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Thread: Reviewing, “Where Did The Towers Go?”

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    Default Re: Reviewing, “Where Did The Towers Go?”

    Great! I had missed any "in the now" statements about 9/11, no one really pays the least lick of attention to that day any more. Until the jingoistic banter from the Military- Industrial Complex....errr, the C-I-A shows up.

    Only the Pentagon could be considered an attack against the "United States" since the others were against aircraft and property that belongs to someone else. Quit acting like you own me, that I am a part of you, or somehow am on your side, federal beast.

    Seriously, outside of the MIC itself, no one wants to hear that patriotic drivel. If nothing else, it has "America Firsted" itself into irrelevance. Go to any house that flies the flag and find out if there is a military or similar governmental relation. The general masses don't like you enough to breathe a word about any "Patriot Day". You buried yourself in Syria.

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    Default Re: Reviewing, “Where Did The Towers Go?”

    Strange thing about 9/11 - or not so strange I suppose.

    I got calls from friends and family, who otherwise pretend like they have no respect for me or my way of life. They called me because they wanted to know what was going on and figured since it was out of their normal experiences of normal people, an abnormal misfit might understand it all. I had no clue and was as stunned as the rest. But I had to set aside my panic and talk turkey with these folks.

    I remember saying one thing over and over. The world will never be the same again...
    Forget about it

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