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Thread: Human Design System, by Ra Uru Hu

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    Default Human Design System, by Ra Uru Hu

    My friend mentioned the Human Design System that he's been diving into recently. Iíve read my profile which was referenced from my birth date. It sort of tries to define our current human archetype somehow similar to love cards by Robert Camp. Taking into account my somewhat open mind I found it quite accurate. Learning it further I discovered that Ra Uru Hu (Alan Krakower, born in Canada, now dead) been sort of channeled this info while he finds it best to his knowledge. This information isnít new. I wondered if there are any old timers here who can somehow give an opinion on this character if possible? Iím usually intrigued by this sort of information, will definitely try to explore this further.

    Human Design Personality Finder:

    This site has info on this whole topic:

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    Default Re: Human Design System, by Ra Uru Hu

    Wow, there was a lot of people interested in it huh?
    I got introduced to this a few years ago...I wonder if it was in 2012. I picked up that it was calculated through birth time, so that's why I got interested. I'm generally not interested in personality tests and categorization which is created by people, and I gathered that this was more like a knowledge from "beyond" like astrology so I got intrigued.

    I didn't recognize much from what it said about my chart, though, so I sent the link to a friend and asked her to check it out because I trust her judgement. She looked at her own chart and said "it's very wordy" which I agreed with her on, there was SO much to read. So I lost interest in it and moved on.
    But she messaged me back after a few minutes and said something like "****, they got my number!" Which made me look more at it too, and I have to say it's extremely accurate and also quite useful.
    This friend of mine was at the time in a relationship that wasn't really working but she didn't know that, and her getting into HD resulted in her moving out and changing jobs, and things coming to her in magical ways. She is a Projector according to the system, and it tends to affect them much deeper than me who is a Generator. Ra has said that Projs that get into it need to learn it "all", but a Generator just need their Strategy and Authority and they are okay. I haven't really mastered my Strategy yet, but i know my Authority, which is quite helpful.
    Which is probably Greek to all of you reading.
    Did you get more into it, Morbid?

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