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Thread: First Bush's doctor, now the QUEEN's doctor has been killed

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    Default Re: First Bush's doctor, now the QUEEN's doctor has been killed

    Quote Posted by Luke Holiday (here)
    Here are what may be some interesting thoughts regarding the unacceptable cannibilistic practices of the elite:

    1. Does the fact, that the vast majority of planet's human beings have chosen to consistently consume the flesh of dead animals, karmically allow the flesh of human beings to be consumed.

    2. IF the vast majority of humanity stopped consuming the flesh of dead animals that were tortured their whole lives would karmic law in turn not allow the flesh of tortured humans to be eaten

    3. I would sure like to read other's ideas on how the human collective can eliminate or vastly reduce these heinous practices from our planet ??
    These philosophical kinds of discussions are very interesting, albeit a bit Talmudic for my taste, but I'll bite.

    1. Lots of studies have shown by know that plants also have multiple sensory organs and can sense and respond to pain in their own way. In fact, some studies even seem to show that plants react even to the thought of harming them. So how can we be sure that eating plants is not also torturing them horrendously and causing some kind of karmic debt?

    2. Not all animals are tortured their whole lives. That's common for the companies that grow chickens in cramped cages, for example, but I know many local farmers who have free range chickens, who really spoil their animals with good food, shelter, and protection... until the time they're quickly butchered and eaten. I actually think local farmers taking up such practices is much more sustainable and ethical, and at the end of the day we have to consume some other life form in order to physically survive.

    3. If more people raised their own food and got back to nature, rather than purchasing all of their food pre-packaged from grocery stores and restaurants, I think we could all develop a healthier respect for the cycle of life and how nature operates.

    Many animals eat other animals, and rather than seeing it as a special karmic debt, I tend to see it as the unavoidable order of life and death in this physical world. It's something to respect and not take lightly, but neither do I think we can avoid it, even by eating only plants. The plants still have to die, and I love plant life almost as much as I love animal life.

    I should add that what really concerns me is where are elitists getting these people from, that they are allegedly eating?

    Human trafficking comes to mind, including child trafficking, and as humans are capable of experiencing a much wider and more complex range of thoughts and emotions than animals, this is a much more horrifying thought to me, than the quick killing of a deer in nature in order to feed a family. These people who are being trafficked undergo horrendously hellish experiences, and with some of these sick people, that often seems to be their entire point.
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    Default Re: First Bush's doctor, now the QUEEN's doctor has been killed

    Have a "listen" to Fiona Barnett....what an amazing woman to have survived what she did & still have the courage to speak out & unmask these criminals!

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