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Thread: ADAM Research Project

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    Default ADAM Research Project

    Observations On Potential UAP/UFO Material In Possession for The ADAM Research Project

    This could be labelled as "more drip feed from TTSA"
    HOWEVER, it is noticeable from the following video below (published 30 AUG 2018)
    that LUIS ELIZONDO is now much more self-assured and ASSERTIVE.

    He is basically CONTROLLING THE NARRATIVE and saying that by about a year from now, much more info will be available publicly - and we must be patient.

    He has become the "US version of Nick Pope".

    It is also noticeable that NICK POPE has "sync'd up with Luis & TTSA",
    and has COMPLETELY CHANGED his stance on the subject as shown in the video below (published 20 JUL 2018).

    Now he's saying instead of "OF NO DEFENCE SIGNIFICANCE", that everybody should be LOOKING OUT FOR & REPORTING these UFOs as they are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT !! - Choosing his words very carefully, just like Luis admits to doing so.

    Their audacity is GALLING after 70 years, but this looks to be the "disclosure program" that they are going to roll out.
    (Couple this with the newly released info on 11 SEP 2018 about Skinwalker Ranch in JEREMY CORBELL's film, which must have been approved by "The powers that be")
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    Default Re: ADAM Research Project

    I think your spot on in your final remarks.

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