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Thread: Duality V Polarity

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    Default Re: Duality V Polarity

    Changing one's point of view does indeed change everything.

    Maybe that is because we are consciousness and we perceive this world as our point of view so that, as individuals, reality becomes what we believe it is. Change what you believe and reality changes right along with it.

    In our world, dominated as it is by the dogma of science, we have two realities - the one we experience and what we decide that means to us as individuals, and the unwavering 'true' reality of mechanistic forces that propel the universe ever onward... These two realities never actually ever meet, as everything that happens to us is colored by our perception of it - it is not deterministic at all, but rather involves evolving and growing, extending and developing, a personal wisdom that ever more approximates 'true' reality.

    What we struggle with is the two opposing view points of the subjective, that rules our internal world, and the objective, that designates reality as it truly is. To us, as living beings, whatever that might actually mean, reality is never purely objective because death presents a disconnect that cannot be breached. Death stands as a fire wall between what reality truly is and our subjective experience of life as a short ride through a handful of years only to be snuffed out, erased, and perhaps reset.

    And if, as some of us suspect, our realities continue after death, what vehicle will color our experience then? Do our spirits have energy boundaries so that we are aware of our limits and sensors with which to perceive the difference? And if we perceive will we not still be interpreting a something, larger than ourselves, that we will still collectively label 'reality'?

    Wouldn't we then still, in an effort to grasp the true essence of our experience, just like in life, find it necessary to change our view point to reflect our expanding awareness?

    And when would that process end? How other than when the 'true' reality and our reality are One - and the same?
    Why Not?

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