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Thread: Jerry Gallimore - a REAL alternative Science Pioneer

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    Lightbulb Jerry Gallimore - a REAL alternative Science Pioneer

    I had a chance to stay in Indiana at a dear friends house, and she showed me the archives that she had on Jerry Gallimore -

    Below is a small amount of background on Gallimore written by Jerry Decker (now deceased as well, from KeeleyNet). Gallimore was and IS way more important than Hieronymous as Jerry had the background to connect the dots. Galen exploited one characteristic of radionics/psychotronics, but JERRY found the dots that connected it to gravity, life force, communications, OBE and so forth. I'll expand on the thread with some of Jerry's devices over time.
    Hi Folks!
    I recently received an interesting post from someone inquiring about
    Jerry Gallimore. Since it was one of his family members, I dredged deep
    and here is the result with some private items deleted..<g>..;
    I am very pleased to hear from you! Yes, I did know Jerry from several
    conferences and we talked on the phone a few times. He always wanted to
    come to Dallas and give a talk, preferably a workshop but we just never
    got around to it between money and time constraints.

    His main venue was the United States Psychotronic Association (USPA) as
    he was a founder and I think director as well as presenting much of his
    work at their annual conferences. I only went to one in Georgia and it
    was most interesting.

    I first met Jerry Gallimore at a conference in Irving Texas (a suburb of
    Dallas)...it was the 1986 (I believe that was the year) Crystal
    Symposium and Jerry was a speaker. He and I sat in the bar on several
    occasions during the conference and discussed his work and many
    different theories.

    I was always a fan of his and admired his work greatly. I asked him
    what did he feel was his single greatest accomplishment and suggested it
    would have been the 'Handbook of Unusual Energies'....I was dumbfounded
    when he said no, he felt his absolute best work that had all kinds of
    very major keys to the universe hidden in it, was 'Transverse

    He went into a discussion of a peculiar scalar wave detector that he'd
    discovered and drew it out on a napkin at the bar. I met him at another
    conference another time and I think there was a third and by then we
    knew each other and so hung out a bit either by phone or at the

    I think it was about 3 or 4 years after the Crystal Symposium that Jerry
    called me up one day and made an unusual offer. He asked if I had a
    non-profit foundation setup or knew of one having a private library
    where books could be kept and studied by researchers in perpetuity. At
    the time I did not and still don't but working on it.

    He said he had over 300 pounds of research material that he'd collected
    when writing his various books and wanted others to be able to study
    that material to aid in their research. He wanted to donate these to
    Vanguard Sciences (my company) ONLY IF we could guarantee the material
    would be available to researchers for many years to come. Unfortunately,
    I was not able to guarantee that so had to decline. He said all it
    would take was to pay shipping from there to here.

    On hearing Jerry had died I was very saddened. I had the chance to meet
    and talk with him about many things. He was without doubt a genius and
    I think people haven't BEGUN to realize what all he discovered and the
    many applications that will one day come from his basic discoveries when
    they are more closely examined.

    For instance, in one bar conversation he said he'd found a way to alter
    the geometry of any circuit board, especially a computer motherboard, so
    that it would increase its operational speed by 1000% and that the
    circuits would run cool in the process!

    I asked how he would do this, plying him with drinks (naw, just kidding,
    didn't do that) but he said I and others KNOW the answer and that we
    could figure it out if we'd only think deeply about it. He indicated
    this secret was hinted at in the Transverse Paraphysics book.

    Years before I ever had the opportunity to meet Jerry, I had been told
    he had been nominated for the Nobel Prize in the early 60's for his work
    with controlled crystal formation. You see, before there were
    integrated circuits that now are ubiquitous, there were just discrete
    single or dual transistors.

    Integrated circuits have thousands and even millions of tiny
    transistors, capacitors and diode junctions on the substrate of the
    wafer. In the manufacturing process, in the early days, they considered
    themselves very fortunate to get even 30% yield from a run of circuits.
    That means only 30 out of every 100 IC's were good enough to use, i.e,
    without imperfections, mostly from crystal growth problems. Jerry in
    his crystallographic research had discovered techniques that greatly
    increased the yield of these IC batches upwards of +90%.

    To my knowledge he NEVER profited from this and yet I've met only a
    couple of people who knew of his contribution to the electronics
    technology of our times.

    I asked Jerry about this and he said yes he had been nominated but
    didn't say by who and just shrugged his shoulders when I asked why he'd
    never been credited with this most important contribution to science.
    He said that's the way it always was with his research, scraping
    together parts, money and time to do even basic experiments.

    A bit more information that you might not be aware of, at the crystal
    conference, he had these amazing films he'd made using either 8mm or
    16mm color movie film. He had long ago proven to himself that crystals
    emit energy and wanted to make visual records of it.

    He figured he could put a crystal in a sealed box that was light tight
    and try to see or photograph this energy. His early studies found that
    film placed near the crystal in such a box would be fogged with fuzzy
    nebulous patterns.

    So he knew he had to FOCUS the energy from the crystal. He tried
    cameras with normal glass lenses and got nothing so he realized the
    frequencies were probably in the UV region which were blocked by glass.

    Because he didn't have funds to buy a quartz lense (quartz transmits
    UV), he figured he could use a PINHOLE CAMERA and get what he needed. I
    thought it brilliant, without whining about not having the money to do
    the experiment, he improvised. The results were spectacular.

    He would focus the pinhole image of the lighted crystal onto a backplane
    which held the sheet of film until he got a sharp clear image. Then he
    would close the box to make it light tight and slide the unexposed film
    in the box. After 24 hours, he would process the film and get these
    brilliant bluish lights streaming off the crystal.

    Now the lights weren't exactly rays but kind of fuzzy as if the RAYS
    WERE MOVING...this means he couldn't see these rays clearly unless he
    could do single shot exposures for instant pictures. The problem was
    the silver nitrate on the film responded SO SLOWLY to these weak
    energies that it took 24 hours to get a decent exposure.

    Again, Jerry's genius prevailed and he found that he could place a
    powerful magnet near the film which would sensitize the silver nitrate
    so that it could take the picture in seconds or less...now he could see
    much clearer rays but still a bit fuzzy, indicating they were moving.

    Again, Jerry rigged up an old movie camera with these powerful magnets
    on one side of the film as it entered the sealed box, this way the
    silver nitrate was activated to record these streamed movie images and
    these were the films he showed us at the Crystal Symposium...yep, I and
    several others there were just blown away as you could see these rays
    just dancing around, waxing and waning under the direction of some
    unseen force, possibly due to GRAVITY FLUCTUATIONS...as some researchers
    also claim crystals sense gravity flows.

    But, there is more...Jerry used this same kind of pinhole camera, light
    tight box with a piece of insulated wire carrying a 60hz AC signal from
    the wall...guess what, it glowed as the same kind of energy leaked
    through the black insulation showing the energy flowing through the

    Jerry said those original films would be in the 300 pounds of material
    that he would gladly send IF WE HAD A PLACE to store them so other
    researchers could reference them.

    Nowadays, you could convert these over to video and sell them along with
    maybe a documentary on Jerrys work, that is if you have access to all
    that wonderful material that he certainly sacrificed so much for. I
    just hate it that he wasn't funded by some company or group, he had so
    much to offer and would have really gone to town as director of his own
    R&D Lab.

    And there is even something WEIRDER, Jerry showed one film about 3 times
    and each time, the images were SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT. He didn't clue us as
    to what to look for, just said watch this closely and you could clearly
    see the changes.

    He said this was something he'd discovered and called Series 9 phenomena
    or Series 9 effect, I forget the exact term, it could well have been
    Series N (where N=infinite), its been about 12 years ago. It had what
    he believed to be HOLOGRAPHIC recording of the images on two dimensional
    film and the images altered based on the intensity and/or the angle you
    viewed the film from!!!!

    Now, I don't know of anyone who has ever duplicated this and I SAW this
    SAME film image change the 2nd and 3rd time he ran it. Very bizarre and
    I think it opens entirely new REALMS of research paths for time cameras
    and other possibilities.

    In our brief meetings, Jerry would get pretty wasted and I've been told
    by others who also knew him that he would give you the shirt off his
    back or give away whatever secrets he had for drinks. Not that he was
    selling out just that he liked to talk about his work and there are so
    many out there who don't appreciate genius and won't hesistate to use
    them without any thought of compensation....very disturbing but the
    world is full of snakes.

    Anyway, that's what I know about Jerry Gallimore and it would be great
    if someone could pull together all the information about him and
    document that crystal/Nobel connection. Good to have made contact, hope
    it proves of use to you.

    I want to add a point about Gallimore's ability to connect dots - his writing style was not lecturing, but helping others connect dots. He wanted to do that most of all.
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    Default Re: Jerry Gallimore - a REAL alternative Science Pioneer

    Jerry was pretty darned good with his analysis of Gravity, and his ability to create a "gravitational effect", and to be able to measure it, measure gravity generating devices, and the reverse, to be able to monitor for any apparent gravity decrease from a device able to work with free-energy or evoke levitation. Let's start with some background.

    Here is an excerpt from one of his books:
    Initial problem; to define gravity from known phenomena to find common denom-inators relative to parapsychology that can be investigated.

    General definition:

    1. Gravity is a radiation from mass,

    2. which circulates through the mass,

    3. which is a self-sustaining energy field,

    4. which attracts other mass inversely as the square of the distance,

    5. is an energy field founded on a particle,

    6. which conveys the wave field through mass or space,

    7. which has a frequency and speed relative to the particles involved,

    8. which cannot be the electron.

    If gravity was founded on the electron, then all objects close to an electrical field as we use today would gain or lose massive amounts of weight.

    Since this is not so from existing knowledge about electronics, we can assume another particle is used.

    We can at least assume this temporarily while an investigation into known phenomena continues, and find through the investigation information which will support or not support that assumption.

    A gravity, field is thought to be a physical field capable of being artificially duplicatedin a lab.

    The key word here is "field"; we know from existing knowledge that the speed of this field will be different from electricity if it is the carrier of parapsychology phenomena because of no time barriers. If events of the future can be known, then the speed of a carrier field would be faster than light. Electricity is limited to the speed of light.

    A second key word is "radiation". This radiation has physical characteristics inpropagation, attracting mass, circulation through a mass, and therefore "is" a physical field.

    Active mechanism, this is how the radiation sustains an energy field. As this field is self-sustaining, then this field or free energy system is directly related to mass existence inthat both may exist, or neither may exist. As such it must be a part of the intra-atomic forces that hold mass together atom by atom.

    That radiation can be propagated from an atom or group of atoms, and reach out light years in distance to affect other atoms means the energy locked in mass, is tremendous.
    What Jerry just gave us was a basis for time travel, and infinite energy generation. A LOT deeper than the above, but that was how Jerry's mind worked.. He comes up with a BASIS then which allows one to build and experiment on. Not just some theoretical mumbo-jumbo presented by the rug on the wall physicists mining investors for their companies. Jerry lived pretty much in poverty, but shared as much as he could with those who would listen.
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    Default Re: Jerry Gallimore - a REAL alternative Science Pioneer

    Jerry as an aside mentioned the layering effect of aluminum siding on a wood house citing it is a backwards orgonne accumulator - which can cause damage to the life within the house..
    Something worth mentioning is the construction of the houses some of us live in.

    Many houses have aluminum siding on the outside, and generally all contact a pipe somewhere that is grounded. This effectively eliminates electromagnetic disturbances. However, the metal being on the outside of a lesser mass (wood) will draw energy from "inside the house" outwards. People living in such houses will be tired, irritable and nervous from having "their energy "sucked out".


    The word gravitronics is a combination of electronics and gravity in relation tothe principles by which they operate.

    If the impedance of the earth is known, then the impedance of free space (377 ohms) which controls the design of electronic antennas, transmission and recovery of electrical signals, can be"joined" in a gravitic/electronic science.

    With such an impedance match that earth and space are joined in a circuit, then control of "local" distortions of gravity become possible. The intensity or charge or force of gravity can then be changed on a small localized "surface" of the earth. This can be achieved also by resonance of mass or frequency, but "impedance" has been found to be the tool eliminating problems of fantastic frequencies or of finding another earth to match.

    Geometry has been found indispensable in antenna design or in antenna "science. "When a geometric design approaches the impedance of a particular frequency or signal, the power curve of energy absorbed rises dramatically, and when an impedance "match" is obtained, maximum transfer of energy can take place.

    Tesla, in discussing his scheme to broadcast power; said that this planet behaved like a conductor of limited dimensions (intrinsic - impedance) and therefore feasible to transmit power through mass.

    Unsaid and possibly unknown was the reverse statement that mass can broadcast power through an intrinsic impedance match from its existing gravitational field.

    The problem of understanding gravity in natural manifestations was very difficult until the geometric effects were understood. All mass is affected by gravity, the geometric form of that mass determines its characteristic impedance and produces effects of a gravitational disturbance which ordinarily means a localized "concentration" of energy.

    Therefore all geometries are "active" in some concentration of gravity in a mass beyond what the mass weight attracts, but the "efficiency" of concentration is relative to its singular geometric form or shape approaching an impedance match with free space.

    Each mass is then an antenna with a characteristic power curve depending on its shape.

    A solid of the right proportions will then produce a field of concentrated gravity at "focal points" in its own geometry, and those points defined by the ratio proportions in its design.
    I've pointed out elsewhere that a very good near earth aerial "ship" would use a concept of gravity buoyancy where a gravity generator projects an equal gravity field above the vehicle, thereby creating that which floats in a sea of gravity. Gallimore talks about the science behind this concept.
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    Default Re: Jerry Gallimore - a REAL alternative Science Pioneer

    Gallimore started to tie together gravity, and psychic activity, looking for the electromagnetic carrier wave, and the modulation of information on the carrier wave. Here is what he said (with clarification and additional insights from me).. Diamagnetic substances (such as plastics, bismuth, are very key in working with gravity and PSI (psionic activity).

    Quote Many common materials such as water, wood, plants, animals, diamonds, fingers, etc. are usually considered to be non-magnetic but in fact, they are very weakly diamagnetic. Diamagnets repel, and are repelled by a strong magnetic field. ... Two of the strongest diamagnetic materials are graphite and bismuth.
    The (modulation) frequency of PSI is approximately 30 gigahertz; the carrier is 1400 to 1900 angstroms. Interference of statistical averages by a magnetic imposed field on a person, or infrared, ultraviolet sources bearing a similar frequency - constitutes proof, not only is there PSI - ESP, but locates carrier by statistical averages.

    Gravity passing through any material will impose a small dipole orientation and a small magnetic charge.

    The orientation of matter to the gravity field will produce greater or lesser effect.

    A geometric object will have mass at different angles and each face and direction oriented to terrestrial magnetic north will decide the effect for that face.

    The geometric mass shape will then be a sum of different effects, cumulative with some effects in conflict. All conflicts produce "static" dimension stresses.

    An object may be designed for greater or lesser conflict of energies depending on shape. A change of orientation (flotation) will change the field effect (cyclic).

    A para-magnetic material aligns with a magnetic field - a dia-magnetic material aligns against a magnetic field.

    Could it be that a diamagnetic field, interacting with a material, will align dipoles against it? If so, then a magnetic field is created by the material; or is the material necessary for the field to exist. Is then magnetism a reaction effect of one mass and its molecular dipole arrangement and another mass of greater or lesser dipole arrangement or alignment?

    A moving pocket of mass (electron) and energy moves through space for several reasons, attraction, repulsion, energy absorbed raises to level where must move - etc.

    In moving, the electron emits soma radiation. That radiation is diamagnetic. The electron locked in mass emits radiation which is diamagnetic which aligns the constituents of the atom and acts as an attraction to each part. A small portion of this radiation escapes from the atom, and attracts other atoms. A mass formed by attraction of like atoms emits radiation proportional to its size. This diamagnetic radiation we call gravity.

    What would happen if two magnetic fields from independent sources met and tried to align one piece of material in opposite directions of polarity? (Bob: This particular vision haunted me since 1965 and I continued to develop technology, hardware and virtual which would explore this concept. It also caused Gallimore to reach out and question that fully as well)

    (a) stress molecular

    (b) stress opposing fields

    (c) heat, other physical parameters.

    Results: time stress, transportation of matter, intense time field produced (4th dimension).
    In other words the stuff, the basis to build upon.. And one can build receivers, transmitters, detectors, monitors, communications systems and so forth.. the configurations are based on the mindset of the designer, what they are comfortable with - early researchers preferred to design with mechanical models.. physical models which then required extremely precise tuning for the extremely short wavelengths - at long wave infrared wavelengths, and an out-of-focus condition can happen with the slightest misalignment..

    The material that Linda Howe received with Art Bell in the late 1990's showed a layering of bismuth (thin lines) surrounded by a thick-film of magnesium-zinc. One could look at that and say the structure is very similar to an "accumulator", working with gravity, and quite possibly modulated by PSI (psionic thought).

    Gallimore also talks of amplifiers for thought, and describes the mechanics and theory involved. Consider an aerial craft with a structure which amplifies, and directs the thought of the operator to control time and gravity and location.. The run of the mill and 'rug' on the wall phD's have no clue these concepts, and no doubt took from Gallimore as they took from others to get their funding, grants, and PR.

    Where there were weapons potentials, Gallimore kept his mouth shut to not let the bastards have any more hint how to make a better assault device. No doubt that bothered 'them'..
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    Default Re: Jerry Gallimore - a REAL alternative Science Pioneer

    didn't the Nazis understand all of this in its greatest details and hence their Bell project?- am just wondering...


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    Default Re: Jerry Gallimore - a REAL alternative Science Pioneer

    Never saw that in Gallimore's notes Larry. I will keep an eye out for a reference to that. Thanks for the tip.

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    Default Re: Jerry Gallimore - a REAL alternative Science Pioneer

    Gallimore also was interested in Psycho-Kinesis, or an ability of mind to be able to interact with matter by thought. He had worked on researching the amplifiers needed to do so. In post 4 above, there was mention of a material sample from a downed aerial vehicle in New Mexico about the time of the famous Roswell incident, however the sample was not from Roswell. It was layered alternating with bismuth and magnesium-zinc. I had pointed out in an earlier conversation, that the backing to which this outer layer was attached was a very strong synthetic piezoelectric ..

    The suggested piezoelectrics of that time were barium titanate, zicronium titanate.. A voltage applied to such creates an expansion or a sonic modulation. A sonic modulation applied to such creates a very strong electric field. In the Philadelphia project the aerial vehicle described by Jessup was constructed with a rotating cathode ray beam, which was able to be "spun up" and a multitude of these beams in counter-rotating spirals (similar to the Schauberger two vortices design) would excite the piezoelectric material, and said would drive the outer multi-layer hull material.

    (as an aside, no Larry, this design has nothing to do with the Nazi bell).. Jessup wanted to discuss the above, but apparently was suicided. Dr. Valentine is whom Jessup confided in prior to his death, and Valentine points out that Jessup had connected some very important dots, dealing with "invisibility", time travel, anti-gravity effects, and of course the Philadelphia Effect project.

    Gallimore says about the importance of "tuning" - "Tuning by angles - angles represent frequencies T. mag. SECRET REPORTS FROM BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN - Ostrander & Shroeder " Hieronymous realized that "angular tuning" and came up with a PRISM devices for his psychotronic machine, eventually calling the energy ELOPTICAL (not descript enough but that was the best he could do).

    Gallimore when looking at analyzing the energy waveforms of matter came up with these conclusions:

    Matter - A particle having become solid (charged) will have wave characteristics .

    Matter — A particle uncharged will not be subject to wave characteristics.

    Matter - An uncharged particle will not be subject to the law of harmonic relationship.

    A charged "matter" will be subject to the law of harmonic relationship.

    The neutral matter being neither waves, vibrations or non-quanta until charged.

    Due to its charge, it is alive, and all that is made from it.

    All forms of matter radiate a combined wave-form of energy which forms a force-field body; this body and the atomic structure of the radiating elements are related.

    The force field body or "aerial" receives vital energy.

    The shape of the aerial determines what frequency or type of energy it receives.
    In other words, this is the key basis behind "Sacred Geometry" or the importance and understanding of shapes and how they work with energies about us.

    Gallimore: " Gravity from each mass has specific frequency, can be tuned. " One would have to look closely at exactly what Gallimore considered as "charged verses uncharged matter". We shouldn't have assumptions on this point I believe.

    Recall then that TUNING is accomplished by adjusting the ANGLES. A sphere obviously has continuous 'angles' at every point, so the sphere is used as an accumulator or multiple spheres placed certain distances allow for a gravity geometrical matrix.
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    Default Re: Jerry Gallimore - a REAL alternative Science Pioneer

    For those who have 'eyes to see'..

    The search for the real monitor to be able to pick up bio-electric emission, or PSI energies, something not requiring a "human" operator to be present but to work in the realms acceptable to "scientists" has been a quest since the 1800's. Gallimore observed the earlier pioneers, Abrams, Ruth Drown and connecting the dots, came up with an explanation which shows how a conventional electronic detector can show when bio-resonances happened. Such pretty much has been pushed under the rug, but here we're going to look at it in his words, how it works, and how it is built:

    One property is that the energy is attracted to dielectrics. Stresses caused by the absorption of the energy into an organized structure of a dielectric (crystal) produces a corresponding electrical charge on the surface of the crystal which may be monitored (intensity monitor).

    The high frequencies may also be monitored by using a "standing wave detector"incorporating the vector orientation preference of the energy. This is accomplished by using a circular antenna with a movable inside rotor. Energy conducted to the antenna will set up standing-waves on the surface. A seven centimeter wavelength will be picked off by the rotor contact at seven centimeters from where the energy enters the antenna, or at every seven centimeters around the circumference. Vector preference: at some point on the antenna, the energy wishes to leave centripetally (inwards); therefore we direct it inwards from the circumference by the rotor contact at a standing wave node.

    Unlike conventional electronics, fine tuning is accomplished by adding antennas in series. The first antenna acting as a bandpass selector, each additional antenna as a harmonic selector.

    If the housing of the antennas is Bakelite or some other dielectric, there is an unusual phenomenon which occurs, when the energy is "tuned" by one or more antennas, a corresponding electrostatic field suddenly appears over the surface of the housing. A differential amplifier can detect this.

    Because of the very low frequencies (VLF) amplitude pulsations, a tuned VLF electrostatic monitor is used (gives additional information).

    One other characteristic that I find interesting is that in relation to the electromagnetic spectrum, this energy has a neutral charge.
    The above "tuning concept" encompasses the ah-ha's of the earlier posts which looked at how Gallimore understood matter. Early on I had duplicated the above and built apparatus which provided a much higher resolution than the psychotronics and radionics of for instance Hieronymous and Ruth Drown, and even Dr. Abrams. Note specifically Gallimore's mention of 7 centimeters wavelength. This wavelength also ties into the Egyptian Mysteries, sacred tuning artifacts, Ankhs and certain crystalline resonators all based on resonating with 7 centimeters.

    That wavelength can be excited by electromagnetics or by sonics. That is another key translation factor - electromagnetics sometimes is referred to as "light" and of course "sound" refers to physical particle motion.. SOUND/LIGHT understandings then get one into a bridging capable of viewing for instance ancient technologies.. something that is overlooked frequently is what powers radionic and psychotronic machines - Gallimore said it - 7 centimeters energy.. From where? Cosmic background energy or a centering present at 7.35 centimeters in length..

    reference: "Cosmic Background Energy" - https://www.aps.org/publications/aps...07/history.cfm
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