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Thread: Anyone like John Dee?

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    Default Re: Anyone like John Dee?

    Here is a real 007 talking about Dr.Dee and teaching the public secrets of illuminism.

    Illuminati Supernatural Spirit Magic School Facebook
    Tim Rifat /Gridkeeper advanced torsion field technology https://www.youtube.com/gridkeeper

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    Default Re: Anyone like John Dee?

    The story of John Dee and Edward Kelley reminds me of the story of Jack Parsons and L Ron Hubbard. The sound of history repeating...

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    Default Re: Anyone like John Dee?

    He got the mirror from the Aztecs, who thus had their revenge upon the Spanish.. and if you follow the story with calendar in hand, every time a Native American empire was toppled in the Americas, its spirits hauled to London to cook further mischief, and every time a vestige from one of them was recovered, the Hapsburgs or Bourbons suffered a substantial blow. Conquest of Petén-Founding of the Bank of England; discovery of Coyolxauhqui-French Revolution, so on. May write it up in detail one of these days.


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    Default Re: Anyone like John Dee?

    Interesting...Montezuma's Revenge?

    It would be worth some more detail. At the time, England was not really a power. Spain was, but in terms of wealth it was Belgium/Congo and Netherlands/Indonesia. England changed when Francis Drake captured a Spanish treasure train in Panama.

    The Benelux "pillar of wealth" was nothing new but was Venetian fondi, and people were quite aware about this, being flamed by Chaucer and Dante. This is what "took" England via Oliver Cromwell/Bank or England/House of Orange. And this is what grew to become the mightiest.

    I am not a fan of Catholic tyranny, so I can understand, at first, why this Anglo-Dutch axis may have looked like a good idea, although now we know it to be a scoundrel of a different stripe. So in reprise, some of the Catholic powers such as Hapsburg Franz Josef and the restoration of Bourbon Victor Emmanuel were, on a moral ground, superior.

    I would hold that some awareness of the dangers of the "new" English Empire or United Kingdom were understood by Marie Antoinette, Maria Theresa, Catherine the Great, and the American Founding Fathers. America saw fit to repudiate the British by attacking them; and bear in Mind, Russia is not part of this "Catholic or Protestant" rivalry, since it is Byzantine. The "two sides" were responsible for most of the European conflicts, but, it seems to me, in the age of "Synarchy", they merged into "one system", which has worked very well, until now, when it has been confronted by "the Byzantines". In other words, the Russian strategy in most of the world's view has very much exposed the propaganda of the Synarchist system as it tried to fracture Syria.

    Synarchy will use any sides and appear to be enemies. The older type of Oligarchy such as Venice really has known figures whose politics may be known. Synarchy is more like a shadow oligarchy where the responsible parties and their actions are much more difficult to determine; i. e. Rockefeller's sigh of relief about the reporters mostly staying out of his hair so "our plans can move forward", public scrutiny would never allow it. Those faces have no state or religion, merely labels, and only serve the system itself on an international basis, ready to attack or sacrifice anything they believe will further their agenda.

    But I think this, itself, may be becoming historical, as the "World War Two" system of mono-polar dominance no longer moves forward at will.

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