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I am being framed for rape and I am about as antithetical to it as possible. How utterly devastating.
Phillip, forgive me: How? What does this mean?

'Framing' someone means that information has been published somewhere, or has been reported to authorities to then become part of some legal process, which sets up (and blames/accuses) one person as being responsible or culpable for another person's actions. (My own definition: I didn't copy that from anywhere.)

In your case, I confess (sorry!!) I have absolutely no idea what you're referring to. Please forgive me (again) for saying this, but many of your recent posts make little sense — to me. In some instances, they make no sense to me whatsoever. (e.g. Corey Goode 'framing you'?? I suspect he may have much else on his mind other than yourself. Or even me, at the moment. )

I truly don't want to add to your internal stress, but that's the honest truth from me — just one person of many, reading your reports, as an ongoing journal.

Maybe I need more — or maybe you're assuming context that maybe not every reader might have not be aware of across your various personal threads. The more you can find a way to clearly explain, the easier it will be for anyone to reply on the thread with any suggestions and support.

I meant a deep learning ai (or many) of Corey Goode has been part of my situation (he is oblivious to this in his real life form).

I am being neurally framed for future use against me, I see it being set up.

I am also being automated by counter-proliferation programs and framed incredibly.