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Thread: Roger Corman's "war of the satellites'' 1958

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    Default Roger Corman's "war of the satellites'' 1958

    Just watched this last night and saw a lot of familiar themes still running today in the UFO world. The movie is ridiculously campy with tons of plot holes and script continuity problems but here are some areas they cover that may be familiar today.

    1. The aliens put the earth in quarantine because of our war like ways. They put a barrier up in space that blows up anything trying to enter it........ Van Allen Belt, the matrix etc Also the US redstone project blew up on the pad a lot when we tried to get a satellite launched

    2. ''The Masters of the Spiral Nebula Ghana'' send a capsule down with a message in the ancient language of ''latin'' warning us not to try it anymore or they will be even more dire consequences...... Corey Goode...etc..,

    3. Earth tries again sending up something anyway and the aliens can control earthquakes,volcanoes, hurricanes and other natural disasters all at the same time......Harp.. controlling hurricanes Dr. Salla volcanoes

    4. Earth ignores this and tries to send up 3 rockets instead cause nobody can tell earth what to do.

    5. The scientist who is advocating sending up the rockets is driving in his car when the car is taken over by an alien beam, it crashes and then he dies but his being is taken over by the alien/evil presence ........MK ultra and other themes ....

    The movie came out right after sputnik was launched



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    Default Re: Roger Corman's "war of the satellites'' 1958

    Of course in 1958 when this film was released, the U.S.A. was reeling from the news that the Soviets had launched Sputnik. Interesting that just as in the Reagan era, and even now in the Trump era, we are told of a double threat - the threat of Russians and the threat of space aliens. If you weren't completely convinced that one isn't a threat then you have to worry about the other. And no one ever questions the obscene life draining amount of money the USA spends on the military, including space and other DARPA programs.

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    Default Re: Roger Corman's "war of the satellites'' 1958

    I got a feeling the less civilized we are, the more The Galactic "Family" will need to control us. We're a very small ball of fish in a gigantic pond. Once we are publicly/collectively conscious of ET presence, violence probably won't be tolerated and our planetary ego better be quite humbled by their presence. Starting out it WILL be a Parent/Child relationship.
    "I, for one, welcome our insect overlords!" - Simpsons

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