of TrueTube.co-NewsInsideOut.com, the fiancée of the late Exopolitics/UFO investigator Craig R. Lang, has stated prima facie substantive reasons why she believes that:

    -her husband-to-be Craig R. Lang was targeted and murdered at the February 2018 International UFO Congress
    • using exotic weapons
    • in order to stop Craig Lang’s ongoing disclosure investigations into anti-personnel weapons
    • under development by negative covert elements in “government and aliens [Extraterrestrials]”
    • to target the human community by “altering their brain waves”, according to Craig R. Lang’s disclosure research.
    Summary of Testimony of Craig R. Lang’s former Fiancée

    In her 11:17 minute statement that she plans to present to local police, District Attorney and FBI investigators along with other evidence and her criminal complaint, requesting criminal investigations to arrest, prosecute, try and convict the perpetrators of Craig R. Lang’s suspicious death, Craig Lang’s fiancée states that:
    • Craig R. Lang was targeted by a destabilizing honey trap that led to the dissolution of his prior marriage and derailed Craig from ongoing disclosure investigations into negative government and Extraterrestrial anti-personnel agendas and weapons to be directed at humans.
    • After Craig’s recovery and engagement with his fiancée, Craig resumed his disclosure investigations and traveled to the Feb. 2018 International UFO Congress.
    • At the Congress, he texted and communicated that “something was not quite right, people were paranoid, and he was being followed” by a perpetrator.
    • Craig R. Lang stated a woman wearing a “sweet smelling perfume that made him feel sick” followed him into an elevator. Craig’s fiancée says Craig felt sick and checked himself into a hospital, where he was admitted to ICU. As his fiancée was making arrangements to fly into Phoenix AZ to see Craig at the hospital, the ICU called her to say that Craig had “passed over”, as his family had agreed to have life support taken away
    [Update: According to NewsInsideOut.com sources, JJ Buckner is the identity of the woman who accompanied Craig into the elevator where he was confronted by a sweet smell with the woman. JJ Buckner is an independent photographer who takes photographs at many Exopolitics/UFO events, and but is not contracted by the events, “other than by event organizer Paula Harris at her events.” Below is a copy of JJ Buckner’s email that NewsInsideOut obtained summarizing her experiences around the suspicious death of Craig R. Lang]


    “Today is the first day that I feel a bit normal after UFO Congress. I came home from the congress and immediately fell ill with the flu – just about everyone there had it. I can not imagine how much worse I would have been had Don Cain not given me some c60 to try. I hugged Craig Lang in the elevator at the hotel and said “feel better” when he said he was going upstairs because he didn’t feel well. He died the next day. Janet and Sasha Lessin got sick on the plane and had intense flu the entire time at Congress. Many other sickos – so there was no avoiding the exposure. Barbara messaged me yesterday saying she’s been in the hospital and that her grandson had died of flu. The woman I introduced you to last year, Monica Lambert, died two days ago. I suspect that this is chem flu or something similar. I have not had the flu since — well, can’t remember when, but for me to be sick for 3 weeks — just has never happened. Melinda is still fighting this flu as well as everyone else I know who was there.”


    Is JJ Buckner knowingly or unknowingly carrying a bio-weapon when she enters the elevator and allegedly hugs Craig with a “sweet smell that makes him sick such that Craig dies in the hospital ICU off life support within a day, suggesting a bio-weapon?

    -The fact that Craig reports JJ Bruckner’s movements in the elevator more objectively as carrying “a sweet smell that makes him sick” suggests that Craig by the time Craig checked himself into the hospital and ICU, he was already personally aware he had been hit by a DEW bioweapon, with special emphasis on JJ Bruckner’s “sweet Smelly perfume” in the elevator. Please see Janet & Sasha Lessin’s testimony for a general update on the public health epidemic emergency aspect documenting the presence of other DEWs and other bioweapons in the environment at the UFO Congress at the time.

    -If JJ Buckner had mens rea or criminal intent of carrying a deadly bioweapon when she entered the elevator and hugged Craig R. Lang, then that means that JJ Buckner’s email to NewsInsideOut.com‘s context-source [quoted above] is actually a conscious and knowing criminal fraud attempt by JJ Bucker to create a false alibi to cover her deployment of a deadly bioweapon against Craig R. Lang in the IUFO Congress hotel elevator at the time and date in question.

    ▪ Paola Harris & Vatican Intelligence Service: NewsInsideOut.com has learned that JJ Buckner, a UFO photographer at multiple UFO conferences, did so as free-lance, with one exception. JJ Bruckner was reportedly hired as a contract employee at conferences sponsored by Paola Harris. Paola Harris has long-standing personal, institutional, exopolitical, and professional links with the Vatican including the Vatican Intelligence Service as well as the CIA going back to her days with J Allen Hynek, a CIA cut-out in the UFO field, "UFO" is an Intelligence Psyop term morphed by the US Air Force for counter- intelligence operations to disrupt independent & legitimate scientific inquiry and civilian contact activity with Extraterrestrial and Interdimensional Intelligent civilizations.

    -In 2007, following ExopoliticsTV and this reporter's substantive reporting of the Mars exploration testimony of US Mars Explorers Michael C. Relfe, Andrew D. Basiago, Bernard Mendez [US Presidential assistant testifying for Barack Obama Soebarkah Soetoro's Mars exploraiton], William B. Stillings and other reported Mars explorers, Paola Harris organized and announced on the Internet a specific effort to "kick this reporter Alfred Webre out of Exopolitics". While this was a logical fallacy, as one cannot unfound the founder of Exopolitics, Vatican operative Paolo Harris, who did front for the Vatican's representative Msgr Balducci into Exopolitics, did organize an attempted boycott of Alfred Lambremont Webre among the "leaders" in Exopolitics compromised by the military intelligence field, mainly around Dr. Michael Salla, PhD's Exopolitics Institute, whom ASIO shipped dipped into American University and then sheep-dipped into a faux-firing and surfacing in the Exopolitics community on alleged grounds American University had fired him for publishing a Washington Post article on ETs and Ike, when I had discussed UFOs and ETs with the director of Salla's Center at American University for years; and Office of Naval Intelligence ONI asset Steve Bassett, as well as CIA former trainee Stephen Greer MD.

    ▪ Such Vatican & Paola-Harris-led boycott of Alfred Lambremont Webre because of his expose of Life on Mars and the Mars explorers did add to the hardship of researching the US presence of Mars and bringing to public light testimony of the courageous Mars explorers.

    Jirka Rysavy & Gaia.com

    A Czech national with known Satanic practices, who arrived to found Gaia.com in 1988 a year after the Harmonic Convergence radio program out of Boulder CO NPR station dedicated to a new positive post 2012 timeline, is photographed at a Contact in the Desert event CITD next to JJ Bruckner. In the photo, JIrka Rysaviy, who as its 1988 founder, owns 30+% of Gaia.com stock, is also seen next to one of the speakers at a CITD event whom he has targeted with a hand-held DEW. Rysavy managed to elude Security called by the speaker, as well, Gaia.com ran the CITD, and well, Rysavy ran the contractor Security….s Adds up to what action the Police, District Attorney and FBI going to take in their investigation of the links among JJ trucker, Paola Harris, Jyrka Rysavy and the probable DEW attack on Craig R. Lang in the elevator of IUFO Congress Hotel [Was the DEW release through the elevator ventilation system? From an interdimensional portal by malevolent Portal ETs?]

    These are among the questions for
    • police,
    • District attorney and
    • FBI
    to determine in criminal investigations and prosecutions, trials, convictions and sentencing according to due process under law by evidence, following valid criminal complaints filed with these agencies by Craig R. Lang's fiancée, or as a Judge I would say "common law widow".

    Exopolitical & UFO community

    There are also deep questions for the leaders, researchers, scholars, healers, contactees, conference attendees, ascenders, starseeds Light workers who are part of the multi-dimensional community.

    Some malevolent force is not targeting out community with deadly advanced weaponry and we need to unite and speak out and take effective action to ban their weapons and neutralize and resolve/dissolve/disperse/ this malevolent force..


    Craig’s fiancée, a former paramedic, examined Craig’s body at the post-mortem morgue. According to Craig’s fiancée, Craig’s body:
    • Did not look like Craig;
    • Had signs of burning on his lips;
    • Had anomalous bruising on his body and wrists as where he has been “tied down”;
    • Craig’s facial structure and facial bones were altered & changed.
    • The top of Craig’s nose had been broken earlier in his life. The corpse presented by the morgue had a perfect nose with no broken bones in the nose.
    • Craig’s stomach was bloated
    • A strip of skin had been removed from the exterior of his tummy, even though an autopsy ordered by his family had not yet been performed.
    Taken together and separately these observations of Craig R. Lang’s fiancée raise prima facié evidence of suspicious circumstances – foul play in Craig’s death,

    Craig Lang’s Fiancée’s evidence contradicts flat denials by IUFO Congress

    The fresh evidence that Craig R. Lang’s common-law-widow offers flatly contradicts officials at the International UFO Congress sought to give to NewsInsideOut.com at the time of Craig R. Lang’s and two others suspicious deaths along with scores of serious hospitalizations in February 2018.

    In response to NewsInsideOut.com’s report, International UFO Congress’s Alejandro Rojas stated, “This story is completely FALSE! Unfortunately, Craig Lang did pass away from a bacterial infection, not radiation. There were some people with colds and a speaker recovering from a flu, but nothing out of the ordinary for a bad cold and flu season.”

    Yet IUFO Congress’ Alejandro Rojas dismissal does not account for the finding in Capt. Jerry Flynn’s 283 Report on “microwave sickness” and DEW directed-energy weapons that the fatal symptoms Craig Lang exhibited are precisely those attributed to attacks by Microwave and DEW weapons. [DOWNLOAD PDF of Capt. Jerry Flynn’s Report, HEALTH EFFECTS OF IRRADIATION WITH DEW & MICROWAVE FREQUENCIES]

    As NewsInsideOut.com has previously reported, a statistically significant pattern has emerged during 2016-18 in the United States of America of witness-documented deaths, bodily injuries and serious hospitalizations for cancer and other illnesses, as well as mood swings involving suicidal ideation and deep depression among attendees and certain speakers at public Conferences on “Extraterrestrial Disclosure”, as well as consumers of products offered by Gaia.com, a Boulder, CO-based company dedicated to promoting “Extraterrestrial Disclosure”.

    Source: https://newsinsideout.com/2018/07/fi...investigations
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    Default Re: Assassination of UFO investigator Craig R Lang possibly associated with GAIA TV and its leadership

    This sounds like what Patty Greer was trying to explain to Kevin Moore in his interview with her recently, but it is difficult for "normies" to truly understand to what lengths TPTB will go to enforce their agenda!

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    Default Re: Assassination of UFO investigator Craig R Lang possibly associated with GAIA TV and its leadership

    I worked with Craig briefly...He was and is a good man.Good Heart and soul..


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