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Thread: F. William Engdahl | Myths, Lies, Oil and Climate Wars | Nov. 7, 2018

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    Default F. William Engdahl | Myths, Lies, Oil and Climate Wars | Nov. 7, 2018

    F. William Engdahl | Myths, Lies, Oil and Climate Wars | Nov. 7, 2018

    Source: GunsandButter.org, williamengdahl.com

    We discuss his article, The Dark Story Behind Global Warming also known as Climate Change and his book, Myths, Lies and Oil Wars; the International Panel on Climate Change, the IPCC, draconian recommendations based on computer models; neuro-linguistic programming;

    the Global Warming Petition Project signed by 31,000 scientists; climate and the sun's activity; analysis of the IPCC climate report; history of the climate change/global warming movement; motives of the Rockefeller NGOs and Maurice Strong in promoting environmental activism; Agenda 21;

    the Club of Rome and its Mankind at the Turning Point and Limits to Growth; The 1001: A Nature Trust and the World Wildlife Fund; assumptions of MIT authored computer model study; the Bilderberg Group; mankind blamed for global climate change, not corporate ecological destruction;

    the Worldwatch Institute; reduction in overall living standards for the public; population reduction; promotion of deindustrialization; peak oil; abiotic oil; shale oil; oil wars. -GunsandButter.org

    Aired: November 7, 2018
    "Earth is currently restricted today for normal development of timeline progress. With us telling you everything would change everything."

    Website: Information Machine

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