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Thread: Facebook pays for all its mistakes

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    Default Re: Facebook pays for all its mistakes

    Quote Posted by Zak247 (here)
    I didnít say Trump was a neoconservative, I doubt he even understands the term.
    Yeah, I hear he can't even tie his own shoes and that he just learned his ABCs yesterday.

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    Default Re: Facebook pays for all its mistakes

    Quote Posted by Flash (here)
    Quote Posted by ramus (here)
    In response to Mike Gorman: The liberal factions have been pissed at Zuckerburg since the election they blame Facebook for Trump"s win. Anything they can say and do to hurt him, they will. I personally find it great, that they ( the democrats ) were beat because of there arrogance and ego, Cambridge Analytica was a available but Hillary didn't think she needed it. I would say that a lot of the people leaving Facebook are from the liberal front not the conservative side, they hate Trump and anything that got him elected. Be it bad perception or not Facebook was responsible for this election, in there eyes. So, yes I don't think Facebook is the bad guy here, i agree with Mike.
    this makes some sense. i was wondering yesterday why Zuckerberg has fallen out of favor.

    On the other hand, Trump would not be president if he had not been pre-approuved. Those Trump zealot here have a blindfold on their eyes.

    Since the children taken away from their parents at the border and also the way he cut ties with USA best neighbours and therefore impacting negatively its own country workforce is a huge sign that he is not genuinely for the people. 2 signs that made me sign out of any tiny remaining hope for any change in the right direction.

    And Clinton would have been worst for the world.

    (parents are actually deported back to Mexico without having found their taken away children, which remains in the USA somewhere, god knows where - are they sold??? How will the parents ever see their by now highly damaged children? to me this would be and is like Nazi regime, from these parents and children situation)

    Where are the children? Where are the girls? this is revolting.

    The children "taken away at the border" happened under Obama first. If you apply for asylum status according to the law, rather than just showing up at the border that is not going to happen. There is actually a procedure in the US for applying for citizenship and asylum.

    What do you think of separating non violent criminals and drug addicts from their children in our profitable prisons, here in the US?

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