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Thread: New UFO sighting

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    Default New UFO sighting

    I found two quite interesting footage, the first from last month, the other one is from 2015, even if it's older, I haven't seen it before. Both from Russia.

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    Default Re: New UFO sighting

    The first one, I'd wager on reflection off a window - the camera is recording through a window but three lights from behind somewhere are reflecting on it.

    Why do I think this? The movement of the camera and the lights. The camera is having two types of movements - "slightly shaky hand with zoom" and "slow body sways" - both pretty obvious when you look. The stabilized footage is actually what helped me come to that conclusion.

    The stabilized video removes the hand shake but preserves the body sway. The small amounts of body sway while holding a camera and recording through glass with a reflection on it, will see the reflection and what is through the glass, move at slightly different speeds -- this is what we see here with the three lights on the stabilized image - movements at slightly different speeds than the body sway, but still seem to have correlation.

    For the second video I have no comment - not enough there to even lightly conclude anything.
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