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Thread: Worldwide Engineered Weather Catastrophe?

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    Default Re: Worldwide Engineered Weather Catastrophe?

    I don't think it would worry the elite too much once enough people realize we are heading into a mini Ice Age, because they already have so many depopulation methods in operation. I think Mike Adams is onto something here:
    https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-11-...ss-eaters.html (and Deborah Tavares agrees) in thinking one of their next big planned attacks will be through bioengineered viruses (ever see the scifi movie Twelve Monkeys?), and the vaccines they will make to "combat" them ( which of course, will just make things worse).

    Quote Posted by Bill Ryan (here)
    I'm posting this here to bump this valuable thread. (I do know there's a lot of overlap here.)

    Quote Posted by onawah (here)

    This is a compelling 20 November 2018 video interview with Dane Wigington from Geoengineering Watch.

    I was left with one question. Maybe best here than on the Strangeness of the California Fires thread, where it was posted. I'd love someone to put this to Wigington himself.

    When the reality of Global Cooling becomes incontrovertible in open-source mainstream science — maybe as soon as 2020 — what would be the formal justification to keep spraying?

    I know the obvious answer to the question — that they're evil, and want to kill us all (or something like that!). But there are MANY government scientists on the 'inside' who sincerely believe that this is the last-ditch attempt to stop cataclysmic global warming. They really think this is the right thing to do. Much of this is already in the public domain. There are papers about it in science journals, and publicly visible patents, and geoengineering conferences.

    So what happens when all those thousands of people say: "WAIT! This is all going in the wrong direction. We're actually making it all worse."
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    Default Re: Worldwide Engineered Weather Catastrophe?

    Worst flooding I have ever seen in my life yesterday
    This person actually had to be rescued!

    EDIT: Maybe not relevant to engineering though, move this if appropriate please, I'm still a bit in shock here

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