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Thread: World Age Cycles of Destruction & Ancient Esoteric Calendars

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    Default Re: World Age Cycles of Destruction & Ancient Esoteric Calendars

    Quote Posted by Hervé (here)
    What's the "Midnight"/0:00 Hour on the cycle's clock?

    What's the "Meridian" dividing that clock's face into 12 "Ante" and 12 "Post" event of a "High-Noon" sun at one's door?
    In my estimation, this has something to do with the Kali Yuga itself.

    At some time prior to Kali--and I'm not sure if this changed like the tick of a clock or when--the sidereal zero hour started in Kritikka--the Pleiades in Taurus.

    Now it is Revati--Zeta Piscium, the First Point of Aries, opposite Spica in Virgo. Or that marks the boundary to 0:01 in the Lunar sign Ashwini--Horse Woman and the stars Eyes of Aries--Ashvini--Horse Twins, the ones found on the roof of country houses in Lithuania. The first mansion in the constellation Aries is Cardinal Fire of Fire and the Ram is the vehicle of Agni--Fire. The sacred animal of Mendes was also Ram, later confused for Goat.

    When Kali Yug started, the pole star was Thuban in Draco and the equinox was marked by the Royal Stars including Aldebaran, the Bull's Eye or Alpha in Taurus. This is the letter A except it's upside down. The Royal Stars are closely emulated by the Four Living Creatures of Ezekiel for example, a couple of which use a constellation "behind" the zodiacal ones.

    The legends of the stars explain the secret of Maya and the path to Life.

    Sidereal astrology does not change with equinoctical precession, so the Royals are no longer markers, and the pole star has shifted; instead, it just counts X number of lunar phases back to the starting point. Tropical astrology pins an imaginary Aries to the precession, so it has to be always calculated while it shifts, so the visibly observable Aries is in some other sign.

    I would agree the Sun has some kind of perturbed motion that's not fully mapped out; a three-body orbital equation has never been figured out, only approximated, like lenses, or the catenary curves of suspended wires. None of those have a solution. In that sense, perhaps, Yukteswar had a reasonable idea, which just probably isn't the final word.

    Nonetheless, at the time of Krishna's death, the Moon or fast daily/monthly physical timepiece was around 0:01 and also Jupiter. The large sixty year cycle or Samvatsara is five Jupiter transits x two thirty year Saturn transits. In civil timekeeping, instead of lasting its whole time, a Samvatsara could be re-started under a new king. If so, the tradition was to clear debts--Jubilee--something apparently erased from modern calendars. Jubilee clears personal debts and not business ones.

    The twelve years of Jupiter are considered a big--but--still--trackable time frame for human consciousness. Its role is towards Order. So it becomes the clock's slow "hour hand", with the twelve years (not exact) similar to hours.

    I believe that sidereal astrology is aimed at focusing at those older basics established in the Age of Taurus, instead of saying there has to be a major revision every 2,000 years when the equinox moves, or when Jesus or Lord Maitreya or the Bahai prophet is born, Madiyya, or Dajjal, or whoever is reckoned to be the big ticket of the day. An extensive change would be the end of Kali Yug, which, traditionally, is so far in the future to not be an object of focus.

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