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Thread: Luiz Elizondo answers at Rome Conference

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    Default Luiz Elizondo answers at Rome Conference

    International UFO Conference Rome, October 26, 2018 was the only time that both AATIP and TTSA presented material to a well informed audience. The Rio conference scheduled for July was cancelled and therefore this was the first opportunity to hear and hopefully get answers from AATIP after the USA MUFON meeting.

    Again a lot fluff and hype preceded the conference as to expecting a lot more from the invited USA guests. Luis Elizondo from AATIP presentation provided little information that we already knew. The importance of the AATIP exposure back in late 2017 was the start of an official disclosure to mainstream. This may be due to other geopolitical factors, in particular getting wind of Chinese initiatives of a disclosure programme announced in Moscow two weeks ago just before the Rome conference.

    The range of questions was quite broad from an informed audience, but policy constraints by AATIP prevented any elaboration of specific matters at times for some real answers. This was a similar situation with the previous MUFON meeting.
    For example, the Roswell debris had an elongated piece with waveguide characteristics, discovered frequencies at specific Hz rate. Meta materials suggested new bonding arrangement that could not have been made on Earth.

    Questions as regards elongated constructs with small objects emitted from them and flying humanoids had been observed and recognised as part of the evolution of the phenomenon over the years.

    AATIPs interest in propulsion systems used by the UFOs, whereby an event horizon created around the vehicle expecting an EM energy outside, different to inside, a bubble not reflecting energy.

    The vehicles are understood to be intelligently controlled either inside or could be outside UAV type arrangement. The patterns have be noted and still been researched. Elizondo did say it may be nuclear source.

    AATIP are globalising this initiative of its process today with cooperation between USA and Russia. AATIP work with the Russians. However the main concern is politics is interfering with humanity constraining mass evolution according to Elizondo.

    Differentiation of materials that enter the earth’s atmosphere. They have worked out and ruled out material that goes through normal processes of extreme heat due to atmospheric friction as compared to newly discovered material that has exotype ratios/iridium with no heat affect (ablation).

    AATIP cites the importance of quality of information. The general quality of information has not changed. The application of rigor, discipline, analysing, preserving the integrity of information. AATIP fill in the gaps. Typical intelligence methodologies.

    AATIP does understand that there is a space/time distortion component that could be time only. The objects manoeuvring ability does show these characteristics.

    In general, not much was given away to be of use to researchers in ufology. This was expected as the answers were cleverly designed by Elizondo to digress from the real data and information. The answers created were basically superficial/ analogy type answers that really had no technical merit to any body with intelligence. I believe AATIP know a huge amount about the matter and this knowledge is only going one way. Gathered by Bigalow Aerospace that feeds Bigalow's masters the secret Cabal.

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