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    Default Hollow Earth

    Hollow Earth Pt1 - Andrew's 2018 Message to the Guys Down There

    (**Just a note to mods...never knew there was a space for 'Known Hoaxes and Other Bad Information' that from the perspectives of this forum this info would be classified. Which it was moved after i posted in the UFO section..Cheers 13/11/2018)**)

    Hi all,

    Andrew Bartzis - Hollow Earth Pt1 - Andrew's 2018 Message to the Guys Down There

    Welcome to this week episode titled ‘Andrew Bartzis - Hollow Earth Pt1 - Andrew's 2018 Message to the Guys Down There’. It is an important one so we hope you enjoy. It is a great privilege to offer a show with Andrew focused on this aspect of Earth for the first time.

    Once you hear you will understand why. Including this year so far the Solar System 2018 Update, Syria, People of Our World and much more which have been offered to setup the context for Hollow Earth’s significance now. We were looking to offer collages of previous material as context for this 2018 information. The volume is quite vast and discovery doesn’t feel complete as yet for such offerings. In the future, we will look to offer further episodes on this theme in prequels.

    Much has been said about the concept of Hollow Earth over the years. A consistent basis on the theme revolves around some sort of entry existing physically in either of the Polar Regions and physical in nature in the community as a consistent possibility. As yet elusive of anything being reviled and dangling some carrot of possibility in perpetually. A constant theme of some elusiveness with no validation and multiple unknowns repeated constantly by many people over many years if not decades is a pattern of information offered to this alternate community that creates massive uncertainty. We invite you to challenge such patterns of information offering with this theme and see that pattern by ‘teachers’ as something that adds nothing to the volume of data out there other than distractions. As Andrew will polarise you towards that constant if you hold on to it or perhaps now aid you in seeing the consistency of that inconsistency. It is time to unlearn what you have learnt and explore your potential IF you are courageous enough to leave all you know at some metaphoric information door entering new possibilities.

    When you deal with areas that go beyond the 3 Dimensional 5 sense reality in which as humans on Earth most accommodate. Information like this will be challenging - but give yourself the permission to break from that. Maybe you will realise the purposes of many of these shows are to aid you in your potential realisation from letting go of such self imposed limits. Earlier in the year, we released the show ‘Andrew Bartzis - Universal Source Time and Relationship to Your Mystical Potential ( link )’. Offering that when you let go of time and connect to the greater scales of Universal Time it could be seen as also using it as a tool to go beyond the 3D 5 Sense reality. See this Hollow Earth information as another opportunity to go beyond such things.

    In this, Andrew delivers a very important message to the 10000 species down there. It may be hard to comprehend that volume of life. Existing in realms science would definitely have a hard time validating because it is based upon the reality rules such as Roman Numeral Time designed to not be able us to validate it. Even if you are defined by such things, just 'Suspend your Beliefs' here. What is on that other side for you if you can allow such things? Do you have ancestral connection inside Hollow Earth just outside your field locked down by what you allow yourself to be defined by co-creating your isolation?

    Hollow Earth has been a thread offered in many of these 2018 shows whether or not you heard it. Perhaps, if you invest the time to revisit many of them after listening to this show those layers will be revealed based on your investment. Andrew here though is in good form. The Galactic Historian offers publicly for the first time an extensive overview of Hollow Earth and its effect on all going on now.

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