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Thread: How UFO Disclosure will happen

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    Default How UFO Disclosure will happen

    In my humble opinion, this guy appears to be pretty accurate with his perception of UFO Disclosure.

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    Default Re: How UFO Disclosure will happen

    LOL, what’s up with the Messiah complex (appearance).

    Actually, I’ve known about this guy for a while and have watched many of his videos. Seems a sincere and decent chap who found his "calling" about the time Delonge and the NYT (New York Times) started their disclosure narratives. But isn't it weird how far people have to go to attract an audience now days.

    Here’s the much simplified deal as I see it, since the reason Disclosure hasn’t happened doesn’t need such a long video to explain.

    • The Cabal/Illuminati and their “off-world/inter-dimensional” controllers are in control and don’t want it to happen. When they do it will happen as a false flag scenario meant to imprison us further than we are, if not eradicate much of the population to levels they deem as more manageable or productive.
    • Regardless of how many people believe in aliens, the Illuminati keeps people too busy and asleep with worldly concerns, be it survival, politics, entertainment, war or threat of war, whatever.

    The ONLY other “positive” options are as follows.
    • That white hats are working together to defeat the illuminati and once we do this, if it’s even possible, disclosure will be an inevitable result.
    • And most likely in collaboration and conjunction with the white-hat scenario, Aliens or spiritual beings which have greater power than the illuminati controllers, defeat them so we humans can fix our own problems.
    • And finally, if all else fails and disclosure never comes we have intervention from aliens/spiritual beings that force disclosure in order to save our earth and humanity since we reached a state where we couldn’t do it ourselves.


    p.s. I don't like this "UAP" abbreviation dribble. A while back I recall H(K)illary started to use this term on some talk show (Kimmel?) and nothing she does is anything we want a part of. "UFO's" is fine and gets the point across.

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