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Thread: The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion

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    Default The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion

    The New Age Belief System - New World Order Religion
    Psychological Warfare Analysis
    Produced by Phillip Douglas Walker - Universal Aspects™ Multimedia

    Released November 2018
    new age doctrine covered:
    • channeled information
    • meditate action
    • ascension
    • fourth dimension / five D
    • ignore the negative
    • laws of attraction
    • blame the victim
    • you can never really know
    • alienation of the mind
    • moral relativism
    • non-duality
    • love and light
    • the higher self
    • vibration / higher frequency
    • indigo children - starseeds
    • synchronicity
    • reality is an illusion - everything is an illusion
    • we’re all one - cosmic oneness
    • solipsism
    • memetic viruses
    • anti-linear
    • time is an illusion / timelines
    • time travel / parallel universes
    • 2012 / false prediction mayhem
    • new age cults / new age gurus
    • higher power / Ai generated handlers
    • ethereal implants
    • energy healing / remote influencing
    • astral projection
    • light body - light beings
    • chakra & kundalini
    • nde / obe - light after death
    • reincarnation - perception of past lives
    • remote viewing
    • telepathy
    • psychic nature
    • new age scientific psyop
    • bastardization of UFOlogy
    • spiritual warfare
    • transhumanism psychological operations
    subjects covered in the film:
    • the new age mind virus
    • psychological warfare - psyop
    • new age information warfare
    • black project technology
    • the electronic control grid
    • ai warfare - directed energy weapons
    • new age cover stories for black ops tech
    • extraterrestrial impersonations
    • ai generated archangel handlers
    • demonic possession illusions
    • light being & light body facades
    • shadow being neuroscience tricks
    • the chakra deception
    • new age higher power hoaxes & strategy
    • misdirected action
    • group think
    • new age memetic viruses
    • new age brainwashing
    • bastardized new age spirituality
    • new age patternism
    • mind programming
    • the cover story
    • the cover up
    • the false version
    • derivative & allegory in disinformation
    • neuroscience mind tricks
    • covert mind control programs
    • internet counterintelligence
    • nwo controlled opposition stratagem
    • microwave warfare
    • most evil agendas of the new age
    • war criminals behind the new age
    • international black ops crime syndicate
    • brain-computer interface based sadism
    • the occulted roots of new age ideology
    • pros and cons of end game technology
    • whistleblower testimony
    • the nature of time
    • the nature of polarity
    • the spirit of evil - the nature of evil
    Slides - Bullet Points:
    Featured Slides:
    New Age Belief System Film Summary Slide 1
    New Age Belief System Film Summary Slide 2
    Deep Learning Ai Infographic
    Discernment System Slide
    Polarity Slide
    Electromagnetic Weaponry Slide
    Vatican Faux-Demonic Possession Slide


    New Age Patternism Slide
    Black Ops Crime Syndicate Slide 1
    Black Ops Crime Syndicate Slide 2[/INDENT]

    New Age Patternism Slide[/INDENT]
    Brain Implantation
    Shadow Being Illusions
    Energy Healing
    Astral Projection
    Remote Viewing
    Devil's Advocate
    BCI Sadism
    Black Project Technology:
    • black project research and development (RnD) / special access programs
    • black project artificial intelligence (Ai)
    • directed energy weapons - frequency science
    • electromagnetic mind control - synthetic brain signals
    • brain-computer interface technology - mind canvas tech
    • neural monitoring - brain wave surveillance
    • neuroscience based virtual reality - end game VR
    • neurobody technology - any mental variable as internal body feedback
    • radio frequency implants - brain implantation
    • electromagnetic environmental scanning technology - RF body scanning
    • remote radio frequency hacking and surveillance of electronics
    • The planet has already been merged with an Ai weapons system.
    Ai Warfare:
    • directed energy weapons are most efficiently controlled by artificial intelligence
    • thought monitoring capability / brain wave surveillance - thought reactive ai
    • radio frequency based environmental scanning - Ai environmental awareness
    • slow kill & fast kill capability - microwave warfare assassination using cover stories
    • ai & directed energy weapons are capable of powerful illusion
    • the brain-computer interface utilizes ai - bci is a core component of hi-tech black ops
    • international military & intel ai based programs covertly weaponize consciousness in design
    • international thought insertion programs exist - military & intel community war crimes
    • hi-tech black ops: brain-computer interface Ai operators - cybernetic Ai assistants
    • black ops ai has been honed and perfected over several decades
    • Ai warfare is involved in highly criminal automated targeting of individuals
    • military & intel sources weaponize Ai grievously versus the international population
    • international mass mind control programs exist under nazism ethos

    [center]black project ai is behind the mass automation of war criminal covert operations

    Electromagnetic Weaponry
    • invisible
    • silent
    • requires no medium
    • unlimited firepower (w/ electricity)
    • low cost once the hardware & methods are established
    • travels at the speed of light
    • slow kill - fast kill
    • mind reading
    • open source mind control
    • ability to reproduce any torture in existence with brain signals
    • cloning or creation of all the universe’s library of senses
    • any mental variable able to be applied anywhere on the body
    • any sound or voice internally inducible into the mind
    • remote tracking of individuals via bio
    • remote electronics hacking & surveillance
    • environmental scanning
    • holograms
    • virtual reality
    • augmented reality
    • remote surgery capable
    • sleep or blackout inducible
    • able to control the body
    • augmentation or inhibiting of strength and endurance
    • body design capability
    • brain & body implant control
    • remote activation of viruses
    • microwave transmitters are being installed worldwide covertly armed to carry out these tasks

    Electromagnetic weaponry is the shadow government’s ultimate weapon.

    Brain Implantation Illustration

    the science of electromagnetism - electromagnetic neuroscience
    “By 1985, Dr. Delgado was able to create these effects using only
    a radio signal sent to the brain remotely, using energy concentrations
    of less than 1/50th of what the Earth naturally produces. This discovery
    implied that frequency, waveform and pulse rate (modulation) were
    the important factors rather than the amount of energy being used.
    the science of consciousness - neuroscience natural laws
    John St Clair Akwei
    National Security Agency
    Ft George G. Meade, MD, USA
    (Civil Action 92-0449)

    Snip from Nexus Magazine
    (April/May 1996 Issue)

    “The NSA's EMF equipment can tune in RF emissions from personal
    computer circuit boards (while filtering out emissions from monitors
    and power supplies). The RF emission from PC circuit boards contains
    digital information in the PC. Coded RF waves from the NSA's equipment
    can resonate PC circuits and change data in the PC's. Thus the NSA can
    gain wireless modem-style entry into any computer in the country for
    surveillance or anti-terrorist electronic warfare.”

    Directed Energy Weapon & Electronic Warfare Related Patents:
    Patent # US787412 A: Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy through the Natural Mediums (Nikola Tesla patent)
    Patent # US3951134 A: Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves
    Patent # US6470214 B1: Method and Device for Implementing the Radio Frequency Hearing Effect
    Patent # US4858612 A: Microwave Hearing Device
    Patent # US5995954 A: Method and Apparatus for Associative Memory
    Patent # US5551879 A: Dream State Teaching Machine
    Patent # US8373112 B2: Cold Atom Interferometry Sensor
    Patent # US5954629 A: Brain Wave Inducing System
    Patent # US6506148 B2: Nervous System Manipulation by Electromagnetic Fields from Monitors
    Patent # US6135944 A: Method of Inducing Harmonious States of Being
    Patent # US5922016 A: Apparatus for Electric Stimulation of Auditory Nerves of a Human Being
    Patent # US5036858 A: Method and Apparatus for Changing Brain Wave Frequency
    Patent # US3837331 A: System and Method for Controlling the Nervous System of a Living Organism
    Aspects of Mind Programming:
    • predictive programming definition: inciting an action that causes a predicted reaction
    • anchoring definition: the development of mind programming foundations
    • conditioning - establishing & strengthening neural pathways through repetition
    • trigger definition: strong reactionary mind programming related to a particular premise
    • association - associative programming (e.g. guilt by association, discrediting by association)
    • rationalization - used in psychological warfare to persuade belief & behavioral modification
    • belief - beliefs are tied to the mind programming matrix - the mind matrix often serves notions that align with one’s beliefs. beliefs are a prioritized focus of the black ops crime syndicate
    • projection - people perceive aspects of themselves in others
    • perception - Mark Passio: Perception is not objective reality - our job is to align the two
    • occulted neuro-linguistic programming definition: the mind programming tied to language

    programming trinary: neural - genetic - soulular

    • mind programming is universal to consciousness: all living beings have mind programming
    • mind programming can be positive or negative (or both)
    • every different conceived thought has programming related to it - the natural laws of the mind
    • all words have mind programming tied definitions and associations
    • mind programming is a key focus of intelligence agencies
    • the ruling class has studied mind programming with intent to control society
    • neural surveillance of the international population is used to hone mind programming knowledge
    • psychological warfare is crafted with deep learning ai using artificial neural networks intended to simulate the mind programming of civilians
    • people who have been firmly programmed with deception often have no capability to see reason in a conflicting point of view
    • character flaws enhance programming susceptibility

    There are psychological operations for all demographics.
    New Age PSYOP Objectives:
    • belief & behavioral modification
    • to set up remote influencing technology proliferation concealing cover stories
    • divide and conquer - division through beliefs
    • cyber ops: internet information war - obfuscating the truth
    • Mark Passio: creation and/or exploitation of brain imbalances
    • to suppress, delude, and discredit conspiracy information consumers
    • to cover up military presence by using cover stories
    • to subdue resistance via apathy and confusion
    • to form a dragnet in between old age belief systems and the truth
    • to promote completely deluded ideas about the nature of reality
    • to strategically obscure deeper truths of the universe
    • to disinform the open minded in the field of extraterrestrial information
    • disinformation designed to contrast negatively with deeper truth
    Psychological Warfare Synopsis:
    • operations are designed with a foundation of plausible deniability
    • black ops objectives: social engineering / population conditioning / perception management
    • predictive programming aimed at belief & behavioral modification
    • cover stories are abundantly consumed
    • cover up operations to conceal war crimes are standard procedure
    • co-opting tactics are used in attempts to taint or control shadow govt opposition
    • forceful covert reorientation into new age brainwashing is occurring
    • psychological operations are used as a stratagem to divide & conquer the opposition
    • powerful agendas exist to discredit & cover up conspiracy truth
    • information warfare stratagem: false versions of reality in place of the truth
    • denial stratagem - provide samples of irrationality to over-simplify to all conspiracy belief
    • linguistic programming stratagem - wording designed for psychological manipulation
    • a symptom of a programmed society is ostracization of those who speak deeper truth

    new age disinformation is designed to program a full spectrum
    of consumers: both believers & disbelievers
    The Cover Story Defined:
    Cover Story Definition: a cover story is a false explanation that is
    strategically used to conceal the truth. A typical cover story design
    is a rational illusion promoted to obscure the source of an action.

    • cover stories are designed to convince with logical fool’s gold
    • new age cover stories exist for all weaponized black ops technology consumed by the public
    • spiritual warfare cover stories obfuscate a calculated scientific facade
    • a wide range of elaborate & convincing illusions obscure hi-tech influence as something else
    • a cosmic frequency shift termed ascension is an example of a prolific new age cover story
    • demonic possession is one of the most fitting cover stories for mind control technology
    • mind control artificial intelligence adjusts to the belief system of the target
    • An army of shills parrot establishment cover stories

    An idea behind using cover stories, such as religious or new age, is to encapsulate
    the opposition into a state of inability to identify the real perpetrators.
    New Age Doctrine: Ignore the Negative:
    • Mark Passio: Seeing the negative for what it is creates the ability to steel yourself
    against it’s harmful effects, and possibly even avert those effects entirely
    • awareness is key to change, focus is key to awareness - As long as the negative
    is ignored nothing will change
    • fools gold memetic phrases for precise behavioral modification “energy flows where attention goes”
    • being ignorant of evil gives evil an advantage, and it will later come for you too
    • one apparent objective of proliferating the idea of ignoring the negative is the suppression of shadow government war crime exposure - the subversion of both awareness & knowledge
    • refusing to face the negative will enable it
    • Mark Passio: ignoring the negative denies access to the solution
    • if everyone ignored the negative victims would be in even more devastating situations

    covert operations work with most efficacy when their presence is unknown
    New Age Doctrine: Channeled Information:
    • channelers are the central intelligence agency’s new age footsoldier
    • the modern new age belief system was in part founded on ‘automatic writing’ aka channeling
    • The new age channeled material Law of One & most other channelings being released to the public suspiciously started coming around when the electronic control grid was being majorly setup (1970s-1980s to current day)
    • apathy causing mind control programs - e.g. saviorship model
    • channeling tech: artificial intelligence / neural monitoring / electromagnetic mind control / v2k
    • it appears that a lot of channeled material is aimed at oppositional docility
    • examples of what channels believe they are channeling: cosmic disembodied spirits, deceased relatives, Christ, extraterrestrials, archangels,
    • all manner of twisted notions are served from cia automatic writing & speaking artificial intelligences
    • channeled information is the front line of the infowar

    "The so-called 'channeled messages' I received claiming to be from my soul family
    from the stars were in fact simple radio waves sent by U.S. government agents..."
    ~Greg Giles, Former "Ashtar" Channeler

    "Intelligence agencies are used for their ability to keep secrets,
    superior funding, national security excuses, lack of true checks
    and balances, & propensity for criminal activity." ~Phillip Walker
    New Age Doctrine: Meditate Action
    • misdirection of opposition - off target opposition
    • promotion of fruitless oppositional paths
    • black ops objective: subvert the enemy with new age docility and ineffective action
    • this strikes me as occultist mockery of their opposition
    • the new age meditative mind is a playground for covert neuroweaponry
    examples of misdirected opposition:
    • meditate world peace into action (while the world burns)
    • meditate CERN into malfunctioning
    • meditate to stop war
    • meditation to stop the shadow government is misdirected action

    ”Even the best resources, human and material, however superbly coordinated, cannot consummate
    a successful operation if the overall aim of the total force and it’s momentum are off target."
    ~Sun Tzu, The Art of War
    New Age Doctrine: Ascension
    • information warfare as a catalyst for behavioral change
    • "ascension" and 5th density (5d) are hallmarks of UFOlogy infiltration and disinformation
    • ascension appears to be partially about providing the enemy with a false sense of
    victory so they do not take mindful action
    • the premise of 'ascension symptoms' was formed as a directed energy weapon
    symptom cover story
    • contrived pseudo-extraterrestrial cosmology for alternative crowds (e.g. densities, 4D, 5D+)
    • neutralizing of the opposition by promoting the idea that an effortless cosmic shift will revolutionize the world and it’s systems
    • beings from the heavens impersonated to promote this pseudoscience
    • failed predictions / false hope
    • false light masquerading as a savior
    • proliferated through electromagnetic mind control programs (e.g. channeling, faux-contactees]
    • emphasis on higher power taking action for you. end result: apathy
    • if ‘everything will automatically shift’ into utopia the premise of taking action to create a better world is marginalized. end result: apathy
    • saviorship model (ET will save us, etc) - If someone else is going to do all the work for the world what use is taking action and putting in work yourself? end result: apathy
    • rapture model - If the Earth will be destroyed or all darkness culled by some sort of
    pseudoscience cosmic shift what use is assisting planet Earth? end result: apathy
    • if you could convince the enemy that the battle is already won before the fight and that all the work will be done by some other factor they will be psychologically compromised for the battle
    • an army of unwitting disinformationalists create a network of false information meant to convince people by sheer number of people saying it (group think)

    opinion: the internet is the largest mechanism
    causing the wake in the truth movement


    Verbatim Quotation of 5D Ascension New Age Brainwashing:


    Because you are leaving the 3D world where one uses memory in order to know
    something. You are heading for the 5th dimension where KNOWING is the way to
    operate. Your memory is disappearing to encourage you to use your ability to
    respond intuitively. It is time now to simply know what you need to know in
    any given moment. Losing your memory is a positive happening! It affects all
    age groups. It applies particularly to Lightworkers who have been here a long time.

    New Age Doctrine: Fourth Dimension - 5D
    • contrived cosmology promoted in alt media through electromagnetic mind control
    • promoted by mind control assets: channelers, black ops “contactees”,
    faux-whistleblowers, new age alt media personalities, new age websites, new agers, etc
    • so many notable alt media mind control assets promote this that it fools people’s dot
    connecting programming triggers
    • fifth dimension and/or fifth density brainwashing has been enhanced through sheer
    abundance of acceptance (group think mechanics)
    • new agers say the better places are “higher density” yet also say it is “less dense”, these statements by definition are contradictory. in science a higher density means more dense, not less dense.
    • there are many deluded new age ideas about dimensions and densities
    • it appears that the true 4th dimension of reality is time
    • new age doctrine states that soon earth will enter the fourth dimension and the world will turn psychic & telepathic

    The natural laws of logic are surveilled and predicted by the shadow government
    while the public is tremendously ripe to be psychologically manipulated by this knowledge.
    New Age Doctrine: Laws of Attraction
    • thinking holding a belief will automatically change the mechanics of reality in one’s favor
    • follows a pattern of watered down & bastardized versions of occult secrets for public consumption
    • ex-satanist priest Mark Passio has testified witnessing the premeditated deception plans of
    occultists related to the new age laws of attraction prior to the ideology’s mass proliferation
    • prototypically promoted by dubious black ops technology based channeling packaged as cosmic beings
    • the new age laws of attraction are similar to Christianity's hell in that there is focus on
    investing in belief - both promote that the power of belief controls your entire fate
    • new age mind control assets are rewarded by the electronic control grid. I call this the dark laws of attraction.
    • new age laws of attraction incorporate half truths based on concepts such as focusing intent (and then action) for manifestation purposes
    • Mark Passio: The true laws of attraction require action
    • Mark Passio: We co-create our shared reality in the aggregate

    A social movement can be created by the CIA
    based on pre-existing conditions for that movement.
    New Age Doctrine: Blame the Victim
    • to think the victim is at fault for being victimized is a new age ideology
    • new age absurdity: to think people universally “allow” their own victimization
    • this belief propagates strategic marginalization of the validity of victimization
    • this doctrine wreaks of sickening brainwashing from the occultists (the main victimizers)
    • speaking out about your own victimization is attacked as a ‘victim mindset’ by deluded new agers
    • occultists seek unrestricted abuse of their victims - the new age is conducive to this goal
    • the strategy behind the psyop: victims are vulnerable to further victimization if their testimony is marginalized
    • the nonsensical ideology of non-duality paves the way for this brainwashing
    • a syndicate of victimizers (the intelligence community) are behind mass promotion of this ideology
    • black ops origins: counterintelligence directed at victim testimony & the premise of being a victim
    • black ops objective: invalidating the idea of a victimizer & suppression of the concept of victimization
    • black ops objective: delude the enemy about mind control - to make them think they have to allow it
    • black ops objective: to delude new age demographics about evil

    The products of Project MK Ultra & similar programs have yielded a hi-tech conspiracy that is so
    monstrous that the average citizen - who is programmed by a false sense of normality - cannot
    fathom it's scope. By design it's very mentioning causes consternation & cognitive dissonance.
    New Age Doctrine: You Can Never Really Know
    • Mark Passio: promotion of the idea that there is no such thing as truth or knowledge, it’s all a matter of subjective opinion
    • classic perception management: subverting the enemy’s ability to process information
    • a good example of a mind virus
    • those that absorb this nonsense have a hard time determining expert analysis
    • Mark Passio: to establish equalization of opinions - true expert analysis as equal to the uninformed
    • black ops objective: to marginalize truth absorption
    • black ops objective: to lose truth in a sea of perceptional subjectivity
    • black ops objective: to dilute the opposition
    Knowledge is one of the best weapons against evil. The occultists have
    many new age psyops to subdue the apprehension of knowledge
    New Age Doctrine: Alienation of the Mind
    • The new age promotes alienation of the mind instead of learning it’s secrets
    • an antithesis to comprehending the mind is the all out rejection of the mind
    • wreaks of occultist manipulation: deluding of the public in potent occulted areas of reality
    • occultists seek to diminish the public in areas that enhance themselves
    • new agers espouse alienation of logic - rejection of logic
    • oversimplification of faulty logic into the notion of all logic
    • black ops objective: to further conceal and protect the occulted secrets of the mind
    • black ops objective: to suppress fruitful exploration of one’s own mind
    “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more
    it will hate those that speak it.” ~Selwyn Duke
    New Age Doctrine: Moral Relativism
    • Moral relativism is promoted in new age ideology - i.e. There is no right or wrong
    • Moral relativism is A Satanist ideology that promotes injustice via invalidating the
    concept of wrongdoing
    • brainwashing intended for morality reorientation
    • new age disinformation culprit: channeled material - e.g. The Law of One
    • dirty tactics are rationalized with this paradigm
    • injustice is rationalized with this paradigm
    • a sense of justice is lost once this paradigm is fully assimilated
    • black ops objective: reorient new agers in the image of their occultist masters
    • black ops objective: the enemy losing a sense of what is right and wrong
    without morality society is lost
    New Age Doctrine: Non-Duality
    • the new age vehemently denies a core component of reality; duality
    • the new age is designed to delude the opposition about their prime enemy: evil, non-duality cancels the perceivable validity of the concept of evil in the minds of those who accept it
    • this ideology is synergistic with moral relativism and denying that there is a right and wrong
    • reality is composed of polarity - the occultists knew this when planning the delusions of their opposition
    • in the new age legitimate concepts are marginalized as “dualistic thinking”
    • neutralization of the opposition - a war between good and evil exists - those that cannot identify that have tendencies towards less effectiveness in opposition to evil
    • black ops objective: to obscure that evil exists through non-duality brainwashing
    • occultist objective: to deny the enemy key understandings of the universe (yin yang, balance, good and evil, right and wrong, polarity)

    New Age Doctrine: Love and Light
    • Luciferian spawned "love and light" concepts - nice sounding nonsense about love
    • new agers throw around the words ‘love and light’ with preposterous hypocrisy
    • the new age states that love is the most powerful force in the universe, despite how
    mesmerizing this sounds love does not actually defeat evil in a full scale war
    • giving love lowers mental defenses such as cognitive awareness
    • unconditional love is irrational to give to those that seek to destroy you
    • a pure psychopath would seek to exploit love - psychopathy is not defeated by love
    • ‘Infinite Love is the Only Truth: Everything Else is Illusion’ has to compete for the worst new age quote of all time (a David Icke quote)
    • black ops objective: to make a bunch of frauds out of your enemy
    • occultist objective: inducing irrational love - misrepresenting an occultist antithesis

    the new age is delusional about love and full of false light
    New Age Doctrine: The Higher Self
    • the construct of the higher self is the perfect disguise for covert electromagnetic mind control
    • the assimilation of belief in a higher self offers opportunities to influence a target overtly while the true source remains undetected
    • the premise of a higher self can be used as a brainwashing cover story vector to explain instant telepathic “downloads”
    • the acceptance of a ‘higher self’ largely disconnected from your own awareness deciding things for your life is a supreme vector of vulnerability to covert psychological direction
    • resembles a new age psyop replacement for the christian ideology of the holy spirit
    • the higher self premise may have origins based in occulted allegory
    • black ops objective: powerful illusion to cover up the presence of neuroweaponry
    • black ops objective: mind control cover story

    a force beyond your awareness deciding your fate
    is strikingly similar to electronic control grid machinations
    New Age Doctrine: Higher Vibration - Higher Frequency
    • a higher frequency is a shorter wavelength and does not solely imply superior
    • brain waves are actually skewed far to the low end of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum
    • contrary to the claims of new age ideology a higher vibration or frequency will not stop electromagnetic mind control
    • theory: there can be high frequency fear - strong fear induces high frequency
    • theory: there can be low frequency love
    • bass is low frequency - known for some of the best sonic vibes possible


    • black ops objective: underestimation of the enemy’s capabilities -


    • black ops objective: underestimation of the enemy’s capabilities -

    • black ops objective: give the enemy a false sense of immunity
    • black ops objective: giving the enemy false knowledge
    • occultist objective: concealing knowledge of the mind to the opposition
    There are many ways to miscalculate reality.
    New Age Doctrine: Indigo Children & Starseeds
    • indigo children are said to be a wave of gifted extraterrestrial souls newly incarnating on our planet to assist mankind
    • indigo children turned out to be millennials...
    • indigo children is another new age premise where something or someone else does the work to free the world
    • the premise of a soul being from an exoplanet is being bastardized & weaponized
    • pleiadian starseeds - the occultist joke: pleiadians are not a real extraterrestrial race
    • reptilian starseeds - making a mockery of individuals with complex mind control
    • mk-special brainwashing - ego exploitation - egoistic programming (in either the believer or who they speak to about it)
    • black ops objective: compartment relationships with the belief of being a starseed


    • black ops objective: conjoining mind control programs with half truths. half truths are highly strategic in


    • black ops objective: conjoining mind control programs with half truths. half truths are highly strategic in

    that they brainwash a believer with untruth and program the disbeliever about the truth
    Strategically contrasting demographics have been engineered
    New Age Doctrine: Synchronicity
    • artificial intelligence coordinated synchronicities to anchor brainwashing
    • in new age mind control programs a mind control design is to take place during the
    perception of synchronicity
    • a thought association may be packaged along with the experience of synchronicity
    • ai keeps track of time and can induce a target to perceive any time e.g. 11:11 - 9:11
    • control of people through RF mind hacking can cause any vocal correlation to synchronicity
    • ai coordination can be achieved with central intelligence agency & nsa surveillance
    • electronic control grid supercomputers can coordinate godlike levels of reality control
    • black ops objective: to coincide events to synchronicity as a form of psychological direction
    • black ops objective: to anchor new age orientation
    • black ops objective: to program associations to specific times - to induce those associations at will
    The CIA employs treasonous domestic & international
    thought insertion programs via electromagnetic neuroscience.
    New Age Doctrine: Reality is an Illusion
    • reality cannot be an illusion, the word reality means that which is real
    • What this ideology says is that reality is not part of our lives, that reality is displaced from our universe and state of being, that reality is an obsolete premise.
    • It comes as no surprise that comprehension of reality is one of the most pivotal
    components in opposing occultist agendas
    • “everything is an illusion” is being promoted to obscure the simple fact: the truth exists
    • new agers often think the entire universe is synthetic, which is paradoxical to their
    rejection of neuroscience communication methods involving neuro-synthesis
    • new agers think ‘everything is an illusion’ is an end game perception of reality. In truth this premise denotes step one: not a single illusion sorted from truth & not a single truth absorbed
    • to actually think literally everything is an illusion is to stop discerning truths from falsities
    • black ops objective: to displace the enemy perception from reality
    opinion: the universe & reality are as real as it gets
    Mark Passio on Solipsism:
    “The ideology that only one’s own mind is sure to exist.


    Solipsists contend that knowledge of anything outside one’s


    Solipsists contend that knowledge of anything outside one’s

    own mind is unsure, hence there is no objective reality and nothing
    about the external world and it’s workings can truly be known.”
    New Age Doctrine: Solipsism
    • black ops objective: eliminate the enemy’s ability to obtain knowledge
    • black ops objective: plant a mind virus in the enemy’s concept of knowledge
    • memetic virus: “all I know is that I know so little”
    • knowledge is power - solipsism denies legitimacy of knowledge
    • awareness & knowledge are key factors in defeating evil - solipsism promotes a
    deficiency in both awareness and knowledge
    • solipsism is a good example of a mind virus - an ideological mind infection
    • memetic virus: “perception is reality”
    • Mark Passio: perception is not reality - it’s our job to align the two
    • black ops objective: to subvert the enemy’s ability to identify truth
    • black ops objective: to disassociate the enemy from reality
    • black ops objective: to induce intellectual disarray in the enemy
    New Age Doctrine: We’re All One - Cosmic Oneness
    • new age ideology promotes the concept that every being in the universe is one
    • fool’s gold memetic phrases: oneness with all simply sounds good - in practice it absolutely isn’t
    • oneness can be used as a mind control vector: rationalizing mind control as ‘oneness’


    • ironically the same technologies new agers are mesmerized, subdued, and enslaved with can


    • ironically the same technologies new agers are mesmerized, subdued, and enslaved with can

    achieve an experience of oneness with any type of person (the brain-computer interface)
    • covertly implemented mind interfacing of others could convince an unsuspecting target of a faux-psychic version of oneness
    • in this absurd ideology technically all psychopathic serial killers are one with their victim’s families
    • if a new ager could truly explore a top shadow government neuro-sadist via mind
    interfacing tech it is possible they would reject oneness as a philosophy
    • occultist objective: mockery of the enemy based on higher knowledge
    • occultist objective: to promote an ideology that has tolerance for evil
    New Age Doctrine: Anti-Linear
    • new age memetic virus: mesmerizing demonization of linear models
    • new agers have an aversion against the concept of linear
    • follows the new age pattern of reality disorientation & distortion
    • unexplainable abstract non-linear philosophy is a part of new age ideology
    • a linear model is a legitimate concept that is illegitimized in new age thought
    • pseudo-rationale: ‘one needs to transcend linear time’
    • pseudo-rationale: ‘one needs to transcend linear thought’
    • due to it’s irrational absurdity new age anti-linear philosophy is hard to debate
    • black ops objective: divide & conquer - those that know the truth are marginalized
    • information warfare objective: discredit those resistant to brainwashing by saturating false ideology en mass - false ideology absorbed is truth discredited
    linear nature is yet another area of universal
    mechanics bastardized in new age ideology
    New Age Doctrine: Time is an Illusion
    • time is one of the foundations of existence - time is a necessity for experience
    • time is what makes a sequence of events possible
    • occultist mockery: hi-tech mind tricks giving people brain-computer interface based
    conceptual energy designs of ‘timelessness’ to something actually with a time duration
    • lots of people believe this - it appears none of them can argue it rationally
    • ideas like this replace critical thinking, observation, and reason with a catchy memetic virus
    • the premise of time travel does not make time an illusion. even in the event that time travel is legitimate one would still have their own personal set of experienced linear time tied to perception
    • the new age is an occultist disneyland of mockery and an inversion of reason
    • i’ve heard a lot of people say time is an illusion but not one truly comprehends that statement
    • opinion: the true fourth dimension of reality is time, and it is about as far from an
    illusion as anything can get
    this is a classic example of new age memetic fool‘s gold
    New Age Doctrine: Timelines
    • new age ideology: psychic quantum jumping of timelines to dictate your fate
    • deluding how people perceive reality to work
    • there are mind control programs utilizing neuroscience based mind tricks to fool people that they are experiencing timeline switching
    • new age demographics who speak of timelines are discredited to the rational observer
    • this type of quackery enables mockery of the public in shadow government networks
    • if everyone is in their own personal timeline other people being static and real is a paradox
    • white rabbit psychological warfare: directing the enemy into continual fruitless paths
    • promotes changing your ‘timeline’ via pseudo-supernatural activity instead of taking effective action
    • rapture psyop: new agers that still believe in evil state that evil will be culled in their timeline and
    undesirables will automatically be fed into another timeline. end result: lack of action in the culling of evil
    correction: the universe has one immutable timeline shared in the aggregate
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    Default Re: The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion

    New Age Doctrine: New Age Cults & Gurus
    • exploitation of cult atmosphere group think
    • the cia has a taste for the cult genre
    • group brainwashing is a central intelligence agency focus
    • behavioral modification is done with ease through covertly controlled & manipulated groups
    • covertly applied counterintelligence ai routinely manipulates targets via group social pressures
    • new age cult cointelpro - it appears that any religion must have it’s own cointelpro mechanisms
    • new agers (especially female) are hit with psychic and energy healer black ops packages
    • cult mentality: the guru is always right
    • cult mentality: subvert anyone who disagrees with you
    • cult mentality: never question authority
    • cult mentality: never question the doctrine
    • cult guru sexual exploitation of new age females
    • black ops objective: create new age prophets out of psyche profiled individuals

    new age constructs: false messiah - new age prophet - new age priestess
    New Age Doctrine: Higher Power - Ai Generated Handlers
    • an aspect of 21st century psychological warfare is the utilization of the brain-computer interface to impersonate fictitious higher powers
    • a higher power is used as a psychological mechanism to generate acceptance
    • it is abundant in new age ideology for a higher power to be taking care of everything
    • the premise of higher knowledge is being exploited with extraterrestrial impersonations
    • psyche profiles for psyops targets are gained via international neural monitoring programs
    • electronic archangel artificial intelligence handlers are employed through mind canvas tech
    • the cia & co are handling the kaballistic with electronically telepathic Ai versions of Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Rafael, archangel uriel, etc)
    • occulted truth is combined with disinformation to convince target demographics that they are witnessing a higher source of knowledge
    • in new age ideology the premise of a higher power has been weaponized to produce inaction
    • black ops objective: generate the assumption of higher knowledge for deceptively applied counterintelligence ai handlers
    • black ops objective: create ineffective opposition by co-opting their sense of truth
    cosmic beings are serially impersonated by military & intelligence sources

    New Age Doctrine: Ethereal Implants
    • black ops method to control the opposition
    • an illusion designed to keep the opposition in a perpetual fruitless path of action
    • neurobody technology can create the vivid appearance of an ethereal implant at any location
    • the symptoms of ethereal implants can be easily applied or removed by black project neuroscience
    • false ideology makes those that know the truth incompatible with the assimilated & vice versa
    • black ops design: removal of illusory implants as a means of co-opting manifestation
    • black ops objective: to anchor false psychic & spiritual warfare ideology
    • black ops objective: to anchor a deluded concept in a field of occulted truth: implants
    black ops model:
    a. create the illusion of an ethereal implant via advanced neuroscience
    b. allow the enemy illusory removal of the implant via pseudo-psychic means
    c. remove the technological presence of symptoms
    d. rinse and repeat. keeping the enemy in a repeatable state of fruitless action
    • new age ideology: psychic healers who can remotely heal anyone in the world
    • new age ideology: psychic abilities that conveniently match directed energy weapon capability
    • control of the opposition through powerful misdirection
    • energy healing as a facade to keep empaths trapped in fruitless action instead of fruitful activism
    • the illusion of both energy healing & remote influencing can be powerfully supported by directed energy weapons
    • directed energy weapons technically could heal people to feign legitimacy of energy healing
    • electromagnetic mind control can be used to feign illusory healing to a target
    • it is feasible for the brain-computer interface to direct frequency weapons
    • occulted roots: in the future directed energy frequency science will emerge as a true remote healing option, this could be what the new age version was modeled after
    • occultist objectives: warp, bastardize, & make a mockery of the compassion of the enemy

    energy healing as a psychic nature is a common
    modality of controlling new age opposition
    New Age Doctrine: Astral Projection
    • astral projection is a perfect way to interact with someone under a neuroscience based virtual reality intranet disguise
    • intranet definition: a restricted network
    • there is no universal astral projection testimony: it differs quite wildly
    • perhaps each virtual reality astral projection realm is designed and catered to the psyche profiled target
    • shadow government perverts can sexually interact with a live person under an astral entity guise
    • astral projection rape has been testified: surveillance & mind connected virtual reality rape under an obscured source
    • an “astral entity” could easily be an artificial intelligence generated ficticious entity for psychological warfare purposes
    • occultist objective: achieve rape without a trace - remote non-prosecutable rape

    hypothesis: what is considered astral projection is
    actually a neuroscience based virtual reality intranet.
    New Age Doctrine: Light Body - Light Beings
    • neurobody technology provides for powerful “light body” illusions
    • neurobody tech is capable of inducing any color or hue as internal body feedback including shards of gold or shimmering light in conjunction with potent neuro-sensory feedback
    • similar to chakra: the light body is a neuroweaponry supple illusion
    • complex and artistic extraterrestrial themed light body designs are possible with neuro-tech
    • new age ideology: light beings made of pure light
    • military/intelligence joint ops: light being impersonations are occurring internationally
    • black ops objective: provide the enemy with an operational false light illusion
    • black ops objective: control the opposition with farcical light body mind tricks
    • black ops objective: promote false light disinformation under the guise of light being contact
    • technological mind trick: creating an elaborate neuro-feedback presence of a being

    neuro-tech is incomprehensibly potent - especially to the uninitiated
    New Age Doctrine: Chakra & Kundalini
    • neuroweaponry attacks can be packaged under a chakra deficiency cover story
    • neuroscience can be coordinated to neurobody design to implicate chakra mechanics
    • neurobody technology: any mental variable inducible to anywhere on the body
    • neurobody technology can yield powerful and artistic false chakra design
    • kundalini & chakra ideology can be used as a cover story for reorientation
    • many new agers have declared at some point they underwent a ‘kundalini awakening’
    • in the new age people have to open their third eye, in occulted neuroscience everyone uses a third eye
    • a new angle of neuroweaponry presence can be introduced as third eye opening
    • faux-heart chakra designs can be used to honey trap an unsuspecting target
    • many known functions of chakra are actually tied to neuroscience & the brain

    the natural law based color spectrum seen in a rainbow
    is a methodical way to mesmerize the validity of chakra
    New Age Doctrine: OBE / NDE - Light After Death
    • neuroscience based virtual reality can induce the appearance of any possible near-death
    experience or out of body experience
    • Artificial Near-Death-Experience’s (NDE) are part of pervasive new age mind control programs
    • Artificial Out-of-Body Experience’s (OBE) are also part of new age mind control programs
    • near-death experiences are a vector to rationalize covert neuro-reorientation as a symptom of one’s experience
    • light after death: being soul recycled by a perceivable light after death - PSYOPS making people believe that a deceptive trick in the afterlife controls their whole fate, while there is an everlastingly unproven saviorship method (not going into the light)
    • leave it to the new age to believe that a light after death parlor trick decides your entire fate - complete and utter nescience about the order of the universe
    • black ops obe objective: to convince targets of the paranormal pseudo-reality of the new age
    • black ops objective: reorientation into a controlled opposition belief system with designed near-death and/or out of body experiences

    Electromagnetic mind control provides for revolutionary
    opportunities to control the opposition.
    New Age Doctrine: Reincarnation - Past Lives
    • weaponization of the premise of past lives
    • past lives can be a premise to discredit someone (whether they were the person or not)
    • neuroweaponry is inducing past life illusions in the beliefs of the international population
    • ‘starseed’ deceptions are being proliferated - e.g. pleiadian starseed
    • fraudulent past life regression can be covertly mind controlled with precision
    • hypnotism can be based on mind control technology
    • many new agers have some sort of deception within their beliefs about their past lives
    • black ops objective: co-opting of reincarnation ideology
    • black ops objective: compartmenting of demographics
    • occultist objective: to make the enemy more like themselves - frauds

    reincarnation - truth has also been weaponized in new age ideology
    New Age Doctrine: Remote Viewing
    • new age ideology denotes that it is possible for a talented spy to view anywhere or anyone inside the internal mind with spiritual ability
    • pentagon & cia remote viewers were noted to be unreliable
    • project mk ultra officially spanned from 1953-1973 - various remote viewing divisions were allegedly established in 1970-1975, in the thick of the black project frequency science boom
    • occulted knowledge: remote viewing is achieved with great accuracy by connecting the brain-computer interface with Ai processed electromagnetic surveillance (e.g. satellite surveillance)
    • new age spiritual warfare cover stories were concocted to cover up the products of Project MK Ultra & similar programs

    “So I investigated further, and this EEG Cloning used to be called in both Russia and the US;
    “Psychic Warfare”. The Pentagon had a unit back in the 70s, and it’s been rolled into psychological
    operations and informational warfare. Traditionally it’s a mystical energy of how people can remote
    view and perform other tasks, well there’s an actual technology behind it. We can go into more detail,
    but this is real. This has been around for a while, it is a type of mind reading. … The next weapon:
    complete control of the enemy.” ~Black Project Scientist Dr. Robert Duncan
    • psychic nature & remote viewing were proliferated as a cover story for hi-tech mind
    interfacing technology to be used operationally on the global population
    • constructs that allow overt influence while the source is misdiagnosed have been
    proliferated as new age ideology
    • establishes a vulnerability for remote influencing technology - overt interaction and
    neuro-tech psychological direction can be explained away as spiritual ability
    • akashic record reading: cia brain-computer interface packaged as the history of the universe
    • akashic record reading: new age ideology states that the universe has a psychicly accessed internal history documenting mechanism for every single event in existence
    • black ops objective: fool the opposition into thinking they can view everything
    • black ops directive: agenda based brain-computer interface packaged as supernatural ability

    divide and conquer: those who know the truth will be ostracized in new age circles
    New Age Doctrine: Telepathy
    • new age ideology states that widespread natural telepathy will come with a cosmic ascension event
    • insiders indicate that natural telepathy is a cover for neuroweaponry
    • there are incredibly potent electromagnetic mind control designs to convince someone they are utilizing natural telepathy
    • a supreme psychological direction method is installed once a new age target believes they can psychicly hear the thoughts of those around them - agenda based thought insertion is used
    • new age ideology has been designed to cover up black project technologies by packaging them as supernatural spiritual abilities
    • the new age promotes the idea that we all have latent spiritual abilities that will provide us with the same capabilities that will come in the approaching neuro-tech revolution
    • when the brain-computer interface comes we may find in general people do not want to talk
    directly mind to mind, but do want to send messages with certain designs of consciousness
    • black ops objective: achieve a vector into a person’s mind under the illusion of telepathy

    telepathy is a perfect cover story for brain-computer interface interaction
    New Age Doctrine: Psychic Nature
    • the U.S. & Russian military called neuroweaponry “psychic warfare” as a cover story: this
    psychological warfare has been used as evidence for the existence of psychic ability
    • psychic nature is the perfect covert psychological direction cover story, it maximizes psychological direction potential while fully misattributing the source to one’s self
    • the idea of a psychic attack obscures black ops sources and methods
    • a powerful psychological direction vector is achieved when the source is attributed to one’s own infallible spirit
    • a new age psychological direction equivalent to the christian holy spirit is psychic nature
    • extremely powerful designs of consciousness & mind control are used
    • targets will likely not be able to fathom the sophistication level of covert application
    • black ops motive: psychic ability is the perfect mind influencing disguise
    • black ops objective: a cover story that explains & conceals neuroweaponry presence

    psychic nature: one of the main features of the new world order religion
    New Age Scientific PSYOP:
    • Ai & directed energy weapon based falsification of science is being perpetrated by the cybernetic networks behind new age psyop
    • covertly applied microwaves can alter a research project’s conclusions
    • Ai based international neural monitoring programs can detect when someone is close to a scientific discovery the black projects have already discovered. the same neural monitoring grid is likely being used to sabotage chosen aspects of scientific inquiry.
    • new age science: sketchy science is then processed by faulty logic
    • the electronic control grid feasibly enables mass scientific delusion in areas of covert operations
    • new age psyop in science appears to be an end game deception - a final stage of new age psyop
    • occultist objective: obscure the true scientific laws of the universe
    • black ops objective: create a scientific argument for new age ideology

    All the universe's illusions become an option with directed energy weapons
    New Age Doctrine: The Memetic Virus
    • promotion of inaction: “keep calm and don’t react”
    • resistance is futile: “what you resist persists”
    • do not learn about evil: “energy flows where attention goes”
    • invalidation of identifying evil: “dualistic thinking”
    • truth marginalization: “everything is an illusion”
    • love bastardization: “infinite love”
    • a new age blanket label for all victims: “stuck in a victim’s mindset”
    • knowledge marginalization: “all I know is that I know so little”
    • demonization of reality - demoralization programs: “reincarnation trap”
    • inauthentic love and false light: “love and light”
    • intellectual fool’s gold: “time is an illusion”
    • vulnerability to intuitive mind control: “think less, feel more”
    • electronic control grid derivation: “I live in a loving universe that responds to my thoughts”
    • encouraging misconception and nescience: “perception is reality”
    • black ops objective: achieve behavioral change via intellectual fool’s gold
    • black ops objective: utilize pleasant sounding nonsense to strategically modify belief

    the memetic virus is a strategic component of internet information warfare
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    Default Re: The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion

    Covert Ops: Neuroscience Mind Tricks

    • pervasive planet wide mind control programs covertly corroborate new age ideology
    • life events are being covertly engineered to persuade into the new age belief system
    • mandela effect neuroscience tricks - e.g. implanted memory in conjunction with mind control
    • timeline neuroscience tricks - “I think I just changed timelines”
    • the feeling of synchronicity can be created by black project neuroscience
    • “shadow beings” are an illusion possible with neuroscience mind tricks - open source
    neuroscience can provide the appearance of black bodied apparitions
    • synthetic optics definition: synthetic brain signals generating the appearance of visual feedback
    • neuroscience trickery can be used to reorient an individual away from an occulted truth
    • conceptual energy in conjunction with mind control can be used to deceive a target - there is conceptual energy for each and every premise in the universe. e.g. conceptual energy of
    timelessness to convince a target they are experiencing timelessness or the concept of clarity to convince a target they are enlightened, are a clairvoyant, or are perceiving deep truth.
    • with neurobody technologies any conceptual energy can be fraudulently presented as chakra
    • the occultists behind the top tier of psychological warfare aim to make a mockery of individuals by fooling them of neuroscience parlor tricks that are easily insulted from higher ground the limits of consciousness are the limits of neuroscience technologies

    Mind Control Cover Stories:
    • higher self influence
    • spirit possession
    • demonic possession
    • archontic possession
    • jinn possession
    • cosmic entity channeling
    • guidance from "source" or God

    Electronic Harassment Cover Stories:
    • psychic attack
    • astral attack
    • ascension symptoms
    • demonic / jinn / archontic possession
    • spirit attack
    • spiritual warfare
    • inter dimensional beings

    Virtual Reality Cover Stories:
    • prophetic dreams / visions
    • astral projection
    • OBE - Out of Body Experience
    • NDE - Near Death Experience
    • psychic remote viewing
    • akashic records

    Brain-Computer Interface Cover Stories:
    • cosmic being contact
    • "Gaia" contact
    • psychic ESP (e.g. via thought insertion)
    • natural telepathy
    • psychic remote influencing
    • energy healing
    • akashic records

    Neural Monitoring Cover Stories:
    • clairvoyance
    • psychic ESP
    • natural telepathy
    • synchronicities
    • akashic records
    Directed Energy Weapon Cover Stories
    • mental illness as an electronic harassment cover story
    • end game technology packaged under persuasive “spiritual warfare” illusions
    • directed energy interaction packaged as the supernatural
    • government technology under a cosmic being facade
    • religious themed illusions / using religion mythology as a means for cover stories
    • extraterrestrial contact as a psychological operation cover story
    • ghosts as a cover story - Ai orchestrated phantom illusions
    • end game technology as a sorcery cover story
    • end game technology as the real source behind effective voodoo
    • witchcraft as a directed energy cover story
    • black project science as black magic - hi-tech black magic cover story
    • divination cover stories - neural interfacing masquerading as the supernatural
    • directed energy attacks deceptively packaged as physiological ailments
    • synthetic signals in the brain from implants framed as physiological ailments
    • “psychic attack” as a directed energy attack cover story
    • “spiritual attack” as a directed energy attack cover story
    • new age cover stories (e.g. disembodied spirit illusions)
    • old age mythological gods used as a cover story
    • human based electronic harassment with aliens packaged as the perpetrator
    • scientology methods as a cover story for technological remote influence
    • exotic neurobody illusions (e.g. chakra, entity attachments, ethereal implants)
    • inter dimensional being interaction as an electronic targeting cover story
    • exploitation of illusory explanations to conceal directed energy crimes
    There is an underworld of electromagnetic weaponry capable sources.
    Discernment System

    Focus: correctly categorizing what is a guess, an assumption,
    an opinion, a theory, a belief, knowledge, and what is factual.
    a) guess - a guess is one’s best assessment and has a notable degree of error
    b) assumption - an assumption is a conclusion based on very little actual evidence
    c) opinion - an opinion may be best defined as a point of view (not necessarily objectively right)
    d) theory - an unproven explanation for an event or circumstance (theory has many mediocre definitions)
    e) belief - an accepted conclusion about reality with an emphasis on not being verified
    f) knowledge - knowledge is factual or confirmed beyond all reasonable doubt (knowledge is also serially misdiagnosed)
    g) fact - a happening that is observably proven

    "The public is brainwashed from birth with misconceptions about the universe." ~Phillip Walker
    definition: An overzealous and serial skeptic masquerading as a critical thinker.
    tenets: pseudo-rationalism framed as higher thinking, absurd lack of open mindedness
    Sentence: "The perma-skeptic is eternally programmable via information warfare."
    definition: chronic gullibility, typified by irrational conspiracy theory (not to be confused with conspiracy realism or conspiracy witnesses)
    tenets: pseudo-enlightenment framed as spiritual wisdom, absurd lack of skepticism
    New Age Doctrine: Bastardization of UFOlogy
    • a black ops objective of the new age is the co-opting & bastardization of ufology
    • involves brain implanted new age assets claiming to be extraterrestrial “contactees”
    • the standard mkultra slave has no cognizance of their own enslavement
    • channeled information has psychologically anchored ufology misconceptions
    • black project spacecraft, neuroscience based virtual reality, synthetic optics, or directed energy holograms can be shown to persuade a target they are dealing with extraterrestrial contact
    • controlled opposition and mind control assets are peppered throughout ufology
    • if anyone has ufology right they are obfuscated by a plethora of bull****
    • sphere being alliance: bastardization of disclosure information
    • black ops objective: make a mockery of ufology
    • extraterrestrial themed black ops: disinformation framed as higher knowledge
    • if ufology was ever a threat it isn’t much of one now
    An intended effect of information warfare is the
    division of those who disagree with each other.
    New Age Bastardization of UFOlogy: How it has been done
    • black ops technology channelers / faux-extraterrestrial contactees
    • gatekeeper mind control assets in the ranks of UFOlogy
    • frauds / hoaxes / lies / smoke and mirrors / half truths
    • much more abundant dissemination of disinformation in contrast with the truth
    • contrived new age cosmology - contrived notions about reality
    • military abductions and implants packaged as alien
    • fallacious notions about extraterrestrials and the hierarchy of the universe
    • spiritual warfare illusions - disembodied spirit cover stories
    New Age Bastardization of UFOlogy: Black Ops Impersonation
    • Ashtar - metatron - Galactic Federation of Light
    • Demons, spirits, inter dimensional beings, jinn, shadow beings
    • RA, archangels, Christ - ascended masters
    • various Extraterrestrials (e.g. Pleiadians, Sirians, Blue Avians, sphere being alliance)
    • Gaia - sophia, the demiurge, "Source"
    • the brain computer interface can artistically impersonate any existent, historic, or fictional being. BCI is the ultimate impersonation tool.
    New Age Doctrine: Spiritual Warfare
    • black project ai hides behind “spiritual warfare" cover stories
    • invisible weaponry provides for highly effective disembodied spirit illusions
    • demonic possession is the perfect cover story for electromagnetic mind control
    • spiritual warfare objective: eliminate the ability of the enemy to identify the perpetrator’s identity
    • black ops objective: eliminate chance of being brought to justice in the court of law
    • black ops objective: to obscure an overt directed energy weapon presence with a powerful illusion
    • demonic possession is an age old cover story also utilized by the overlords of the occultists
    • spiritual warfare is one of the most occulted illusions in the totality of our society
    • both mainstream and alternative demographics are steeped in spiritual warfare belief
    • spiritual warfare has provided effective cover for sources not yet well understood
    • there are whistleblower rumors of a cia ”operation armageddon” to cover up monarch mind control by rationalizing mind control cases as demonic possession
    • new agers report rebuking demons with absurd premises - if these demons were real neuroweaponry connected to artificial intelligence is a superior attack method
    The electronic control grid’s massive scope enables programmable mass delusions
    Vatican Exorcism Rise
    • Vatican exorcists report 100% increase in demonic possession cases in the years 1997-2012
    • The diocese of Milan was reported to have doubled the exorcist staff in the year 2012
    • The diocese of Milan is reported to have opened a demonic exorcism hotline to cope with demand
    • Vatican sources blame Yoga and Harry Potter for the rise in demonic possession cases
    • The Vatican exorcism rise is in unison to the rise of an international grid of microwave transmitters
    • An individual can be assaulted with microwave warfare in a fashion that embodies demonic possession
    Vatican Spiritual Warfare Construct - Slide
    a) feign demonic possession with neuroweaponry technology - elaborate illusions
    b) offer institutional assistance with the faux-demon problem - known as exorcism
    c) frame a cure for a problem created to be cured - eliminate neuroweaponry assaults
    d) achieve fraudulent institutional authenticity of being ordained by God
    e) obtain a devoutly convinced religious follower for life
    f) profit - exploit - enrich the institution - shephard leading the sheep
    service to agenda: anchoring of religious control systems through spiritual warfare illusions
    for a demon to match mind control ai:
    • demons would need speed of light planetary psychic coordination - one second wait can be too late
    • demons would need godly psychic coordination to match the powerful level of coordination possible via artificial intelligence and mind control of individuals
    • a demon would need to be able to simulate a person to be able to mind control thoughts more suitable for being undetected - as military & intel deep learning artificial intelligence does
    • a demon would need an advanced neuroscience ability to interact with the natural laws of the brain - as directed energy does via implants & microwave transmitters
    • the demon would need to process thought & volume of thought as fast as a black project
    supercomputer - this implies the demon has more than one focal point of consciousness
    • a demon would need to be able to do incredibly boring repetitive tasks, as Ai can
    • a demon would need to map & assess which thought to fool a target with in each possible
    situation as counterintelligence ai does
    • demons would need to be able to process the NWO agenda and implement it as shadow government black project artificial intelligence does
    • for comprehensive mind control to work multiple areas of the brain are being electromagnetically stimulated - a demon would need to be able to coordinate multiple brain variables in unison
    • demons are known to be neutralized by various societally anchored methods such as exorcism, ai & directed energy weapons are impervious to the same methods of elimination
    The object behind presenting a demonic facade is to remain unseen while operating overtly.

    • in new age ideology an army of disembodied spirits are eating our emotions and this is why there are obvious dark forces creating so much suffering. After coming to know the dark forces it appears that the main allegorical truth to this is that the dark forces are sadists.
    Sadism: Enjoyment of cruelty - a taste for the suffering or psychological distress of another being. Through surveillance connected brain-computer interface models of sadism sources of darkness can metaphorically feed off of the inflicted agony of a person.
    • visual demonic illusions can be achieved with neuroscience trickery (e.g. synthetic optics)
    • artificial intelligence connected directed energy weapons can produce the illusion of everything reported by demonic possession cases
    • a very real phenomenon is occurring behind demonic possession cases, not hallucination or mental illness
    • opinion: once the level of coordination needed for mind control is understood it becomes so
    comprehensive the premise of a demon being able to achieve it is less likely than end game science
    There are demonic energy inducing electromagnetic frequencies. In other
    words RF energy that immerses a target with distinct demonic energy.
    Spiritual Warfare: The Deeply Occulted Truth
    • spiritual warfare is the age old explanation for mind control in every culture ranging from east to west - shamanism to orthodox religion - mainstream to alternative
    • it appears that every known major culture has accepted notions of spiritual warfare
    • the scientific ability to do what demons are reported to do has just barely reached the public domain - in this the false version is pervasive while the occulted truth is unknown
    • the deeply occulted truth to demonic mind control is end game science: unseen sources have mastered the natural laws of science
    • demons and spiritual warfare are a bastardized false perception of occulted truths
    intended for public consumption - a model to obscure the true occulted sources
    • deeper level occultists are known as black magicians - access to thought reactive frequency science technology is rationalized as the supernatural
    • powerful environmental alteration can be achieved via directed energy weapons

    “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority,
    it is time to reform (or pause and reflect).[?]” -Mark Twain

    Spiritual Warfare: The Deeply Occulted Truth
    • christianity: demonic possesssion / demonic mind control
    • Islam: jinn / demons
    • Judaism: evil spirits / demons / dybbuk / shedim
    • buddhism:
    • Hindu: Asuras - spirits
    • japanese: Oni - spirits
    • chinese: Yaoguai - spirits
    • African: Mbwiri - spirits
    • Russian: Chort - spirits
    • kaballah: shedim - spirits
    • paganism: ghosts / demons / spirits
    • shamanism: the spirit attack / spirit possession / telepathic communication with spirits
    • new age: inter dimensional beings / spirits / demonic mind control
    • lower level occultism: invocations / ritual seance / demonic spirits / evil spirits
    • deeply occulted truth: frequency science - neuroscience - the natural laws of the universe

    the overlords of the occultists have setup age old
    false god and spiritual warfare ideology in our society

    New Age Doctrine: Transhumanism PSYOPS

    Quotation that fits Transhumanism PSYOPS:
    “The half truth is the most dangerous form of lie, because it
    can be defended in part by incontestable logic.” ~Manly P. Hall

    Synopsis of Transhumanism Psychological Operations

    The shadow government has had 50+ years to develop the strategy in unveiling
    these technologies. Superior scientific knowledge has been obtained via
    government black projects and this knowledge is being weaponized.
    A planned drip feed of technology is being released along with
    propaganda and predictive programming to socially orient demographics
    in the areas of artificial intelligence & the science of consciousness.

    examples of transhumanism psyop
    creepy predictive programming images:
    Transhumanism PSYOPS: how it has been done
    • associate creepy images with robots and transhumanism
    • release outstanding blockbusters about Ai enslaving or annihilating humans
    • covertly influence a steady stream of Anti-Ai propaganda or Ai fear mongering in
    mainstream media & alternative media
    • neuro-linguistic programming manipulation - linguistic mind programming to warp perception has occurred with the word transhumanism - instead of a less charged wording of “future technology”
    • planned unveiling of BCI tech and Ai through the deep state. This is done in part to predictively program those who know that these sources are not trustworthy. This can produce the oversimplification that the technology is 100% evil because obvious hands of evil are pushing it
    • electromagnetic mind control & covert thought insertion done to alternative media personalities and alternative media consumers to anchor & program the occultist transhumanism narrative
    • NLP buzz words: synthetic telepathy are the occultist chosen words for new agers to describe BCI
    • the shadow government plans a divide between bci technology users and non in the future
    Transhumanism PSYOPS: false spirituality 2.0
    • the new age religion gives it’s believers a false sense of the universe that makes the natural development of science seem like the antithesis of spirituality
    • ‘synthetic’ telepathy & ‘artificial’ telepathy are the black ops chosen words for new agers to describe the science of consciousness - the programming focus is on it being “fake” in contrast to the implanted false ideology
    • a UFOlogy deception exists where new agers believe extraterrestrials are naturally telepathic, this is easily achieved with brain-computer interfacing and not informing the subject of it’s presence
    • psychic superpowers like remote viewing serve as a cover story for black ops neuroscience such as surveillance based 3rd eye neural interfacing
    • in old age false spirituality belief is packaged as spirituality, in new age false spirituality the main emphasis is on psychic nature - a model to rationalize black ops technology as one’s spirituality
    • black ops objective: deny new agers an accurate perception of the science of consciousness
    New Age Doctrine: Transhumanism PSYOPS
    • alternative media is the primary target demographic
    • ai is perhaps one of the top three most potent tools in existence for both good and evil, an occultist spawned new age half truth is that ai is only potent in the field of evil
    • artificial intelligence can assist the enslavement of the world and/or help revolutionize it
    • occultists hold superior artificial intelligence knowledge
    • black ops objective: To program the world in the field of artificial intelligence
    • black ops objective: to compartment alternative demographics from algorithm engineering
    • black ops objective: to compartment conspiracy aware demographics from mind
    interfacing media - to take back the media monopoly lost with the internet
    • black ops objective: psychologically direct into fear of Ai, to hate Ai, to judge those that like Ai
    • black ops objective: To divide the world as much as operationally possible when the neuro-tech revolution occurs - to create a suitable environment for a ‘natural vs. synthetic’ divide
    • the benefits of end game frequency science have been concealed while the evils of end game technology have been a prime subject of alt media focus
    • since approximately 2015-2017 alternative media has had a constant churn of disinformation about artificial intelligence
    • potent half-truth: people are not incorrect to think something is wrong with transhumanism
    • alt media who are normally discerning appear to be fooled by this psyop
    • transhumanism psyops appear to have near full spectrum absorption in alt media circles
    • predictive programming prediction: a consistent flow of NWO agenda will slow drip into culture in the field of artificial intelligence and neuro-tech corroborating the psyop to consumers
    • the occultists do not want the best quality designs of consciousness available to society

    "The Constitutional system of checks and balances has not adequately
    controlled intelligence activities." ~U.S. Senate Church Committee

    Pros & Cons of End Game Technology:
    • end game technology has prolific potential to be abused
    • end game technology provides practically limitless weaponization utility
    • end game technology is a fascist despot’s wildest dreams come true
    • neuro-tech is the universe’s end game covert enslavement tool
    • ai & directed energy weapons are the ultimate tool of fascism
    • on the balancing side frequency science also has miraculous healing ability
    • free energy is just the tip of the iceberg of frequency science
    • big pharma can be replaced with far superior frequency science
    • artificial intelligence will eventually lead to the end of the monetary enslavement system
    • there are algorithmic design potentials for any possible agenda or purpose (positive or negative)
    • theory based on experience: the brain-computer interface is the most potent deprogramming tool in existence (due to it’s ability to design consciousness)
    • things to avoid: implants, cloning, human genetic engineering, replacing the soul’s thought generation with ai
    • unknown in alt media: future technology has balance - each capability for evil has polarity
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    Default Re: The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion

    More on New Age Culture:
    • galactic federation of light: ashtar command is a shadow government creation
    • false lightwork: Artificial intelligence induced neuro-vr of fictitious lightwork
    circumstances to trap the enemy in a draining fruitless path of action
    • technology is used to powerfully anchor the belief of interaction with disembodied spirits
    • new age manchurian candidates: new age mind control assets infect the field of
    internet information (especially in the field of extraterrestrial information)
    • doors open for new age mind control assets - there are covertly given social
    rewards for new age prophets that are rationalized as the laws of attraction
    • new age scientific psyops: Ai & directed energy weapon based falsification of science
    • due to the natural laws of mind programming People who have assimilated the cover stories before hearing the truth are often not ready to see it's authenticity
    • project bluebeam psyops - light orbs - ufo - holograms - apparitions

    the public is brainwashed from birth with misconceptions about the universe

    • The new age is a very loose belief system designed to not have one sole irrefutable doctrine, this way people can pick and choose their poison without a big contradiction in scripture to their own psychological nuances
    • false solutions - suppressing true solutions, promoting fraudulent solutions via
    trickery (e.g. promoting false solutions by eliminating a technological presence at a strategic time which falsely indicates the solution works)
    • new age ideology acolytes are programmed with a false sense of empowerment
    • pseudoscience & pseudo-logic that cannot be argued in it’s favor is rationalized as ‘beyond comprehension’ or ‘beyond the limits of the mind’
    • new age behavior: infuriating when it’s pointed at you kind of stupidity
    • the new age is a massive set of psychological warfare concocted mind viruses

    it is almost as if the new age was designed
    to infuriate those that know the truth

    • chasing the white rabbit: the enemy chasing an illusory and unobtainable goal. e.g. the new age idea about monks spontaneously ascending in a burst of rainbows.
    • new agers place blame wrongly & chronically misdiagnose situations due to their belief system
    • new age psychological warfare neuro-linguistic programming triggers are being heavily anchored in the subjects of disclosure & global first contact
    • the next stage of the new age: the bastardization of the whistleblower
    • the shadow government secret space program is covered up by new age fantasy
    • any legitimate secret space program truths are obfuscated amidst the dross
    • new age psyops intended future environment: the standard new ager denying the
    legitimacy of true disclosure and global contact truths
    • a wide field of disinformants exist in support of untruths

    new age ideology is an occultist psychological warfare disneyland

    • new agers tend to be right brain imbalanced with logical deficiency
    • a binary to new age thought is the polar opposite left brain imbalanced: scientism
    • occult meaning of merging back to source: no longer existing
    • intuition based mind control is an exploited vector of new age covert operations
    • new age gurus & assets are covertly violated with radio frequency neuro-implants
    • the new age psychologically anchors misconceptions about artificial intelligence - such as black project or alien artificial intelligence is conscious. The occulted truth is that black project Ai serves variables of consciousness in design to such a high degree it can create the appearance of consciousness while in fact it is not truly alive

    a portion of new age ideology appears to have been
    derived from occulted black project science knowledge
    New Age Religion:
    New Age False Messiah - (The New Age Guru David Icke)
    New Age Prophets - (e.g. Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Simon Parkes, Andrew Bartzis, Matt Kahn, in5D, alleged contactees)
    New Age Priestesses - (e.g. Abraham Hicks, Eve Lorgen)
    New Age Foot Soldiers - (channelers, psychics, remote viewers, remote influencers, energy healers, alleged contactees, akashic readers, “clairvoyants”)

    The New Age: information warfare aimed at alternative demographics
    Internet Cyber Ops: co-opted conspiracy information
    New Age Patternism Slide

    The entire universe’s library of scientific natural laws
    can be deciphered through mapping all brain waves
    and the brain-computer interface.

    Covert neural monitoring of the global population is used for military &
    intelligence community artificial intelligence machine learning & deep learning.

    “This is what true occultism is, it is the recognition of the laws that
    ultimately govern the universe, and it is the study of those laws.”
    ~De-Occultist Mark Passio
    PSYOP Stratagem: The False Version
    • strategy: a false version of reality is projected before the deeper truth emerges, this anchors belief and mind programming to contrast with truth absorption
    • watered down and bastardized versions of the truth are proliferated to tactically obfuscate their occulted pure version
    • false version psychological warfare: mind programming knowledge is being specifically weaponized to contrast against occulted truth
    • political & government subterfuge commonly involves false version psychological warfare
    • false versions emerge as counterintelligence against threatening truths
    • example: The Russian Collusion Hoax - Russian scapegoats for u.s. intel abuses
    • false version psyops aim to program target demographics with agenda friendly delusions in place of reality

    the shadow government is in a serial modality of
    covering up their war crimes with psychological warfare
    PSYOP Methods: Derivative & Allegory
    • disinformation Model: allegory based on deeper truths of the universe
    • derivatives of secret government extraterrestrial contacts are part of psyop
    • derivatives of deeper truths of the universe are used in disinformation - this way a false version of understanding is proliferated in an area of occulted truth
    • superior scientific understanding of the universe is being weaponized in strategic disinformation
    • occulted scientific knowledge is an origin of new age pseudo-spirituality
    • end game technology can be found allegorically in new age disinformation
    • by propagating psyop derivations of occulted knowledge Mind programming triggers are developed for the occulted truths - rejection of occulted truths can be accomplished
    • occultist objective: supply the enemy with false versions of reality in place of their true counterparts
    multiple birds are hit with one stone using derivatives of occulted truths:
    a) a means to cover up black ops technology or other sensitive truths
    b) effective disinformation is created - similar to fiction: disinformation modeled after reality or the future is perhaps most effective
    The Cover Up Defined:
    [working] cover up definition: a process for suppressing awareness of criminal actions. a typical cover up design includes government cover story rationalizations to manipulate the general public.

    • a cover up process is standard procedure for the most grievous intelligence community covert operations
    • events are orchestrated to generate rationalizations in aid of covering up war crimes
    • the cia leads a pack of pseudo-experts to defile the truth
    • cover up tactic: propagation of media through electromagnetic mind control of unwitting assets attempting to frame a debunking of the truth in the public eye
    • bribery of the morally inept - bribery as a means of covering up crimes
    • blackmail of those potentially willing to speak out
    • unscrupulous targeting and discrediting of whistleblowers
    • murder of whistleblowers (e.g. German whistleblower Udo Ulfkotte)
    • information suppression via threatening of those in the know with ultimatums
    • the shadow government has punishment mechanisms in place directed at those that expose them
    • black ops objective: cover up the full spectrum assault of the international population
    no tactic is considered too dirty in shadow government cover ups
    The Nature of Evil
    • when it comes to comprehending the international conspiracy a key handicap of the public is an utter lack of comprehension of what evil is and what evil does
    • perhaps the new age demographics are most deluded about love & evil
    • the new age convinces target demographics that evil does not exist (in the face of monstrous evil)
    • one of the key tenets of evil is sadism: a taste for cruelty, pain, humiliation, & abuse
    • evil will use any option for gain, no matter how perverse
    • evil often knows it's enemies
    • a person can be an enemy of evil without realizing it
    • the public enemies of evil are a group of uncoordinated individuals
    • yes-men servile to evil exemplify a weak minded nature
    • evil implements systems to retard social progress
    • evil seeks to desecrate sanctity of life en mass
    the natural laws of the universe are the limits of evil
    The Spirit of Evil - Ethos of Evil
    • psychopathy / sociopathy / heartlessness
    • abuse of all types - full spectrum abuse
    • proliferation of war - war culture
    • black operations / black projects
    • secrecy / compartmentalization
    • attraction to power
    • desire of control
    • preying on the innocent or weak
    • weighing a person for vulnerabilities
    • societal oligarchy
    • illusions / deluding of the public
    • infectious corruption
    • a path of incrimination
    • calculated deception
    • disinformation stratagem
    • tactical distortion
    • misrepresentation as a tactic
    • suppression / subversion / sabotage
    • censorship of deeper truths
    • slander / libel / character assassination
    • brainwashing
    • murder / assassination
    • torture / sadism / cruelty / contempt
    • pain / suffering
    • distress / humiliation / degradation
    • molestation - pedophilia / rape culture
    • master / slave - slavery models
    • handler / asset - pyramid model

    the shadow government perpetrates mass application
    of agenda via artificial intelligence & neuroweaponry

    • manipulation of any and all systems
    • imprisonment of the innocent and common man
    • hostility towards the incorruptible
    • exploitation of the ecosystem, animals & planetary resources
    • fraud / falsification / hoaxes
    • action by proxy / false flags
    • cover stories
    • cover ups
    • counterfeit
    • scams / schemes
    • propaganda
    • us vs. them paradigms
    • NLP wordplay
    • absurd levels of hypocrisy
    • self serving egoism
    • fraudulent acolades
    • negligence of duty
    • imposters of God / imposters of Christ
    • rituals / blood sacrifices
    • counterintelligence / COINTELPRO
    • human trafficking
    • targeted harassment
    • sexual deviance / sexual perversion
    • inhuman atrocity / inhumane treatment
    • use of force / coercion
    • bribery / blackmail
    • entrapment

    seething corruption exists in the intelligence community

    • fear / terror / horror
    • bigotry
    • racism
    • electronic harassment
    • neuro-abuse / neuro-sadism
    • mind control / neuro-enslavement
    • inhuman atrocity / inhumane treatment
    • punishment / reward systems
    • greed / profiteering
    • corporate abuse / imperialism
    • religious control
    • belief system warfare
    • strategic mind viruses
    • havoc
    • malice
    • edacity
    • torment
    • cowardice
    • depravity
    • obsession
    • usurpation
    • subterfuge
    • damage
    • ruination
    • dishonor
    • depredation

    the shadow government has instailled an
    oppositional culture of fear in society

    • destruction
    • desecration
    • devastation
    • domination
    • subjugation
    • malefaction
    • mutilation
    • misrepresentation
    • inversion
    • vampirism (parasitic feeding off of others)
    • imprisonment
    • indoctrination
    • genocide / ecocide / herbicide
    • satanism
    • luciferianism
    • fascism
    • despotism
    • oppression
    • corruption / corrosion
    • eugenics (e.g. eliminating bloodlines)
    • holocausts
    • satanic ritual abuse
    • playing God
    • monstrosity
    • hereticide / Christicide
    • occultism

    The spirituality of evil is full spectrum perversion
    Some of the Most Evil Agendas of the New Age:
    • to destroy efficacy of social progress - to co-opt or subvert effective social action
    • to cover up mass brainwashing tools (the products of project mk ultra & similar programs)
    • fascist electronic control of individuals - electromagnetically mind controlling new age ideology when a person would not truly accept it (a form of mental rape)
    • Mark Passio: to imbalance the brain [to be later exploited]
    • to invert masculinity and bastardize femininity (to distort & invert gender roles)
    • to dumb down the international population (particularly conspiracy aware individuals)
    • to create a suitable religion for a long term covertly influenced & enslaved world
    • to create a new age bastardization of spirituality
    • sick minded brainwashing which is partially designed for insider mockery of new agers
    • to create intellectual malignancy in the international population’s genetics through conditioning
    • to warp the soul of the enemy - to program the soul with undesirable qualities
    • to program soul with a poor version of love - bastardizing of individual’s emotional programming
    • to make the world more like the top of the pyramid: malignancies on a spiritual level
    • to manipulate the era when reincarnation becomes scientific observation (e.g. soul mate cointelpro)
    • to program new agers against the truths & methods of a coming planetary contact event
    the new age is the new world order religion
    Perpetrators: Black Ops Crime Syndicate
    • the international intelligence community - treasonous intelligence agency cybernetic networks
    • military joint ops - an international set of cybernetic network consisting of militaries
    • the vatican - atheist occultists who exploit the concept of God
    • assorted war criminals - British Monarchy / u.s. military / u.s. military industrial complex
    • satanists / luciferians - a secret warfare syndicate
    • occultists / secret societies - the upper echelons of those that serve darkness
    • the overlords of the occultists (lots of disinformation in alt media about these sources)
    • top perpetrator likely being the cybernetic side of the central intelligence agency, which is controlled by the shadow government and influenced by the vatican

    The international intelligence community is controlled by a syndicate
    of treasonous national security protected war criminals who now have access
    to the most comprehensive weapons systems our society has ever assembled.

    There is more than one U.S. military cybernetic network,
    the most influential network is complicit in a full scale covert war
    of social engineering and satanic ritual abuse applied to civilians.

    This war is covered up by an elaborate array of cover stories
    which were slowly socially engineered since the weapons system’s
    mass-proliferation reported by whistleblowers to happen in the 1970s.

    • secret societies ultimately control the military & intelligence covert ops sphere of influence
    • occultist sources infest government institutions which implement mass brainwashing programs
    • the u.s. intelligence apparatus exploits “national security” concepts to subvert exposure
    • The Central Intelligence Agency has a cover story front for public rationalization of what it does
    • the new age is only one compartment of a monstrous planetary conspiracy
    • the occultists with administrative access to the electronic control grid are rape cultured abusers
    • the consequences are incomprehensible if society continues on the occultist chosen path
    • the war criminals orchestrating the electronic control grid should be executed for treason

    End Credits:

    in Appreciation of Contribution:
    Mark Passio
    Ramola D.
    Charles L.
    Kim L.
    Nexus Magazine
    Coast to Coast
    Cathy O’Brien & TRANCE-formation.com
    Dr. Barrie Trower
    Dr. Robert Duncan
    Tom Montalk

    counter darkness and universal aspects do not
    necessarily endorse all views of the named sources
    View Mark Passio's Excellent Work:
    * High Quality Lecture: ”New" Age Bull**** And The Suppression Of The Sacred Masculine
    * High Quality Lecture: De-Mystifying The Occult - Part II: Satanism & The Dark Occult
    * Mark Passio's Youtube Channel
    * Mark Passio's Website[/INDENT]
    Image Credit:
    * Mathieu Chaine - Coat of arms of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
    Additional References:
    [x]: Coast to Coast Interview w/ Dr. Robert Duncan - [font size="1"](coasttocoastam.com)[/font]
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    [?]: TwainQuotes.com - Mark Twain Notebook, 1904
    [?]: Kevin Shipp Quote: CIA Whistleblower Speaks Out About Climate Engineering, Vaccination Dangers, and 911

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    Default Re: The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion

    Omni, I very much appreciate the thoroughness of your posts. I would like to ask you a question. If I have learned to harness prana through my body into the palms of my hands to use to enhance healing of myself and my animals does that make me a new age foot soldier? I learned these techniques by practicing ancient yogic pranyama. I can strongly feel the prana moving into my hands, it is not my imagination. Do you feel I am being duped somehow by new world order Psy ops?

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    Default Re: The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion

    Hi Omni, thanks for posting this. Reading with interest, maybe I am getting convinced.
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    Default Re: The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion

    Quote Posted by Dexter's_Lab (here)
    Hi Omni, thanks for posting this. Reading with interest, maybe I am getting convinced.
    Thanks a lot Dexter.

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    Default Re: The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion

    Ascension Psychological Operations - 5D PSYOP
    Ascension Deception
    Verbatim Example of 5D Ascension New Age Brainwashing:
    Because you are leaving the 3D world where one uses memory in order to know something. You are heading for the 5th dimension where KNOWING is the way to operate. Your memory is disappearing to encourage you to use your ability to respond intuitively. It is time now to simply know what you need to know in any given moment. Losing your memory is a positive happening! It affects all age groups. It applies particularly to Lightworkers who have been here a long time.

    It appears the idea with this particular ascension lie is to cover up memory manipulation happening via electromagnetic mind control. If you pay attention to new age circles of information there are all sorts of neatly packaged new age ideas about symptoms of electronic harassment and electromagnetic mind control designed to conceal their overt presence. After this meme is assimilated all memory manipulation can be explained away as “5D ascension”, it is even being sold as a good thing (memory loss) in this new age meme.

    This meme also lays groundwork for fully streamed mind control, feeding misconceptions packaged as ‘a knowing’. Remote influence of intuitive functions is very easy for the perpetrators of mind control, something like this would mask the overt changes someone feels mentally while being somewhat overtly reoriented to the new age manipulation. One of the obvious goals of the misdirection is to persuade targets to rationalize remote influencing technology effects as ascension.

    Alarmingly, the above quoted meme had 879 likes after approximately 10 hours of being posted. So it is evident masses of people are being fooled by these cons. Similar ideas have been concocted surrounding the reality of tinnitus (ear ringing), tinnitus is a strong sign of these technologies. It is being concealed under an "ascension symptom” cover story. I am quite sure ascension is a strategically concocted lie...

    Ascension Deception

    "Ascension" and 5D are hallmarks of the UFOlogy infiltration and disinformation. It appears to at least partially be about providing the opposition with a false sense of victory, so they do not take mindful action.

    Think of it this way: If you could convince the enemy that the battle is already won before the fight and that all the work will be done by some other factor, they will not be psychologically ready for the battle. I believe this is one of the intentions of convincing people a magical cosmic shift is happening that will defeat evil and free mankind. Being practical, I believe it is the internet that is causing the biggest wake in the truth movement. Personally, I believe if humanity is to be freed it will largely be with the blood and sacrifice of (peaceful) martyrs, if history repeats itself.

    Ascension Strategy:
    • Information warfare as a catalyst for behavioral change
    • Engineered new age mass delusions
    • Typically originates from dubious mind control sources (Channelers)
    • Contrived cosmology for alternative crowds (Densities, 4D, 5D, 6D+)
    • New agers say the better places are “higher density” yet in the same breath say it is “less dense”, these statements by definition are contradictory. A higher density means more dense, not less dense.
    • Promotion of the idea that the cosmos will take care of our problems with zero work from us at all - An effortless cosmic shift will revolutionize the world and it’s systems (while the world burns)
    • Weaponized failed predictions by electromagnetic mind control assets, over and over
    • Beings from the heavens impersonated to promote this pseudoscience
    • CIA originated channeling operations are laying the groundwork for psychological operations in the internet age
    • The origin of the new age density cosmological point of view appears to be a 1980's channeling titled: Law of One, channeled by a fictitious Ai generated entity called "RA", which was ripped off from Egyptian mythology by the handlers of that PSYOP
    • Law of One & most other channelings being released to the public, suspiciously started coming around when the electronic control grid was being set up (1970s-1980s to current day)
    • “Ascension symptoms” are being used as an electronic targeting cover story
    • An army of unwitting disinformationalists create a network of false information meant to convince people by sheer number of people saying it (Group think)
    • Emphasis on higher power taking action for you. End Result: Apathy
    • "Ascension" - If "everything will shift" into utopia what use is taking action to create a better world? End Result: Apathy
    • Saviorship Model (ETs will save us, etc) - If someone else is going to do all the work, what use is taking action and putting in work for the world yourself? End Result: Apathy
    • Rapture Model - If the Earth will be destroyed or all darkness culled by some sort of pseudoscience cosmic shift what use is assisting planet Earth? End Result: Apathy
    • Failed Predictions / False Hope
    • False Light Masquerading as a Savior
    • Proliferated through electromagnetic mind control programs (channeling, faux-contactees, etc)

    "You see a lot of people with these horrible predictions in alt media.
    I suggest there is a method to this madness." ~Phillip Walker
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    Default Re: The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion

    And that's how the human mind takes deep truths, analyzes, rationalizes, boxifies, puts them into bullets, loses touch with the heart where our center is and universal evolution and enlightenment passes by it.

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    Default Re: The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion

    Quote Posted by ZenBaller (here)
    And that's how the human mind takes deep truths, analyzes, rationalizes, boxifies, puts them into bullets, loses touch with the heart where our center is and universal evolution and enlightenment passes by it.
    That was my thoughts too, while I see some truths in Onni's posts, the reality is far more complex than having the ability to label and compartmentalize. In fact from my experiences the things of spiritual value are things ineffable, and thus cannot be taught or conveyed in any conventional means. There is some overlap between spirituality and what is associated with "New Age" (just as there is some overlap between actual spirituality and religious values) - I believe a way too wide a net is being cast here.

    But that's okay, life for all of us is about process - the process of learning and living and trying to make sense of this world. That said, I highly enjoy just letting it all go, and just be ok with not knowing anything. Why do I need to know everything right now? I can relax and hopefully come back to center, drop the subsurface constant chattering of thoughts and just enjoy the moment. That's the beauty of being human once you've discovered it; you can be like a focusing mechanism and see things from both perspectives, and use that to your advantage. mostly just rambling now ...

    No offense intended Omni.
    When you are one step ahead of the crowd, you are a genius.
    Two steps ahead, and you are deemed a crackpot.

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    Default Re: The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion

    I too appreciate the effort that's gone into this, but, like DeDukshyn above, I think the charges levelled at 'spirituality' are FAR too wide. I'm not sure what would be left to even think, if anything, that couldn't be filed away under one of the above headings.

    I think the spiritual new age is, indeed, for the most part, a giant excercise in wishful thinking that can be a serious block to serious thinking. I'm not, however, going to spend much time considering all of the OP points. I've gone through most of it, but I can't help feeling pretty discouraged when I see so much stated as fact without anything to back it up, or to say who it was who came to that conclusion, and how. The lists are simply too long to do that, of course(you would need a large book), so that’s the situation for me. I guess you could argue that the post is not meant to prove anything and is meant to invite you to do the research yourself. Well, judging by some of the assertions, as I say, I'm not very encouraged.

    I don't particularly want to get into a hefty philosophical discussion (I MIGHT be prepared to!), but I feel I have to make a couple of assertions concerning metaphysics, which I think is the area most unfairly represented in the OP. Any real assertion made about the underlying reality of the universe must, to my mind, as a rule, contain a paradox. It seems to me there's no messing with that rule. 

    From what I can gather, there are certain conclusions that have been arrived at in metaphysics (and which are part of the new-age lists in the OP), that have been around for thousands of years, and have been verified over and over and over again by highly developed yogis and mystics and shamans all over the world. Are you telling me all these people were all negatively influenced by false AI-driven energy weapons? Or were they just completely misguided? Has not one human being ever got anywhere near to the underlying truths of existence? With due respect, I call BS on that.

    Take non duality: There does indeed seem to be a slight obsession with this notion amongst some in the world of spirituality. And from what I can see there are a lot of people talking about it, without really understanding it. As in, on the one hand, there's doing the work of truly understanding it to the point where it’s a living reality, (which takes serious work, and I don't pretend to truly understand it), and there's just talking about it. So, for some people, it may have become a powerful distraction.

    This one notion, however, is easily proved, logically. It’s NOT easily understood, fully, but it's easily proved. If you accept infinity (and maybe you don’t!?), you have to accept non-duality. Think about this: in infinite space, how can there be the space necessary, or separation between, anything, to allow duality? Any separation would be relative to the perspective of the observer, only. It would appear to be separate, but in fact, it would be no more separate than anything else, because it's infinity in every direction. EVERY direction. For ever. 

That's just one angle from where the concept of oneness is arrived at, and it’s not the only one (ha!). Duality is in the realm of appearance, only. Granted, the realm of appearance is where we live, and it’s how we experience it, but that doesn't make it true.

    The same goes for time. Again, if you accept infinity (and again perhaps you don’t), you also have to accept time as an illusion. This is another notion that’s been around for a LONG time (ha!). If time is infinite, there is no beginning or end, obviously. Everything else ‘in between’ is a relative experience, and we arrive at the same conclusion as we did with infinite space: there is only one infinite moment.

Sure, time is integral to how we operate, and where we live, but that doesn't mean it has any underlying existence, all by itself.

    Blah. As I’ve said, these notions have been around for a LONG time. With good reason I suspect.

    My last point is: IF all, or most, or even some of the OP is true, I still have to ask, does it actually matter? I'm serious. Illusion is illusion, no matter where it comes from. So, no matter how the illusion is being created, that, to me, is what is to be overcome, if one so chooses.. And it's ME who is responsible for my perception of reality. I'm not giving that responsibility to anyone else. And therefore, any battle I'm having against illusion, is a battle with myself, my own constructs, and no one else (or thing).

    I fully declare that I am at war with no one, and nothing, except the false constructs within myself, which I am solely responsible for.

 I live my life according to the principle that I co-create with an intelligent universe. I do that through action and observation (and vice-versa) not just an idea.

    If anyone or any thing wants to mess with that, good luck to them: they’ll have the entire universe to contend with, not ‘me’.

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    Default Re: The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion

    What I have found with new age systems and terminology is that it is akin to rearranging the living room furniture. Or seeing the living room from a different perspective then ever before.

    Or standing on a desk.....

    Quote “Why do I stand up here? I stand upon my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way. You see the world looks very different up here … Just when you think you know something, you have to look at it in another way. Even though it may seem silly or wrong, you must try.” – Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society (1989)
    Quote “Once in a while it really hits people
    that they don’t have to experience the world
    in the way they have been told to.”
    -Alan Keightley

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    Default Re: The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion

    To me there are two things i would like to point out. The first is that what is presented here is VERY old school. Most spiritual people would never identify with the term new age. The spiritual movement has grown up in the last 2 decades. Most people recognize that focusing on just the light is actually dangerous. Heal8ng comes from exploring and integrating our light and dark aspects. .

    The other important thing is that to me this is a classic case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Its a fantastic psyop idea to make people fear some of the very useful tools and abilities we have at our disposal.

    On a personal level learning to connect with my heart has absolutely changed my life for the better. My heart is my teacher. The more ive learned to connect and listen, the more peace i feel within and the more love and connection I experience in my outer world. For me personally my heart has become my inner sanctum, a space i can enter alone and feel connected to all.

    Also connecting to my higher self is absolutely real. Its totally natural and the knowing i have when connected allows me to view my life from the bigger picture perspective, which helps me to understand my challenges and to use them to grow and deepen my understanding of myself.

    A lot of the things listed here have been practiced by indigenous people all over the planet for thousands of years.

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    Default Re: The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion

    the new age religion is infectious and infuriating

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    Default Re: The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion

    Quote Posted by Omni (here)
    the new age religion is infectious and infuriating
    Ah, perhaps it's because there seems to be so much negativity all around the world, at all levels, in all walks of life, I'd suggest, that most people would absolutely love to hear about something that is truly going to make a difference ... and globally too eh ?

    Then combine these unconscious drives with near-instant Social Media to put together a Collective super-high-focus (of mostly Emotional Energy) on the latest "thing" ...

    Just saying

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    Default Re: The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion

    Yes, I would agree the CIA had a hand in it but the result was a mixture of truths, half truths and lies. Overall, probably beneficial because pacifism and 'universal love' are an improvement on the mentality it replaces. In any case, we have choice...

    Far more dangerous was/is the CIA/Deep State promotion of drugs which continues to this day. Apart from the obvious dumbing down of society (last figure I heard was 35% of the US takes drugs to a greater or lesser degree) the violence, deaths and financial fraud of drug trafficking is clearly not good for society.

    Although I know for a long time that the CIA is in control of the illegal drugs (make them illegal if you want kids to take them) I only recently understood why it is supported by the Bankers and Wall Street. With several hundred billion dollars of dirty drug money worldwide, it's clear that the banks are complicit in the business but what I didn't understand is how Wall Street benefits.

    Say you have a company with a turnover of $500,000 and is valued at $10,000,000 on the stock market (X20 is common). Get yourself a team of kids selling drugs on the streets and you can put another $500,000 through the company books and double your turnover. Hey presto, your company is now valued at $20,000,000 and you have made $10,000,000 from drugs. Many of the companies in the stock market are overvalued in this way - adding to the fictitious play money of the Banking System.

    Incidentally, this is one reason to support Trump because he is backed by the Corporatocracy, not the Bankers, and can kill the drug trade if they succeed in replacing the old financial system.

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    Default Re: The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion

    the new age is psychological warfare partially intended at apathetic mindstates, controlled opposition, and replacing the psychological direction model of god with psychic nature.

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    Default Re: The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion

    This answers in a nutshell what has happened to me. They did the we are archangels stuff to me and that has left me thinking are they really here to help me. They said no matter what anyone tells you that the heart and soul is one. I believe in them. I did the whole channelling stuff until one day I was psychically attacked and it left me sick. It took me years and even now. I have severe disassociation they raided my ID. Which is totally CIA. Then they put a hologram on my bedroom wall and told me to stop loving to the extent that I was and to stop Healing people.

    After this they told me that it was an experiment in my mind. After this they would tell me that my spirit guide was American and I was like Oh okay but now I figured it was a perp or someone monitoring me.
    They some how know my biggest fears and they are still using it against me. I have been left almost faithless and now knowing if true GOd and Angels are existing or is it a big fake show.

    I think they are trying to kill me but I'm definitely still fighting to stay in love.
    After I found out about them they started monitoring me. I could do nothing in private they are all male voices and I am female. I love the way you have reduced this down half of what you have written is absolutely truth.
    But The real angels who are pure love are having people turn their backs in fear and that is what the CIA wish for.

    I am in isolation with no one to talk too so if anyone is still around and that this is an expert areas of yours. Please contact me.
    I can't express it the same way as OMNI but I believe in what he says.

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    Default Re: The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion

    As far as I know, the vanguard cosmic project running on planet earth involves the contents disclosed in two great books (edited in portuguese), called treaties by the author ( Waldo Vieira ). The titles are HOMO SAPIENS PACIFICUS, and HOMO SAPIENS REURBANISATUS, that means humans be pacific and civilized, of course.

    Critizing the thread contents, taking in mind aproaching to Zero Beligerance and Zero Uncivilized Behavior, I think most of this New Age topics can be summarily discarded, without having to read the books, that its really exaustive, because each one have about one thousand five hundred pages ( no english translation as far as I know ).

    The reurbanization process means cleanning the pathological extraphysical dimensions around the planet, where disturbed negative consciousness energies and individuals get trapped. You can call this place by limbo, purgatory, interdimensional bad place, etc, the name don't matter, but the negative influence of this atmosfere region, and the individuals inside will be healed or be moved from there, according the process.

    At least in part, this process explains why many negative individuals are being born (incarnating), to get one last chance to not be forcibly transmigrate from here to another less evolved planet. Please, all this is just a way of saying, don't take it literally.

    In part, also explains why are some efforts to maintain a powered Religion Cult, because a large number of engaged, makes it harder to remove the negative key heads from here.

    About be pacific, you can think in terms of anykind of weapon, or destructive intention will be avoid in next stage of civilization. For example, psycho attack or brainwasher use can be a weapon in this context, because " intentionally " hurt the victim.

    Quote Posted by peterpam (here)

    If I have learned to harness prana through my body into the palms of my hands to use to enhance healing of myself and my animals does that make me a new age foot soldier?
    I too appreciate the thoroughness of the post, but please, don't worry if not signed anything for to be a soldier.
    Last edited by rogparan; 25th July 2019 at 02:52.

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    Default Re: The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion

    I figured that you are a MINI Creator born with free will and that it is so easy to be caught up in other people's negativity and fear. That they are out to scare you into submission and that the term rabbit hole is used to interweave many fear and negative values and believes upon you. You as the free will creator of love and free will are here to be sent as a walking example. You have to believe that you are a strong courageous loving person who can combat the fear or restraint of others who enlist you to be obedient to fear based individuals. We can be blinded by so much tis was and we end up on not focusing upon saving ourselves by forgiving and loving ourselves. We can run in fear and hold to guilt but at the end of the day you are sent from wherever to love yourself that is why it's the school of life. Everyone is still part of the GOD particle and they experience everything through each one of us and that is my new belief I guess.

    We have to get rid of the fear and negativity and rise our frequency just because it's divine enough to get out of the lower frequency that the elite use upon others as a method of control.
    It's down to your own ability to create reality and that is why Angels rely on us in flesh to drive the fear and be warriors for the divine favour of bringing heaven down upon earth.
    One they are elite attacking their own humans, they use society to control the population but I was always told to say no to any fear based people who want you to give up. These people aliens they know your fears.
    You can combat them and half the time the fear is what you feel from them. They are fearful of my own power in love that they warned me and tried to scare me. The fact is I stand in love and power because they want to disable me and stop me healing others . Well I'm gonna do more healing because I am not scared of them. I was in shock for a long time, but I just use the knowledge and awareness they show me and blind them with what Love divine provides me. I will pray and do everything. Cos OMni is right that is how he was targeted and we cannot devalue what others experience just because it sounds crazy. I have had so many people leave me and think I need a shrink when they are closed to it.
    They are stopping people from loving. LOVE is the real thing guys and it's not to be frowned upon.

    I think listening and following the heart more than thinking you are the mind is the best thing. FEel learn to feel. You can use vows to block them from permission.

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