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Thread: The strangeness of the California Fires

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    Default Re: The strangeness of the California Fires

    Quote Posted by James Newell (here)
    Here is a fellow(s) that has done some research, and has made some outlandish claims as to casualties. I am almost hesitant to put it up but evaluate it for what it is. He is claiming almost 50000 are missing.
    That guy is Jamie of aplanetruth from Santa Rosa shooting himself in the foot. He's not stupid. He's one of the few people doing stupendous work to expose the questions surrounding the California fires both last year and this, and is apparently an ex wall street guy. But he's got some serious rush to judgements going on.

    I'm really frustrated with his frequent carelessness in videos, jumping to conclusions and projecting without merit. It takes much too much detail sifting to separate the fact from opinion in his stuff and he's killing his credibility.

    Truthers need to be far more grounded, accurate and credible than their accusers at all times. It's too bad the passion and frustration leads to sloppiness like in Jamie's case - and a lot of jumping to conclusive blaming.

    I think there's FAR more to this story than the railroad line, the gold, agenda 21 and the rest of blames taking center stage.
    It's something else when not everything is destroyed and people are just going back and rebuilding like here in Santa Rosa!!!

    Regarding the possible death count however, this to me is the logic:
    - Over 14,000 homes were destroyed in hours.
    - Over 50,000 people had to evacuate from Paradise and connected towns, everyone had only 1 or 2 roads out beginning at 6:30am.
    - Thousands were elderly 70's,80's,90's+, many likely still sleeping, many likely not able to drive.
    - Witnesses reported backups and people getting out of their cars to try to get to safety.
    - Other cars stopped working from heat damage forcing occupants to walk.
    - There have been no reports of anyone surviving walking the miles further to safety.
    - There are 1000's of burned out cars still in front of houses implying the occupants never got as far as trying to use them.
    - There are clusters and clusters of burned out abandoned cars on the side of the roads.

    - Do you think including the massive elderly factor that it reasonably adds up to 85 dead and 5 missing, the current official number?

    I think at first the Sheriff was doing his best to do the job he knew exactly how to do. Right after the three stooges visited the numbers started plummeting and the media totally shut up about the devastation.

    I repeat, 14,000 homes destroyed. Media since - crickets.

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