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Thread: Marilee Niataine and soul Tribe sanctuary - Spiritual sovereignty

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    Default Marilee NiEtain and soul Tribe sanctuary - Spiritual sovereignty

    Hello sovereign beings : )

    Finding out what speaks to us or not is an inside job and filtering, and like a choice of linens it is up to one's own choices of recognition, or it ain't : ) all is well and as it should be in that regard ~

    I bumped into Marilee NiEtain's sharing of her life experience by listening to her conversation with Lauda Leon some while ago and kept my curiosity up

    There is a wealth of knowledge hiding and in plain sight, IMHO, not one that needs to 'be given', but one that may awake and strum on the subtle threads of memory within you (within our own being), memory that goes ancient...

    In my very brief peek into the Soul Tribe sanctuary, I found the knowledge of beyond and of the Earth Planet combined and connected, I sense great respect to the soul of the human being and it's current transformational experience and a request for that same respect

    An introduction from the website -

    Quote Soul Tribe Sanctuary is devoted to the well-being of Self, peers, communities, planet, innerverse, and outerverse of which we all share. Our purpose is one of support for what has become known as awakening and (for some) re-member-ance. Our approach is holistic peer-driven empowerment. We support fair trade markets and sustainable lifestyle choices. Here we explore both intrinsic and extrinsic sanctuary, honor sovereignty and solidarity, and celebrate our Light as we embrace our Shadow.
    So I would like to link here some of the work, values, truth, wisdom, claim of sovereignty, deprogramming/reprogramming and vast knowledge shared of the exploration of the inner realms rarely talked about, written by the Soul Sanctuary various participants including Marilee NiEtain from the public section of her website

    Some segments and pieces introduction -


    Quote It is the beauty and stimulation of our senses that keeps us trapped in the hopium trance of the program. It is wonderful to experience this realm, but when we allow it to lure us into a trance we are lost to the artificial. It goes much, much deeper than this myopic experience of 3D and the glamoury unfortunately holds many powerful Spirits that could make a difference in its grip and illusion. When one person's addiction to their senses, seeking only personal mind/body/soul pleasures, they have shut themselves off from the raw and primal Spirit. When sweats and other ceremony are only experienced from the human pleasure level it is only entertainment and selfish pleasure seeking. One may mistakenly believe they are connecting to something beyond, but until that veil is pierced that one is only playing at "spirituality." Sensing Spirit beyond this is one thing. Experiencing it and seeing the illusion for what it is is completely another. When one is still totally trapped in the experience of the senses their Spirit is not being fully honored. Spirit could not give a **** less about the physical sensations and intellectual interpretations that serve to keep it enslaved. ~Marilee NiEtain

    Quote Human is not expendable. In fact, human is quickly becoming quite a threat. We knew the point would come with enough alchemical pressure applied to catalyze growth or death through a spontaneous combustion of sorts.We will soon know. Keep in mind, our identities are not as human. Human is an experience, condensed in these heavier realms. We are Spirit having a human experience. Not humans trying to evolve/ascend to Spirit. That is one of the main distortions working to the favor of the Demiurge/Wetiko/AI-HD parasite. ~Marilee NiEtain

    Quote To forgive we first have to understand the level of deception to even begin to find the spirals that dance back towards the Source of our Spirit's origin from the Primal Frequencies of the Void. Only the wild path of organic, Nature’s Primal ways of compassionate understanding of life and ‘death,' Light and Dark acknowledged and balanced inside of will aid us to know how to discern true Primal frequency from simulated/false in this realm full of inversions that many still believe in so strongly.
    ~ Chloe

    Quote I believe that creativity and imagination are doorways to inspiration... But it is a spiral pattern, not a linear one. Inspiration flows back into what we are creating. I believe that what comes to us through imagination is REAL, a part of some other world... That imagination IS, literally, another world being experienced by Spirit- and going further, that it is perhaps the language of Spirit. Inspiration is the message of Spirit... Or, perhaps, it is Spirit itself. ~ Elemine Aolfe

    YouTube - Marilee NiEtain and Sovereign Ki - The Crystalline Consciousness and the Fall

    "This discussion covers the ancient origins of the Crystalline virus code/counterfeit overlay upon earth via deceptive entities, introducing a series of corrupt insertions that humankind still battles today..

    this production is soley for the purpose of education, remembrance and insight in providing platform."

    Website -

    Articles -

    Prymal Fyre Radio -

    In the spirit of love ~

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