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Thread: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

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    Default Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Quote Posted by rgray222 (here)
    Over the years we have seen several people say that they are thinking of committing suicide. We have seen others appear to be going off the deep end mentally. By starting such thread it seems that they are asking for help. Do you have any suggestions on how to respond or even if people should respond? Is there a coordinated effort to reach out to such individuals? Most people myself included offer words of encouragement but it hardly seems like enough. Would like to get your thoughts.
    Many thanks, and yes, whenever something like this comes to our attention, we take it very seriously and swing into action in whatever appropriate way. As indeed does the whole Avalon community.

    The most recent instance was this thread. I'll not discuss the details — which you'll understand! — only because that was a members-only thread, and this is a publicly visible one. So we do need to take care to honor and respect that member's chosen privacy. So this post doesn't become too cumbersome with the necessary anonymity, I'll simply call the member 'A'. I'm sure that all this is okay.

    The thread was reported to the mods immediately by several concerned members, but we'd already seen it. I contacted 'A' myself straight away by e-mail. Meanwhile, many members posted on the thread in support, also sending a whole bunch of supportive PMs to 'A', who was suffering considerably. The problem was a physical one, one of unrelenting severe pain, combined with continually hearing harassing voices as a Targeted Individual. None of this was imaginary: 'A' was highly intelligent, educated, mature, and sane.

    We quickly struck up an e-mail dialog, and 'A' and I then spoke on Skype audio in several sessions totaling many hours. 'A' and I were working to get to the bottom of what was really happening in a very complicated and difficult situation.

    To cut a long story short, this dialog seemed to help a great deal, following which 'A' became occupied with a different opportunity, a positive and enjoyable one. (This was the chance to appear in a TV feature, 100% unrelated to 'A's condition.) The last message I received was that the voices had stopped, which seemed to be coincident with the failure of a medical device that had been implanted a few years previously. 'A' declared — adamantly and understandably! — that this would NOT be replaced.

    'A' hasn't yet returned to the forum to post again, but I think this can be very easily understood. It was certainly nothing to do with any lack of appreciation for the members' care and concern. 'A's appreciation and gratitude was immense.

    None of this may be too easy to follow by non-members reading this (though many members will know what all this is about) — but they may get the clear idea that we do indeed respond very actively when situations like this come to our attention.

    As can also be seen in the recent threads regarding Shadowself/Brook (who tragically failed to defeat her cancer), Foxie Loxie, who has taken a needed break from the forum, and Sierra, who lost everything in the Paradise fire, the moderators and members all combine to take a great deal of care of everyone they can.

    This care and concern that is regularly shown — very often by the members themselves, with little extra being needed from the mods team as moderators — is one of the many defining high quality features of the Avalon Forum. This is a truly caring and compassionate community, and we can all be proud of that. I'm most certainly really proud of the community myself.

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    Default Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Hello Bill, This has been a fascinating thread; great questions, great answers. Thank you for doing it.

    I have a big question. The first part is generally about what you know of Credo Mutwa and what he has been up to recently? Also, would you know if his old Zulu history ‘necklace' been found?

    I’d like to tie that in to our missing history if I may. Since he is quite knowledgeable on Zulu ancient history perhaps he has some information that could place it within the context of a connected ancient global culture.

    I have been watching a YT series by newearth, they have dozens of videos. I’ve been hesitant to share it on PA because they don’t always support their suppositions and conclusions well. It seems they want to make their point by finding a lot of dots to connect. Also they don’t always mention precisely where they are filming or on video clips and photos they include - it’s a little frustrating.

    Never the less they do find a lot of places all over the planet that do indicate a planet-wide shared culture that has been systematically removed from our memory and history. Very interesting series as they do dig up quite a lot of truly fascinating stuff. Some videos are much better than others and, frankly, they are not professional researchers, but I do enjoy their take on things.

    Some of the artifacts Klaus Dona showed in his videos come to mind as well as Michael Cremo, pyramids all over the planet, giants, and similar art styles and polygonal monolithic structures on all continents and more.

    So my main question is that I wonder if Credo Mutwa has shared with you about his lost history or it’s part in global history - and what would be your take on an ancient planet-wide culture.

    Many thanks!

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