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Thread: YouTube, Facebook, Apple and Spotify all ban Alex Jones & Infowars

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    Default Re: YouTube, Facebook, Apple and Spotify all ban Alex Jones & Infowars

    This YouTube music video (in German) is worth mentioning as it condemns stringent YouTube actions:

    I saw it surprisingly played (for the second time) at a large German TV Channel (Tele5)
    You can run the video with subtitles and auto-translate on.

    Here is the (translated) video description:
    Quote Small backstory: On 25.06.2018 my channel - and with it 11 years, thousands of hours of work plus a community of 80.000 subscribers - was DISABLED WITHOUT advance warning and with ridiculous reasons.

    At first I was puzzled... angry. But I decided to process my feelings the way I could: creatively. So I wrote this song, recorded it momentarily and realized: I finished with YouTube.

    An hour later I received an e-mail that it was a mistake and that my channel was activated again. But in the meantime a lot had happened to me... and I decided to produce this video.

    This is not a farewell, but a statement. YouTube (like so many faceless tech giants) presents itself as approachable, free and creative, yet it's just a huge, soulless advertising agency. And everyone who submits to this exchange of art for commerce is part of the problem (even if probably not everyone understands or sees it that way).

    For me Youtube will only be a place to communicate with the community from time to time and to publish smaller projects.

    My true brain juice is now available on: (link omitted here).
    (Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator -- not Google )
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    Default Re: YouTube, Facebook, Apple and Spotify all ban Alex Jones & Infowars

    Youtube has judged it has the power to erase the past, which means it thinks it can control the present and the future. But NOT if we Remember what really occurred.

    And for the hell of it here is James O'Keefe's bust of a deep state plant. Better watch it before its taken down. Okeefe is on Jones show today btw.


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    Default Re: YouTube, Facebook, Apple and Spotify all ban Alex Jones & Infowars

    Good evening Avalonians,

    Attached is a screenshot of a SuspiciousObservers video uploaded this morning and now erased. You can still see a shot of the video towards the bottom as well as the blank space towards the top where it was.

    Ben requested that anyone call or e-mail PDS and ask the following quoted question. I'm sorry I wrote the phone number only as I thought the video would still be available when I had time to post. The phone number is 703-739-5000.

    Quote Why does PBS Digital Studios think it's ok to claim copyright for material they did not create? Why are you making money from others material? ~ Ben Davidson
    Ben Davidson showed PBS claiming copyright for his material and others who produced the video. He also mentioned something about them not being able to vilify him, so they went this route.

    He also showed pictures of his children with the caption "why are you stealing from us."

    Is there a way to retrieve the 2 minute video for all to see?

    Thanks so much in advance!

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