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Thread: My thoughts and questions on Disclosure

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    Default Re: My thoughts and questions on Disclosure

    Quote Posted by Bill Ryan (here)
    Quote Posted by hermit (here)
    May I please ask a (possibly) redundant question?

    What, exactly, is supposed to be disclosed? And what purpose is disclosure supposed to serve, and to whom?
    Good questions. The wish list might be the following...
    • We know there is intelligent, civilized, technologically advanced like on other planets.
    • We have communicated with them, and we understand some of their technology.
    • Among the advances we now understand and can replicate are anti-gravity and free energy generators.
    • We have successfully incorporated some of this advanced technology into our own hitherto classified spacecraft, with which we successfully established a base on Mars in the 1960s, before the Apollo moon landings.
    • We have explored our entire solar system, and some advanced craft we have designed are now exploring other solar systems.
    • We now know that mankind was visited in the ancient past, and those encounters account for a number of myths and legends of 'gods' in many cultures.
    But what comes next is this.
    • Some of the visitors have bases on our planet both in remote areas and under the ocean, and have been here for thousands of years.
    • Some of the visitors have genetically engineered the human race in the distant past. We are actually another race's genetic modification, for reasons unknown.
    • Some of the visitors are hostile to humanity, while other visitors are neither hostile nor friendly, but merely self-serving and opportunistic.
    • Some of the visitors appear to be time-traveling future humans, but we do not understand this well at this moment.
    • Some of the visitors appear to be interdimensional, and are not actually traveling here from other planets in our galaxy. Some of our scientists are concerned that these phenomena are demonic.
    • Alien abductions and cattle mutilations are all real, and we have no way of stopping them. We suspect there is also a hybridization program to create a new race of humans, which we do not yet understand.
    • On many occasions since the 1940s, we (the US authorities) have murdered, blackmailed, lied and deceived in order to protect humanity from all this information.

    I would like to make a sincere request of you.

    You just outlined an incredible series of videos or articles or book.

    If you were to move through that bullet point list and go into depth about why you feel you can say these things, you would create a fantastic resource for people.

    Or take this list, and add sub point for each with links to point in the right direction.
    What a great post!

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    Default Re: My thoughts and questions on Disclosure

    What if its all social engineering?

    Tavistock 2.0?
    An investigation into belief systems and how to control a large group of people, seeding ideas into society to see what "memes" stick and what ideas thrive and which ones die. Maybe all of these working groups, see it as a game. A leader board so to speak...

    If aliens are a possibility.. then the probability of it being social engineering is much higher, purely from a mathematical / probability perspective...

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